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Workshop programs


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python sample programs

Published in: Technology
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Workshop programs

  1. 1. Python examples Compile Python program:python! /usr/bin/env python#Above is valid only if you are using the script in linux and you canunderstand this is comment :)// /*import os##include<os.h>print(50*"-")#will print - fifty timesprint("file name :%s"%(__file__))#will reveal current file nameprintf("%s",__file__)name=raw_input("What is your name :")#get i/p from userprint ("Name:"+name)#print the nameprint(50*"=")! /usr/bin/env pythondef looping(): x=[] for y in range(20): if y%2 == 0: x.append(y) print xdef list_comp(): x=[y for y in range(20) if y%2 ==0 ] print xlooping()list_comp()import disdis.dis(looping)dis.dis(list_comp)
  2. 2.! /usr/bin/env python"""This file contains few ways how one can read and write content tofile in python"""count=0file="fav_movies.txt"file_="fav_movie_list.txt"movie_list=[]def write_to_file(): Writing string to file global file,count fp=open(file,w) print 50*"=" print("Enter 5 movie names you like ") while count < 5 : movie=(raw_input("Enter the fav movie:"))+"n" movie_list.append(movie) fp.write(movie) count+=1 fp.close() print 50*"="def read_a_line(): global file fp=open(file,r) fp.close() print ("n Reading one line")def readlines(): global file fp=open(file,"r") print fp.readline()#will read only one line fp.close() print "="*50def write_list(): global file_,movie_list print("Writing entire list into a file ") f=open(file_,"w") f.writelines(movie_list)#write entire list to a file f.close() print "="*50def read_using_for(): global file
  3. 3. print ("reading input using for loop") for line in open(file): print line print "="*50def one_liner(): global file print ("read entire contents in a single line") print(open(file).read())#will read all lines in one stretch print 50*=write_to_file()print ("doc for %s:%s "%(write_to_file.func_name,write_to_file.__doc__))read_a_line()readlines()write_list()read_using_for()one_liner()print ("__doc__",__doc__)! /usr/bin/env pythonfile="text.txt"import linecachetheline=linecache.getline(file,2)print! /usr/bin/env pythonimport zipfilez=zipfile.ZipFile("","r")for filename in z.namelist(): print "File:",filename print has,len(bytes),bytes! /usr/bin/env pythonimport socketmyname=socket.getfqdn(socket.gethostname())myaddr=socket.gethostbyname(myname)print "System name:%s"%(myname),"Ip:",myaddr
  4. 4. password_gen.pyimport string,randomchars=string.lowercase+string.uppercase+string.digitsprint .join([random.choice(chars) for i in range(0,10)])