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Vexing Problems, Radical Transformations


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Vexing Problems, Radical Transformations

  1. 1. Vexing Problems, Radical Transformations NELINET Annual Meeting Executive Director’s Report 11 May 2007 Arnold Hirshon
  2. 2. To fly past our woes and Today’s ascend to new heights Challenges Serve as Effective Demonstrate Vision Stewards of Resources Improve and Demonstrate Update Library Facilities Service Performance to Meet Constantly Changing User Needs Cope with Exploding Content Respond to Shifts in Personnel Provide Strong Advocacy and Communications Incorporate New Technologies and Respond to Environmental Changes
  3. 3. To fly past our woes and Today’s ascend to new heights Challenges: • Demonstrate Vision – Strong strategic plans + seize unanticipated opportunities • Serve as Effective Stewards of Resources – Costs continually increase without commensurate budget increases – Demonstrate value in accreditation reports – Optimize workflows to ensure effective operations • Cope with Exploding Content – Inadequate time and ineffective tools to evaluate e-content value – Shifting balance of electronic and traditional print content – Creating and maintaining local digitization programs • Respond to Shifts in Personnel – Staff turnover and retirements result in loss of expertise – Staff require constant training to update their skills
  4. 4. To fly past our woes and Today’s ascend to new heights Challenges: • Incorporate New Technologies and Respond to Environmental Changes – Difficult to stay abreast of changes and how to respond – New technology requires re-evaluation of workflows • Improve and Demonstrate Service Performance – Users, sponsors, and accreditors seek demonstrable and measurable results • Provide Strong Advocacy and Communications – Web sites, Second Life islands, publications, meetings, focus groups, surveys • Update Library Facilities to Meet Constantly Changing User Needs – Group study areas, cafes, quiet space
  5. 5. Radical Transformative Trends in the Changing Information Universe
  6. 6. The New Equation + Radical Transparency: users have a heightened awareness of the internal operations of organizations from which they obtain services + Technology infrastructure democratization: the network is the platform – customers and users no longer need to purchase hardware and software to accomplish their work + User Centered Innovation: Users can employ gaming and simulation technologies to create customized solutions that meet personal or mass market needs = A seismic shift what we do and how we do it
  7. 7. Radical Transparency of Organizations: Naked Executives • A cultural shift, a redrawing of the lines between “Google is not aa “Google is not what's private and what's public search engine. search engine. • Absolute corporate secrecy is dying Google is aa Google is • Customers and staff are going to blab, so why not turn reputation- everyone into a partner and invite them to do so? reputation- management • Post everything on the web that customers really want management to know system. … system. … • Once people are interested in you, they're interested Online, your rep Online, your rep in helping you out and becoming your working is quantifiable, is quantifiable, partners findable, and findable, and • You can't go “halfway naked” – once you promise to totally be open you must stay open or else the implied social totally compact of transparency will crumble unavoidable.” unavoidable.” A generation has grown up blogging, posting aadaily phonecam picture on A generation has grown up blogging, posting daily phonecam picture on Flickr and listing its geographic position in real time on Dodgeball and Google Flickr and listing its geographic position in real time on Dodgeball and Google Maps. For them, authenticity comes from online exposure. It's hard to trust Maps. For them, authenticity comes from online exposure. It's hard to trust anyone who doesn't list their dreams and fears on Facebook. anyone who doesn't list their dreams and fears on Facebook. Clive Thompson. “The See-Through CEO.” Wired (April 2007)
  8. 8. Infrastructure Democratization and User-Centered Innovation • Web 2.0 and open source software are enabling the creation of a new level playing field • Businesses can no longer do all things in secret, lock things down, or restrict customer choices • Competition and rapid development requires collaboration to get things done that no one can do alone • Innovation communities are forming through web 2.0 • Users no longer must rely upon providers to develop solutions • Users want customized solutions and will innovate by themselves to develop what they want • Can leverage the power of innovation communities because users “freely reveal” their ideas • This democratized innovation process can apply to both information and physical products and solutions Sources include James Surowiecki (Wise Crowds), Eric Von Hippel (Democratizing Innovation), and Dan Tapscott (Wikinomics)
  9. 9. Radical Transformations and
  10. 10. Since Last Year When we introduced the subscription plan, we announced that we would undertake a multi-year process to transform NELINET to respond to your rapidly-changing needs
  11. 11. The Transformation of NELINET From solely the traditional roles as broker, e-resource licensor, educator To an evolving role as an innovation enabler
  12. 12. The Value of NELINET • Local touch – NELINET has a broad and deep understanding of our members • Objective Information – We provide an objective and broad perspective to help you see and respond to trends – We provide solutions, not sell you products • Innovation – We work with you to identify effective and innovative solutions • Collaboration – We coordinate your collaborative efforts, and thereby share the load and the risk
