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Tasmanian devil power point


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Tasmanian devil power point

  1. 1. Brandon Kratka Per. 6
  2. 2. Link Slide Scientific Name Habitat Range: off the coast of southern Australia Diet Physical Description Size, Weight, Length Breeding Info Special Behaviors or Unique Anatomical features Weird Info Video Conclusion
  3. 3. Scientific Name Scientific Name: Sarcophilus harrisii The sense of smell is exceptionally acute enabling the animals to locate dead food items from many kilometres away.
  4. 4. Habitat The Tasmanian devil prefers wet sclerophyll forest or woodland. It usually lives in a log, cave or the disused burrow of another animal, emerging at night to scavenge and forage.
  5. 5. Range: off the coast ofsouthern Australia
  6. 6. Diet Despite its formidable reputation, most of the diet comprises carrion. Adult devils will tackle anything as large as a small wallaby but they are by no means an agile or speedy hunter.
  7. 7. Physical DescriptionSize, Weight, Length The male Tasmanian devil will attain a total length of around 90cm including the tail and weigh over 8kg. A distinctive black, or very dark brown, with a white band across the chest. Females rarely exceed 80cm in length and 6kg in weight. The head is dog-like and the ears are large and pinkish-red in colour.
  8. 8. Breeding Info Tasmanian devils are sexually mature at the age of two years. Their mating period is within the months of March and April. The mother gives birth to two to four young, which attach to the teats in her pouch.
  9. 9. Special Behaviors or UniqueAnatomical features The Tasmanian devil is solitary but not territorial, with a home range of up to 20 square kilometres in size that may overlap with the ranges of several others. Several adults may congregateat a carcass and feed together,although much squabbling andgrowling usually takes place.
  10. 10. Weird Info The Tasmanian Devil is also called the Native Devil. They have bad eye sight and walk rather clumsily. They see in black and white.
  11. 11. Video Tasmanian Devil Video
  12. 12. Conclusion The End