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40 under 40 print


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Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Published in: Law
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40 under 40 print

  1. 1. Craig P. Mannarino KKrraalloovveecc,, JJaammbbooiiss && SScchhwwaarrttzz 60 W. Randolph, 4th Floor Chicago, IL 60601 312-782-2525 AAggee:: 38 LLaaww SScchhooooll:: DePaul University College of Law PPrraaccttiiccee AArreeaa:: Medical malpractice, personal injury It’s little wonder that Craig Mannarino is considered by his peers to be one of the top litigators in the city. The trial lawyer with Chicago’s Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, has compiled an impressive string of successful verdicts and settlements for his clients in cases involving medical malpractice, automobile negligence and catastrophic injury. His record of success includes over $20 million in jury verdicts and over $30 million in settlements for his clients. Attaining these victories, though, hasn’t been easy. Mannarino works extremely hard on every case, his peers say, and he never enters a courtroom unprepared. “One immediately knows that Craig will have extraordinary command of the medicine and the extended factual record,” said Richard Hickey, with the Chicago firm of Hickey, Melia & Associates. “He knows what answers to expect from witnesses and has the ability to break down witnesses in deposition or at trial. There are many ‘good’ lawyers, but there are few exceptional lawyers with skill and work ethic, like Craig.” Even a partial list of Mannarino’s victories is remarkable. Most recently, he was co-lead counsel on a case resulting in a $12.5 million jury verdict against the Chicago Police Department for the shooting death of a 21-year-old man. He obtained a more than $8 million jury verdict in a medical malpractice case for an elderly woman who had been left partially paralyzed after a stroke that was caused by undiagnosed and untreated hypertension. Additionally, he obtained a $1.4 million verdict for the death of an 81-year old man in a medical malpractice case in McLean County, one of the highest such verdicts in that county. Mannarino also participated in a trial resulting in a $7.2 million verdict for a man rendered an incomplete quadriplegic following a shooting at a suburban fast-food restaurant. He participated, too, in a trial that resulted in a McHenry County record-setting verdict of $1.5 million in a wrongful death malpractice case against a mental health facility. These results are little surprise to those who know Mannarino. “Some attorneys have the ability to grasp what Dean Cribbett at the University of Illinois College of Law always called the ‘big picture,’ and Craig is one of them,” said Chicago attorney Michael Rathsack. “His legal strength is his ability to see all the facets of a complex case and view it in an unbiased fashion while still remaining a strong advocate. The first step in winning a case is to be able to see it like the jury will see it, and he does that.” Mannarino is also known as an unflappable presence in the courtroom, where he treats everybody, clients, opposing counsel and judges, with the utmost respect. This, of course, is also beneficial to his clients, as Mannarino is able to professionally and efficiently lay out the facts of the case and his own strategy for winning that case. “Craig has achieved a deserved reputation as a fair and professional litigator who treats opponents with civility while zealously representing his clients,” said J. Kent Mathewson, a principal with the Chicago law firm of Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth, LLC. “As evidenced by his numerous favorable verdicts and settlements of considerable magnitude, Craig has demonstrated that he can achieve excellent results for his clients in complex and challenging cases.” For the past 8 years, Mannarino has co-authored a chapter on jury instructions in the Illinois Trial Lawyers Medical Malpractice Trial Notebook. He also recently became a member of the Board of Managers of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. , “There are many ‘good’ lawyers, but there are few exceptional lawyers with skill and work ethic, like Craig.”