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Kratom - What You Need to Know About this Amazing Herb


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Learn what is Kratom and how this amazing herb will benefit you. Check out our website called Kratom Valley at

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Kratom - What You Need to Know About this Amazing Herb

  2. 2. WHAT IS KRATOM Mitragyna speciosa is the binomial name of Ketum, Kratum or simply Kratom as what many people call or spell it.
  3. 3. WHAT IS KRATOM It is a tropical tree in the family of coffee that is native in Southeast Asia. Specifically in Thailand and other neighbouring countries.
  4. 4. USE OF KRATOM Kratom has many benefits to human. Some are bad and some are good.
  5. 5. USE OF KRATOM Kratom leaves is known for its medicinal value and functions such as a first-aid to cure diarrhea, pain killer to chronic pain and other stomach disturbances. THE GOOD
  6. 6. USE OF KRATOM But if you are not responsible enough in using it, you might become addictive to it and acquire the bad side-effects of it. THE BAD
  7. 7. IS KRATOM LEGAL In some countries, the use and the production of Kratom products is illegal. But in some countries like in the US and most European countries, the use and the distribution of Kratom Products are legal.
  8. 8. KRATOM USAGE GUIDELINES We always heard this phrase, "Too much is Bad". So if you want to use Kratom for any reason, it is advice NOT to use it more than once for the whole week. This is to avoid of being dependent once you will become addicted to the pleasure Kratom brought to you.
  9. 9. IS IT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER MEDICAL PRODUCTS? In General, mixing a variety of substances is very risky. The same goes with Kratom. Make sure that you avoid mixing Kratom intake with cocaine and caffeine as this might cause over stimulation and palpitation of your heart.
  10. 10. IS KRATOM SAFE TO USE? My answer would be YES! But under the supervision of a Medical Expert just in case that this will give negative effect. If you use it responsively, you are far from danger of any kind. Please don’t drive a car if you are in the influence of Kratom.
  11. 11. WHERE TO BUY KRATOM? There are many vendors online who sell Kratom and other related products. But if you are looking for a vendor who has the direct source and offer FREE Shipping if you order more than $50, go for it. Check out
  12. 12. THANK YOU For inquiries and questions, please contact us using the email below!