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Dimensional Length (DL)Flyer- (Brochure)


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Dimensional Length (DL)Flyer- (Brochure)

  1. 1. Launceston’s Cataract Gorge Reserve Nature at its best The Cataract Gorge Reserve is one of Tasmania’s most popular attractions. It is only a few minutes drive from Launceston’s city centre. Enjoy a lovely walk around the Gorge and pop in for a cup of tea or a snack to eat at our restaurant. There are rock climbing adventures for all age groups and guided adventure walks for all. Beautiful peacocks roam our parkland as well as other native wildlife. Cataract Gorge Cruise The Basin Chairlift Journey through the Enjoy the world famous Cataract Gorge on a chairlift ride as you spectacular river cruise. capture beautiful views.Flyer.indd 1 14/07/2012 10:21:07 PM
  2. 2. Flyer.indd 2 14/07/2012 10:21:07 PM