NELINET: A Retrospective Montage


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NELINET: A Retrospective Montage

  1. 1. NELINET: A Retrospective Montage Annual Meeting 2009 Arnold Hirshon Executive Director
  2. 2. in the classic tradition of finale montages
  3. 3. Sometimes things seemed like this …. but what was it really like?
  4. 4. You are now entering the NELINET Wabac Machine
  5. 5. 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
  6. 6. 1999 Who Is This Guy? Marshall Keys Arnold Hirshon Greetings from Marshall
  7. 7. 1999 “For the first time in my lifetime, I can’t see five years ahead the way I used to. It is not just the changes in the book business, it’s … the changes in the way we live. With the Internet revolution … any business created before 1997 is going to be a fossil by the year 2010.” -- Leonard Riggio, CEO, Barnes & Noble
  8. 8. 1999 quot;More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” -- Woody Allen, quot;My Speech to the Graduates.quot; Side Effects
  9. 9. 2000 Frem ont Rid er’ s La w (1944) Library collections will double in size every 16 years Gordon Moore’s Law (1965) Computer processing speed will double every 18 months * The Scholar and the Future of the Research Library
  10. 10. 2001 What Happened This Year? The “New Internet Traditional enterprises Economy” died re-emerged
  11. 11. 2001 What Else Happened? Economic slowdown began
  12. 12. 2002 Anthem At NELINET, we love to serve you And to provide superior support And give our members great workshops At NELINET, we love to serve you Today, and always, The Bank of NELINET is going online Our consulting is the best! And registration, and membership too Today, and t’morrow, NELINET will always serve you best At NELINET, we love to serve you Today, and t’morrow, With our expanding digital services We’ll help our libraries With Convey, we’re online daily create the future! Today, we’re bound away To our new Depos-I-tory! helping libraries create the future! x
  13. 13. 2003 “How Would YOU Like To Be … Queen for a Day?” “Vulgar and sleazy, filled with bathos and bad taste. The audience was morbidly delighted to find there were people worse off than they were.quot; -- producer Howard Blake
  14. 14. 2003 New Solutions Introducing … NELINET consulting solutions
  15. 15. 2004 Our Childhood 1978 • 91 members & 140 libraries • Help libraries use appropriate technology, including computers • Take a more active role in “information retrieval, on-line catalogs, remote access to libraries and library data- base management.”
  16. 16. 2004 Accomplishments: The Last 5 Years (1998 – 2003) • NELINET Consulting Solutions moves ahead • Educational Services • Expanded content and formats • Global involvement increased • ICOLC and eIFL • Digital Services begins full operations • New England Regional Depository takes off • E-resources and Products expanded • Electronic Resource Licensing Service began
  17. 17. 2005 Today, We Must Move Forward In An Uncertain World The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. - Abraham Lincoln
  18. 18. 2005 Because Unlike Tara Before the War… • Changes affecting libraries – Budgetary changes – Policies and workflows to improve productivity – The Google Factor • Changes @ OCLC – Program directions, service provision, and network relations • Changes @ NELINET – Must ensure relevance of our strategic plan – Must ensure NELINET’s independence and sustainability So that …
  19. 19. 2005 Change # 3: Reducing Direct Revenue to Networks • OCLC: an important revenue source – A decreasing percentage of our revenue, but still the largest single outside revenue source • Since 2003 – OCLC reduced FirstSearch commissions by ~$60,000 / year • Changes for FY2006-2008 – OCLC eliminating sales commissions over the next three years – Expected total net revenue decrease: ~$200,000 from FY2004 levels – Eliminating recurring revenue • More changes on the way? – AIA and surcharge programs could become obsolete
  20. 20. 2005 Membership Structure: Programs, Services & Funding Questions • What will members need and want? • Which current programs are responsive, and which are not? • How do we continue to diversify programs effectively? • How should we structure ourselves in light of the changing environment? • What is the cost to maintain the same levels of service? • What do members want and value? • What can member afford? • What are members willing to pay?
  21. 21. 2006 A New for a Changing World Report of the Program Development, Membership, and Revenue Task Force NELINET Annual Meeting 5 May 2006
  22. 22. 2006 Now, Since the Membership Took a Leap of Faith, I Will Take a Risk to Thank You For the first time ever in front of a live audience, and for the first time in over 35 years, I am going to take it off … take it all off No, not that! This! ? Hirshon: Before Hirshon: After
  23. 23. 2007 The New Equation + Radical Transparency: users have a heightened awareness of the internal operations of organizations from which they obtain services + Technology infrastructure democratization: the network is the platform – customers and users no longer need to purchase hardware and software to accomplish their work + User Centered Innovation: Users can employ gaming and simulation technologies to create customized solutions that meet personal or mass market needs = A seismic shift what we do and how we do it
  24. 24. 2007 The Value of NELINET • Local touch – NELINET has a broad and deep understanding of our members • Objective Information – We provide an objective and broad perspective to help you see and respond to trends – We provide solutions, not sell you products • Innovation – We work with you to identify effective and innovative solutions • Collaboration – We coordinate your collaborative efforts, and thereby share the load and the risk
  25. 25. 2007 Increasing Participation, Increasing Value • Member Interest Zones increase visibility • TrendGauge ensure access encourage advocacy • Technology Sandbox identify solutions • Deposit account achieve results interest payments share ideas • Digital Repository foster communications testbed form connections unite members • RFP for free consulting services implement technology create opportunities • Trend Report: promote best practices Technical Services in NELINET Member Libraries
  26. 26. 2008 The NELINET 12 Step Strategic Planning Process
  27. 27. 2008 Step 12: Is our Strategic Plan set for the next 3 years? What if a new opportunity knocks, or if there is an unanticipated change in the environment?
  28. 28. 2008 Strategic Plan: Goals “Strengthen Member Service Through Community” Member engagement Conduct regularly scheduled community of interest groups, such as the Directors Forum, and involve members in cooperative development groups and collaborative consulting Organizational leadership and planning Focus on strategic and technology planning; operations improvement, content management, and service quality assessment . Develop toolkits, benchmarking data, and dashboard services. Organizational operations management Open source software and technology hosting, and expand educational and group purchasing services
  29. 29. Delivering on the Promise: Some Accomplishments • Accreditation, assessment & dashboard summits • Directors Forums • Strategic Planning Toolkit • Dashboards • Open source software – Training – Implementation – Support – Web-scale cloud computing (hosting)
  30. 30. 2009 a strategic union to advance New England libraries
  31. 31. 2009: Creating the New Union Voting Procedure • June 2 – 16 • Voting by both NELINET and Lyrasis members • 2/3 of voters must approve the transaction • Instructions for casting ballots will be sent via a separate email to each Official Representative
  32. 32. Some Thanks to Friends and Colleagues, Past and Present • The Delegates to the OCLC Members Council delegates • The members of the NELINET Board of Directors • And, in particular …
  33. 33. Tammy Ely Retiring Immediate Past Chair of the NELINET Board of Directors
  34. 34. Great Thanks to the NELINET Staff
  35. 35. Thank you for your membership and support for so many years! a photo montage
  36. 36. So, what’s next? Fair Use Disclaimer The use of materials in this presentation is consistent with the fair use provisions of the U.S. Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. 107) and the CONTU guidelines, i.e., (1) the purpose and character of the use is for nonprofit educational purposes; (2) only small selected portions of the copyrighted work as a whole have been used; and, (3) there will be no effect upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. No copyrighted material used in this presentation will be redistributed in any subsequent print or electronic version.
  37. 37. 2009 National Recognition Regional Presence Local Touch advancing libraries together