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Skagit Digital Presentation

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE SEMINAR How Merchants are usingSearch, Social, Video and Mobile Marketing to Grow their Business
  2. 2. Today we’ll discuss• Introductions• Changing Consumers Habits • Search & Shopping • Social Media • Peer Commenting, Ratings & Reviews • Mobile • Video• Opportunities for Local Merchants • New Customer Acquisition • Customer Retention
  3. 3. Digital Media Strategies For Acquiring and Retaining Customers1. Make sure you Get Found by ConsumersActively Searching Online for your products &Services on leading sites like Google. Social is Digital Word of Mouth!2. Leverage Social Media Best Practices toDrive More Repeat and Referral Businessfrom existing clients3. Leverage Precise Targeting Capabilities toreach Consumers Most Likely to beinterested in your Products & Services
  4. 4. Nearly 80% of all Adults on are on the Web
  5. 5. Now, evenmajority ofAdults 65+ areonline
  6. 6. Your Best Customers are online
  7. 7. Just Googling it
  8. 8. Search Steady…and the Rapid Rise of Social Media
  9. 9. We Search & Discover Online – Shop Local & In-Store
  10. 10. 47% of Consumers Use Google toSearch for a local Business at least 2 to 3 times per month
  11. 11. Google does a great job of returning relevantsearch results.In fact -95% never go pastthe first page oftheir search result
  12. 12. 95% of Web Traffic is generate from Page One Results
  13. 13. The 64K Questions every business must ask:Are we on PAGE ONE or not?Where is our Competition? 1. 2. 3.
  14. 14. Welcome to the Video Revolution
  15. 15. Welcome to the Mobile Revolution
  16. 16. A Show of Hands ➙ Who here has:  unopened email in inbox?  unopened texts in inbox?  Used smartphone to look for local info?  used their smartphone to access the internet while shopping?
  17. 17. The Age of Mobile➙ You’re in good company…  90% of text messages are read <3 minutes1  94% of users look for local information on their phone and 90% take action as a result2  Mobile coupons are 10x more likely to be opened3 Sources: May 2012, 1) Luxury Daily, 2) Google, Our Mobile Planet: United States, Understanding the Mobile Customer, 3)Mobile Commerce Daily
  18. 18. Local Consumers in “Action Mode” when on conducing Mobile Search
  19. 19. Estimated that 85% of Local Biz Don’t Have Mobile Optimized Websites
  20. 20. Mobile Driving Increased # of Valuable Leads“The number of calls to U.S.-based businesses will increase by 107% in thenext 17 months.” – BIA Kelsey“Mobile is about to unleash a massive increase in call-based advertising…which will be sovast that many established companies will scramble…”“Mobile call volumes will so profoundly change local advertising spend that Internetcompanies and marketers that cannot make the transition won’t even be remembered withthe same disdain as the much-maligned print Yellow Pages.”61% of SMBs rate inbound telephone calls as excellent leads. Only 28% of companies ratesocial media leads as excellent leads."Call conversion from a local search on a desktop local is 7%, once the landing page is viewed,compared with 57% from a mobile device," Booth said. "Mobile applications can drive up to62% of telephone calls."U.S. Businesses will receive 70 billion calls from mobile devices by 2016. Today the number is20 billion. By the end of 2013 81% of all the calls businesses receive will originate frommobile phones.
  21. 21. Incredible Growth of Facebook
  22. 22. Facebook Audience Q1 2012 55-64 year old women arefastest growing segment
  23. 23. Google + Social Network Experiencing Rapid Growth 300M!! Adding 22M New Users per month Google+, like YouTube…great way to significantly improve your Page Rankings!
  24. 24. Social Media is Digital Word of Mouth! = 217 Friends!In this example, 2,604 Friends Just learned about Your Business!
