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  1. 1. Marketing sustainability 1. What type of light globes should you use at home to save electricity costs?Fluorescent globes. 2. Name 5 Winter Savings. Curtain Management Keep doors to unused rooms closed when using a heater Turn down your heater and add additional layers of clothes Use clothes hangers or use the washing line to dry clothes instead of the dryer Sealing cracks in walls, doors and skirting to reduce cold coming in. 3. Name 5 summer savings. Wash with full loads and use cold water Switch off lights or any other appliances when not used Circulate air in the house with fans and open windows instead of using air conditioners Replace fridge seals Wash dishes by hand or Use a full load if using a dishwasher 4. What is one way to save water?Take shorter showers and use an energy efficient showerhead. 5. Using the Energy Saving tips provided on page 10(page 3), produce an A2 poster targeting primary school age children to use energy wisely. Use all energy saving tips on this page in your poster. Export to PDF.Save your answers to questions 1 to 4 in a Word document called ‘marketing’ and 05:‘poster’ (PDF)