  13. 13. The Value of Regional of Network Partnerships What challenges await you today? Make your regional network the first place you will call From technology and workflow consulting, to research on new services on timely topics, to discounts on databases and other products, to creating a community for help and support. Whether planning ahead or facing a crisis, your network is there. Amigos Your independent BCR FEDLINK Regional network ILLINET INCOLSA MINITEX MLC MLNC Transforming NEBASE NELINET Libraries through Nylink OHIONET PALINET Collaboration SOLINET WiLS
  14. 14. Radical Transformations We’re there for you Services: Building Upon the Past to Create an Exciting Future
  15. 15. FY2007: Board Goals Provide libraries with information services within a highly collaborative environment to enable members to contain their costs and improve the quality of their services • Develop more collaborative programs (e.g., interest groups, summit meetings) • Listen more to our members (e.g., site visits, surveys) • Ensure delivery of the highest quality programs and services (e.g., evaluations and online logs) • Develop new business models to serve as facilitators or enablers of member activity host technology services, not just broker the services of others
  16. 16. We’re Working to Meet Your Daily Needs • Reducing OCLC expenses – OCLC Direct prices for all members – Up to 4.5% interest on deposit accounts • Enhancing continuing education opportunities – Strong general and custom-education programs – Free unlimited attendance at live and online courses – Low cost seminars, institutes and conferences • Lower e-resource prices – A robust list of resources available at direct prices Our feedback sessions today will help us learn how we may better serve you
  17. 17. Transforming How NELINET Helps You
  18. 18. Increasing Participation, Increasing Value increasing visibility ensuring access encouraging advocacy identifying solutions achieving results sharing ideas fostering communications forming connections uniting members implementing technologies creating opportunities promoting best practices
  19. 19. Forming Connections and Sharing Ideas MIntZ: Member Interest Zones • Current MIntz and online forums – Ground Delivery Services – Assessment and Accreditation – Digital Repositories • Current Forums – Library 2.0 – Technology Sandbox (one forum per application) • Forthcoming – Information Literacy – Intellectual Property – Last Copy Repository – The Future of Cataloging – Contact us if you are interested in joining or starting a MIntZ
  20. 20. Increasing Library Visibility and Encouraging Advocacy “The Long, Slow Climb” • NELINET Academic Library Advocacy Summit held in The unique nature of academic library advocacy December 2006 • Discussed the unique nature of academic library advocacy and the different relationships of the library to its constituencies • Accreditation is a key advocacy opportunity – NELINET is providing an expanded array of consulting and educational opportunities regarding accreditation
  21. 21. Implementing Technologies NELINET Trend Awareness Services TrendGauge As a TrendGauge Blogger! – Thought-provoking ideas for libraries – Contribute your ideas through blog entries – Expert panel members sought! Technology Sandbox – A safe place for library staff to experiment with new technologies
  22. 22. Creating Opportunities • Seeking development and implementation partners for a free trial • Testbed to develop standards, guidelines and best practices • You provide – Digitized objects and appropriate metadata – Willingness to contribute your energy and ideas • We provide – A DSpace instance to load your objects – Metadata consulting, technical support, and implementation services – Export of your objects and metadata – One year discounts after testbed period if NELINET hosts services • Begin July 1, finish December 31, 2007
  23. 23. Achieving Results • An opportunity for you to get help at no cost, and to share best practice information with your colleagues after the consultation is over • Proposals due by June 15 • NELINET Consulting is also available on a wide array topics, e.g., – strategic and technology planning – digitization – workflow analysis – facilities renovations
  24. 24. Identifying Solutions Ask NELINET! Support Services • A known, trusted and personalized information source for library staff • You get fast and complete answers to your questions – Telephone and email support – Consulting services • Call for support well beyond OCLC topics – General support – Information technology solutions – Library information services and options – Managerial and administrative issues • Consulting services available – Workflow analysis a reliable service that is there when you need it
  25. 25. Encouraging Best Practices • The first NELINET Trend Report • Seminars and institutes coming this fall about optimization of technical services operations • More reports and seminars will be developed based upon consulting, MIntZ, and other shared membership experiences
  26. 26. Encouraging Best Practices Member Education • The subscription model is working for members • More topics than ever before • Courses taught at more regional locations • Higher attendance • Increased participation by a larger number of members • More online courses, including through the regional Network Education Exchange “The IT conference as a whole was energizing and invigorating, giving me an outstanding view of the current state of digital services and the possibilities of the future.”
  27. 27. Ensuring Access • New England Regional Depository • Digital Repository Services
  28. 28. What’s Next? Encouraging Advocacy and Fostering Communications NELINET Branding, Advocacy and Marketing Service Late fall 2007
  29. 29. What’s Next? Creating Opportunities
  30. 30. Are You Troubled by Vexing Problems? Do You Feel the Need for a Radical Transformation? Let Us Simplify Your Life