  25. 25. Use of Social Networks Among Men & Women Nearly Equal
  26. 26. Where 2012 Marketing Budgets are Going
  27. 27. Online Ratings & Reviews are Shaping Consumer Shopping Habits
  28. 28. “having a bad onlinereputation is a lot likehaving a bad creditscore…you typicallydon’t find out until itstoo late” - Aaron Toynton
  29. 29. 89% Trust OnlineRecommendationsfrom People theyknow70% TrustConsumerOpinions PostedOnline
  30. 30. Key Take Aways• 89% Consumers Search & Discover online• 95% Never Go Past Page One of Search Result• 80% Shop Local• Mobile Consumers in Action Mode want to connect with you• 70% Believe Opinions of Perfect Strangers
  31. 31. Shifting Behavior Creates Opportunity for Merchants!• Lower Marketing Costs• More Efficient Way to: – Easier to Target New Customers – Easier to Do More Business with Existing Customers
  32. 32. 55% of Merchants Say they haveClosed Deals from Social Media Leads
  33. 33. Merchant Strategies forLeveraging Digital Media
  34. 34. Reaching Consumers in Active Search Mode Take advantage of Free or Nearly Free Stuff1. Claim your listings! (only 37% have)2. Add Content to your listings – (photos, video, complete list of all services)3. Make it easy for Customers to Review Your Business4. Make sure you listings are accurate and uniform on all Top Sites – the basics: Name, Address, Phone, Web, Hours of Operation5. Consistent Social Media Postings (Facebook, Google +)6. Create and regularly update a blog for your Business7. Create and Distribute Targeted Video Press Releases about your Business8. Website Optimization - First Impressions!9. Mobile Optimization – On the Go Consumers!
  35. 35. Get Reviews for Customer Referral Cards are Easy & Inexpensive to CreateBetter PlacesListing Ranking
  36. 36. Listing DistributionMake sure your data is 100% correct on top search engines, social media and directorysites…so consumers can connect with you from their desktop or on the go via their SmartPhone or Tablet! Correct listing data is also important for improving your site SEO!
  37. 37. Keeping your data clean and up to date is key there are a lot of databases on the web!
  38. 38. Online Videos are aGreat Way to getHigh Page Ranking
  39. 39. Top Ten Reasons you Need need a Quality Web & Mobile Site1. You only get one chance to make a Great First Impression!2. Professional Image – level playing field3. Be Open for Biz 24/7 – instant Custom Gratification4. Connect with on the go Consumers5. Sell Products6. Promote Services7. It’s Your Online Brochure update-able any time8. Generate Leads9. Stay Connected to your Best Customers with your Blog10. Great Recruiting Tool
  40. 40. Smart Phone Friendly Mobile Sites that MatchLook and Feel of Main Website
  41. 41. Perfect for Customer Loyalty & VIP Clubs➙ Now link to it  QR Code  Keywords  Redirect Code  Your mobile call-to-action  Build your VIP list  Now engage with them
  42. 42. Capture Leads & Customers
  43. 43. Social MediaManagement &Customer VIPLoyalty Programs
  44. 44. Social Media Drives More Repeat & Referral Business Free or Nearly Things You Can Do!• Most Important: Commit to the Content! – Consistent, varied two way communication via multiple channels. If you don’t have time, find someone who does.• Improve/Create Your Social Presence – Facebook, Twitter & Google+, LinkedIn – they all are free!• Use offline promotion to drive online fans• Create Online Contests to generate to grow your fan base• Add Social links to all web promotions (site, email, video, PR etc)
  45. 45. It all Starts with Good Content High Page Ranking
  46. 46. Great Social Content goes well beyond Promotional Offers• Value added tips and ideas that position you as expert• Photos & Videos – before/after, new products etc.• Loyalty rewards only for followers• Success stories, positive reviews• Customer Recognition• Employee and Vendor Partner Recognition• Community Involvement and Giving Back• Yes, sync off line marketing promotional messages but don’t over do it
  47. 47. Create a Customer Loyalty Program “What would it mean for your Business if Your Current Customers Shopped with you one more time a month?”News of Your Store Via Multiple Channels Your Happy Customers
  48. 48. Right About Now…You Might be Thinking…. Wow – that’s a lot of Stuff…I’m so Busy already Running my Business!
