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Agideas flyer


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Published in: Design
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Agideas flyer

  1. 1. Be one of the 2500 designers who embark on a journey of inspiration with 3 days ofunamicable talks present in the ideas and process of over 40 of the world’s most creativeleaders. Attend design masters workshops. Visit one of Melbourne’s design studios. Exhibityour work at the Melbourne museum. Win international travelling scholarships. Your chanceto meet designers from all over the world.Agideas 2013International Design Week May 4 to 7 The AGideas international design forum is held over three days at the Victorian Arts Centre with presentations from Australian and international designers. Each year we bring together some of the worlds most important creative people for a three day forum. We provide state of the art audiovisual equipment in one of Melbourne’s premier arts venues. The forum was created as a resource for anyone interested in expanding their design dialogue. This annual event takes its audience on a journey through the creative endeavours of some of the world’s best, presenting the most contemporary in digital design to the masters of traditional technique.
  2. 2. Since 1991, AGideas has demonstrated thatdesign excellence is inspired by creativityin the broadest sense. For this reasonthe AGideas program explores a diverseperspective of the creative industries, Agideaspresenting speakers from the areas of graphic Internationaldesign, corporate branding, advertising, Design W eekphotography, fine art, sound design, designfor film and television, industrial and productdesign, motion graphics and broadcast May 4 to 7media design, interactive and multimediadesign and much more. The aim is to inspireexcellence by presenting those that havepushed the boundaries /of their creative fieldand established a benchmark to which otherdesigners must strive.