OCLC Resource Sharing Update


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OCLC Resource Sharing Update

  1. 1. NELINET Resource Sharing OCLC Resource Sharing Conference Update 19 June 2009 Christa Starck Weiker OCLC Delivery Services starckc@oclc.org
  2. 2. What is and who are Delivery Services? Portfolio Director – Katie Birch WorldCat Resource Sharing – Christa Starck Policies Directory and IFM – Jennifer Corsi ILLiad hosting and Atlas liaison – John Trares WorldCat Navigator – Open (temp: Jennifer Corsi) VDX – Ed Davidson
  3. 3. Overview What happened in February Policies Directory update WorldCat Resource Sharing • WorldCat Direct • Integrated Fulfilment The ILLiad community WorldCat Navigator
  4. 4. What happened in February - The Perfect Storm
  5. 5. The WCRS Perfect Storm A new authentication process was installed on February 1 which resulted in unanticipated issues including: • Requests mistakenly sent to lenders who may not hold an item • Requests for an institution submitted with another institution listed as the borrower • Borrowers received materials that they did not request Note - These were isolated and limited requests – the vast majority processed as usual.
  6. 6. Corrective action plan Processes being put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again Project now split over 3 different time periods to ensure service continuity: May 09 Institutional data feed update Aug 09 Policies UI install Sept 09 Authentication upgrade (December fallback) All projects can be turned off quickly and easily in case any issues found All projects timed so as not to affect peak Please note that we’ll give notice in the week before the August and September installs are confirmed
  7. 7. The New Policies Directory Update Jennifer Corsi jennifer_corsi@oclc.org
  8. 8. OCLC Policies Directory new interface • New interface – design based on usability tests with current libraries and review at ALA Midwinter • New platform and underlying architecture • Deeper integration with WorldCat Registry
  9. 9. What is going away? Concept of a “unit” Reciprocal Lender field Not going away, but changing where the data is held: FEIN number, Lending URL, Library homepage (URL), Library catalog (URL), Library type. These pieces of information will be held in the WorldCat Registry and any changes to them will need to be made through the WC Registry interface The Institution name and location (city, state, country) will also be coming from the Registry
  10. 10. WorldCat Registry Data to be used in Policies Directory Institution name Institution type City, State, Country Home page Online Catalog Recently added to registry: FEIN Lending URL
  11. 11. New Policies screen – copies, loans and deflections all available in one display
  12. 12. Time table for new Policies Directory • We are tentatively looking at the August timeframe • WebEx session will be offered in the month prior to introduction of the new interface • Tutorial will be available
  13. 13. Policy directory • Policy directory web service in development for use by: • ILLiad, VDX and Navigator • Putting in place processes • for retrospectively updating international policy data following data loads • for including policy data with new data loads
  14. 14. WorldCat Resource Sharing Christa Starck, Product Manager starckc@oclc.org
  15. 15. WorldCat Direct WorldCat Direct provides home delivery of physical materials to users. OCLC is moving to create a sustainable model of library home delivery through its pilot programs: • Montana Pilot • Phase 2 Pilot
  16. 16. WorldCat Direct Phase 2 Pilot: Compare with Montana… Same purpose: Home delivery for ILL Requests Differences: • Resources provided by book supplier instead of lending library • Patron may purchase book • Patron may keep book longer • Borrowing library pays for each delivery
  17. 17. Progress So Far WorldCat Direct Pilot 11 Participants Columbus Metropolitan Library, Ohio – May 2008 – March 2009 High Plains Library District, Colorado – May 2008 – November 2008 Westerville Public Library, Ohio – June 2008 – November 2008 Lincoln Trail Libraries District, Illinois: - September 2008 – Spring 2009 • Des Plaines Public Library • Champaign Public Library • Edwardsville Public Library • University of Illinois @ Chicago • University of Illinois @ Springfield • Lewis & Clark Library System • Lincoln Library • Hoopeston Public Library
  18. 18. Success WorldCat Direct Pilot End Users Libraries Time Savings: 41 min. / request 11 Pilot Libraries 1,230 Requests thru February Delivery Speed: 90% Satisfaction Reduced ILL staff time • 52% delivered <7 days 85% Fill Rate • 89% delivered <=10 days Columbus Metropolitan Library & 93% Satisfaction 6 other libraries extended pilot 89% Would recommend to others beyond original term 25% Repeat Users - 12% used 4+ times 92% Satisfied with Option to Purchase