  49. 49. Three Turn Key Solutions for helping youLeverage Digital Media to Grow your Business
  50. 50. Digital EXTRAAccording to Nielsen, 89% of consumers research products and services online before making a purchase. 83% of Consumersprefer Google and most never go beyond Page One of their Search result. High Page ranking or “Visibility” is critical forMerchants who want to be Open for business to connect with potential new customers actively searching for them! TheSkagit Valley Herald digital services has multiple strategies for high page ranking, including: Optimized Local Business Geo Targeted Video Listings We optimize and enhance your local business listing info We produce custom video infomercials and optimize on Top 100 search engines, directories and social media them on YouTube for your key words and location. sites to ensure accuracy and improve SEO. Includes Videos are produced with pro voice talent, music and Google Plus Local optimization. high quality images. Real Time Reputation Online & Print Marketplace Management Enhanced listing in our online marketplace with optimized “Rep Man” monitors the web for any social mentions, feature page plus logo listing every Sunday in the GoSkagit ratings and reviews, reporting instantly both positive & Local Marketplace print & online directory. negative comments. Also monitor your visibility and that of your competitors!
  51. 51. Geo Targeted Videos Drive High Page Rank
  52. 52. Local Business Listing Bundle Keep your business listings 100% accurate and 100% consistent, 100% of the time.• Claiming & Updating of the Big Three – Google, Yahoo, Bing – to include photos, video, top key words, categories, description and more• Marketplace Listing & Profile Page – we enhance your logo listing and optimize your profile page in marketplace• Enhanced Standardized Listings across Top 100 + Platforms - We securely certify and standardize Business Name, Address and Phone (NAP) and actively manage it 24/7 across 100+ platforms.• 90% of Local Searches happen on our Network - We get your listing to the largest network of local search platforms in the industry, so your certified business listings reach sites where over 90% of U.S. consumer local searches occur.• Beyond the Desktop - Our network of 100+ best-in-class local search platform partners spans applications from desktop and mobile to social, industry-vertical and other specialty directories.• Newspaper Print Directory Logo Listing - Includes weekly logo listing in printed newspaper directory with company contact info, web address and more.
  53. 53. Reputation Management Real Time Alerts inform immediately with link to the exact posting
  54. 54. Reputation Management
  55. 55. Social PLUSThe Social PLUS bundle includes everything in our base Digital EXTRA package plus offers completeSocial Media Optimization and monthly Management of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. SocialMedia is “Digital Word of Mouth”, a cost effective way to drive more repeat and referral business fromyour existing customers, fans and followers. Digital EXTRA You get everything we offer in our Digital EXTRA We Build Your Social Presence package PLUS these great Social Media solutions Set up of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with to ensure you digital success. your photos and info. We Plan & Sync the Message We meet with your team to ensure offline syncs with online message and then manage Social hands free to you! We distribute Your Message Via Social Big 3, YouTube and Our Local Marketplace.
  56. 56. Social Media is Digital Word of Mouth and when combined with Email and Text Customer Loyalty Programs is an effective way to drive more repeat and referral business Plan & Sync the Message Distribute the Message via Social, Video, Blog, Text & We meet with your team regularly to ensure offline syncs with online Email Channels message and then manage all postings hands free to you! Marketing & Social Media CalendarThe Message can include: • Your Charitable Efforts/Giving Back• Marketing messages • Contests & Promotions• Coupons/Special Offers • New Product/Service announcements• Customer Loyalty Promotions • Product & Service Videos• Customer Testimonials & • Employee & Vendor Recognition Reviews
  57. 57. Social Loyalty PLUSEverything in the Social PLUS bundle plus design of Custom Mobile Website, custom Email Newsletter,creation of a Custom Video Infomercial to play on your web and mobile sites, distributed on YouTube,optimized for Google, set up and management of Loyal Customer Club email and text club, including instore collateral and online, mobile registration. All managed in sync with your Social Media Digital EXTRA You get everything we offer in our Digital EXTRA Social Plus package PLUS these great Social Media solutions Set up and managemeent of Facebook, Twitter and to ensure you digital success. Google+ with your photos and info. Text and Email Customer loyalty email and text database and distribution management, Blog updates and monthly contest promotions. We distribute Your Message Via Social Big 3, YouTube and Our Local Marketplace.
