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Project kick start worksheet


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Here's a single page worksheet you can use to collect your throughs before your next project. It provides space to consider your project in terms of the UXD stack, a column to identify possible activities / deliverables to consider, and prompts you to decide what's the next logical step to take for your project.

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Project kick start worksheet

  1. 1. Project Kick Start for: Name / DatePurpose General TasksWhy are the stakeholders What kinds of activities will help further defineinvesting in this project? each of these attributes? Elevator pitch Mad-Lib Personas Field StudyAudienceWho are the primary Use Cases(and other) users? Process Flow Site Map Wireframes Branding WorkshopContentWhat do people want to Compsknow or do while usingthe site or application? Fi-Hi PrototypeFormWhat logical or visualstyle will move the appfrom functional towardsmeaningful? Next Step! What’s the single, specific next action required to start this project?TechnologyWhat tech considerations are required to deliverthis experience? Questions?