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AGideas Checklist


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AGideas flyer checklist

Published in: Design
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AGideas Checklist

  1. 1. Creative Design ChecklistTitle: AGideasBudget:$30,000Format:Two-sided DL flyerPurpose:A resource for anyone interested in expanding their design dialogue.Target Audience:Graphic designers, corporate branding, advertising,photography, fine art, sound designers, designers for film and television,industrial and product designers, motion graphics and broadcast mediadesigners, interactive and multimedia designers.Call to Action:AGideas International Design Forum.Delivery Time Frame:1st of January 2013.Response Time Frame:High PriorityElements to Include:Image– “harry_pearce.jpg”Copy – “design1_assessment_copy.rtf”Logo – “”The card requires a professional/contemporary feel that will appeal to designersand design students.