  58. 58. Create a Customer Loyalty Program “What would it mean for your Business if Your Current Customers Shopped with you one more time a month?”News of Your Store Via Multiple Channels Your Happy Customers
  59. 59. Digital PREMIUMDig you know that Smart Phones now make up more than 50% of all Mobile Phones? And that consumers doing a Search on aSmart Phone follow up with the Merchant 61% of the time by phone or visit? Yet, it is estimated that 85% of Local Merchantsdo not have a Smart Phone friendly site. The perfect compliment to your Social Media and Email Marketing campaign, theDIG! mobile programs offer a variety of options, including: Digital Social PLUS EXTRAYou get everything we offer in our Digital EXTRA You get everything we offer in our Social PLUS package. package . New Website including Mobile Smart Phone Friendly It matched the look and feel of your existing site, easily connecting potential customers Fully Customized Website with one click to call, driving Our team of professional web designers will work with directions, social media and your you to build a custom website that you can be proud products and services. This is of. Change it as often as you like with one quick phone truly a must have! call to your account manager.
  60. 60. Search Optimized Web & Mobile sites get you found online and by consumers on the go Guarantee Digital has a variety of options to give any business a professional, search engine optimized presence for both Web and Mobile sites. Custom 2-4 Page Blog or Microsite – this highly polished, professional site is a great compliment to your existing site or can stand alone. Easily update-able as part of your monthly communication plan. Optimized for Mobile. Custom Websites – professionally designed, completely custom, optimized for search…packages starting at 8 page and up. All include Blog page, Mobile optimization Mobi Sites: We can optimize your existing site for Smart Phones, so you can connect with consumers on the go.
  61. 61. Sample Web, Mobile, Social Sites
  62. 62. Web and SocialManagement
  63. 63. Blog, Social and MobileDesign & Management
  64. 64. Web, Social and MobileDesign & Management
  65. 65. Reach on the Go Consumers with Mobile MarketingDid you know that Smart Phones now make up more than 50% of all Mobile Phones? And that consumers doing a Search on aSmart Phone follow up with the Merchant 61% of the time by phone or visit? Yet, it is estimated that 85% of Local Merchantsdo not have a Smart Phone friendly site. The perfect compliment to your Social Media and Email Marketing campaign, Ourmobile programs offer a variety of options, including: Smart Phone Friendly website that matches the look and feel of your existing site, easily connecting potential customers with one click to call, driving directions, social media and your products and services. This is truly a must have! Create a Loyal Customer Text & Email Club! Send special text and email offers to your most loyal customers We’ll manage them both, plus post to your Social Media pages Text Appointment Reminders Send special text reminders to customers before their next appointment. Self serve scheduling feature allows you to program in advance. Since 98% of all text messages are read, this cuts down on missed appointments!
  66. 66. Get Your Free DigitalCheck Up! No obligation 3 Point Inspection!1. Free Visibility Report2. Free Google Ranking Report3. Reputation Audit Find Out What’s Being Said About You Online!Guarantee Digital is pleased to provide the following reports to help Local Businessesget a clear picture of how they appear to consumers searchingfor them online.What’s Your Find-a-bility? How do you Rank vs. your Competition?Visibility Report shows how and if consumers find you online.What’s Your Online Reputation? Find out what consumer sentiment is aboutyour business…and if the buzz is good (or not!)Ready for Mobile Consumers? How does your site look on a Smart Phone? Isit easy to dial your number, get directions to your business? For more information and to get your free report, connect with us at 800.583.9113 or visit
  67. 67. Mobile Site Grader shows how your site looks on a Smart Phone
  68. 68. Questions?
  69. 69. Next Steps: Let’s Meet Soon to reviewYour Free Reputation & Mobile Site Audit