  19. 19. Success WorldCat Direct Pilot Better World Books OCLC •Inventory covered approx. 20% of • Confirmed sustainable Home ILL requests Delivery business model •Loaded >2M records into • Use by pilot libraries met WorldCat expectations •Sold 5% of ILL’s to end-users or • Library and End-User Satisfaction libraries • High community interest •Identified pricing model •Access to all libraries in Resource Sharing (OCLC Symbol: QUICK)
  20. 20. “Non-Pilot” Success (Traditional ILL) WorldCat Direct Pilot Libraries can request items from Better World Books using WorldCat Resource Sharing (OCLC Symbol: QUICK) • 30 day loans, plus some lead time for mailing • Postage-paid return envelope • Library or User may purchase book • (no home delivery) Better World Books must have interesting inventory… • >3,700 requests from non-pilot libraries through WorldCat Resource Sharing since May 2008
  21. 21. Next Steps WorldCat Direct Pilot Continue the Pilot Modify WorldCat Resource Sharing to support direct delivery for all OCLC libraries Promote the service to all libraries using WorldCat Resource Sharing or ILLiad – by end of 2009
  22. 22. Integrated Fulfilment • Resource sharing and e-journal management • A web scale solution to IDS Project’s ALIAS • Integrated Knowledge Base with WorldCat • License management – ILL Y/N & ILL instructions • WCRS or ILLiad for request management • Part of WCRS subscription – not an additional service
  23. 23. Patron Actions Lending Library’s (LL) Resource Sharing System Actions Is Item located on No item Staff search for title in shelf and in catalog and/or local copied/scanned ‘e’ journal database Yes Patron finds Staff checks Search for article that he license electronic wants, item Request availability not received by the not held by Use always taken if 1st potential LL library Request Article for request is updated retrieved ILL? attached to the print record Yes No Patron Does Lib Patron requests Staff responds Policies or requests article no to request No LHR data article Item Shipped to LL indicate item (Fax, Mail, email or can be used Odyssey Request sent to 2nd for ILL? Lender in string Borrowing Library’s (BL) Resource Sharing System Actions Patron notified item Shipped item received & available for pick-up processed by BL Request completed and sent to 1st LL in string Request moved to Request Request Request updated to shipped category to Request moved received by Staff reviews request received shipped category received by WCRS WCRS & searches for local ownership Staff reviews request adds System supplies a needed article & patron info system suggested and submits request Request Yes Is held lender string cancelled and locally? item or item Yes location sent to No Was patron CH Staff searches for item search Staff transfers WCRS automatically in WorldCat & enters a qualifie lenders to RS populates request with bib Custom Holdings d by work form data. Holdings are command year? based on a single No bib record. Example: If based Staff review holdings on ‘p’ holdings for and chooses lenders. ‘e’ not included.
  24. 24. Oct 27, 2008 Lending Library’s (LL) Resource Sharing System Actions Patron Actions No Does Request moved System uses link resolver Staff searches for Req item in Catalog include toRequest moved LL’s and places link to the article to LL’s Pending File in the request Link Pending File Yes Patron finds article Yes that he wants, item Does not held by library LL Yes Staff Staff click own scan link for No Does item item item potential ? LL own No item in E? Patron requests item fromrequests Patron his library from his item library Request sent to Item sent to BL through Odyssey or 2nd LL in string. Ariel Request received by System of 1st potential LL Borrowing Library’s (BL) Resource Sharing System Actions Yes Request completed and sent to 1st LL in string Item received by staff and No Is LL a patron notified it is available trusted Item Received by sender BL’s Odyssey System Request Potential LL added to Lender Request received by received by String based on CH rules. system Matched Does system Does BL No Yes against request System checks own item profiles match BL holdings in WC in E? Yes profiles? Does Yes Check Can it be Yes No Holdings filtered by potential ILL used for BL Custom LL own NOTE: In Rights ILL? Holdings item in E? WCL plans are in place Link to item sent so that a to patron or staff No No patron is not for review Request moved to BL’s offered the Request moved to BL’s Review File for manual ILL link if processing for manual Review File Potential LL only added to lender string if not enough Library not used library has processing in lender string item library’s have E that can be used for ILL. electronically.
