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Rti lre power point


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Rti lre power point

  1. 1. Response to Intervention (RTI) andLeast Restrictive Environment (LRE) Documents: More Restrictive Option Office of Special Education Placement Fall 2011
  2. 2. Goals• Participants will become familiar with the purpose of RTI and LRE documents for the more restrictive placement option.• Participants will be able to identify the steps for creating RTI and LRE documents for the more restrictive placement option.
  3. 3. What is the Response to Intervention (RTI) Document?• A document for tracking students’ progress data for implemented interventions and strategies.• An ongoing, draft document.
  4. 4. Why use the RTI Document?• To document a student’s progress when additional interventions are implemented.• To use that documentation to make sound, data-driven decisions regarding a student’s least restrictive environment.
  5. 5. Who utilizes the RTI document?• School Team Members – Teacher, Behavior Interventionist, IEP Chairperson• Office of Special Education Specialists and Resource Teachers
  6. 6. When do you use the RTI document?• Create the document when additional strategies and interventions are implemented.• Add data to show the student’s response to those strategies and interventions as you continue to address the student’s needs.
  7. 7. RTI Document
  8. 8. RTI Document
  9. 9. Direct Contact with OSE• Follow the current guidelines for contacting your Specialist and Resource Teacher.• They will also document their observations and suggestions on the RTI document.
  10. 10. RTI Next Steps• If the school and OSE staff determine, based on the data collected, the student requires a more restrictive environment…. – The IEP Chairperson finalizes and electronically signs the RTI document. – The OSE Specialist electronically signs the RTI document.
  11. 11. RTI to LRE• The IEP Chair creates an LRE document.• Copy forward the information from the RTI document to the LRE document.• The IEP Chair electronically signs the LRE document.• The OSE Specialist electronically signs the LRE document.
  12. 12. LRE Document
  13. 13. LRE Document Next Steps• The Placement Office will provide possible sites of service on the LRE document.• The sending school and possible receiving schools will receive a TieNet notification.• The sending school holds a team meeting, including staff from possible receiving schools, to discuss placement.• Section 4 of the LRE document is completed after team by the IEP Chair.• The Placement Office will complete the final section of the LRE document and TieNet notifications will be sent.
  14. 14. Questions? Comments? • Office of Special Education, Placement, x3660• Allison Myers, • Lauren Karow, • Jerry Platt