  25. 25. Next steps • Working closely with IDS and Atlas to undertake full requirements analysis • Several Florida libraries are interested • Several CIC libraries may assist with requirements review
  26. 26. ILLiad Update EVERY CONNECTIO N has a starting point.
  27. 27. ILLiad Update • ILLiad 7.4 • ILLiad 8.0 • Resource Sharing Community Portal
  28. 28. ILLiad 7.4 Released on March 24th WCRS web service v1.3 integration 30 fixed bugs RapidILL web service • now supports both Borrowing and Lending processes WorldCat Direct integration
  29. 29. ILLiad 7.4 – New Documentation Site https://prometheus.atlas-sys.com/display/ILLiad
  30. 30. ILLiad 7.4 – New Documentation Site
  31. 31. ILLiad 7.4
  32. 32. ILLiad 8.0 • ILLiad client-only upgrade • Changing code base from Delphi to C# • 8.0 will run on Vista and XP • Beta sites have started using the new client • Sites will be able to preview this release by running both 7.4 and 8.0 clients side by side • Preview period should begin this summer
  33. 33. ILLiad 8.0 (cont.)
  34. 34. ILLiad 8.0 (cont.)
  35. 35. ILLiad 8.0 (cont.) https://prometheus.atlas-sys.com/display/illiad8/
  36. 36. Information created, used … and lost? “Can anyone please send me either a link or pdf of your ILL policy/procedure manual?” “Does anyone have a suggestion for a good compatible scanner?” “Anyone would be willing to share their library's policy on processing borrowing requests for lost/missing books.” “Converting PDF to TIFF and keep the color - learn how.” — ILLIAD-L
  37. 37. Setting up an account 1. Go to ResourceSharing.WebJunction.org 2. Create Account (if not already WebJunction user or if you already have a username or password for WorldCat Registry, WorldCat.org, FirstSearch or Online Service Center -- you can use the same one to get into WebJunction) 3. Sign In 4. Go to My Account / Edit Account 5. Update Profile My Affiliations and Profile Viewing Options 6. Choose the “Resource Sharing” Affiliation or 7. Choose “MyWebJunction”
  38. 38. Resource Sharing Community Features Ways to connect • Social tools to help librarians and staff connect with their peers within the library community • Discussions, groups, profiles, recommendations, tagging Ways to create • Fast and simple user-created groups, documents, discussions, comments, metadata, best practices, training guides, and more • Ways to personalize with MyWebJunction • Your Friends, Groups, Discussions, Activities, Bookmarks, Interests, Contributions, Affiliations
  39. 39. To Join …
  40. 40. To Help Build the Community …
  41. 41. Step-by-step 1. Go to ResourceSharing.WebJunction.org 2. Create Account (if not already WebJunction user or if you already have a username or password for WorldCat Registry, WorldCat.org, FirstSearch or Online Service Center -- you can use the it for WebJunction) 3. Sign In 4. Go to My Account / Edit Account 5. Update Profile My Affiliations and Profile Viewing Options 6. Choose the “Resource Sharing” Affiliation or 7. Choose “MyWebJunction”
  42. 42. Questions? Comments? http://resourcesharing.webjunction.org
  43. 43. Questions? Comments?
  44. 44. WorldCat Navigator
  45. 45. WorldCat Navigator WorldCat Navigator™ is a new service that provides seamless resource sharing within your library group and beyond. The service manages returnable and nonreturnable items, and integrates with circulation systems and the wider OCLC® resource sharing network to create a superior discovery-to- delivery tool.
  46. 46. Patrons place requests via WorldCat interface Patrons place requests and manage their requests through the WorldCat interface
  47. 47. Staff interface to manage requests Navigator integrates circulation functions with the local system and routes requests within and outside the group
  48. 48. ALA Happenings Sunday, July 12 • 10:30-12:00 Roving Roundtables: Resource Sharing Done Right Intercontinental / Seville West • 3:30-5:30 OCLC Resource Sharing User Group Meeting Hilton, Northwest II
  49. 49. Thank You! Questions?