AT Tools for Memory Support


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PRESENTER: Margaret Cisco
This webinar will review causes of memory loss and discuss different kinds of memory. It will describe how a functioning memory enables people to accomplish daily life tasks. The webinar defines AT with respect to how improved memory relates to life functions such as communication, safety, making choices about life, and doing what person was once able to do. Pictures of low and high tech AT tools available for memory support across areas function in the home, in the community, at school, and in employment situations will be shown. This webinar is not targeted to a specific type of memory loss or target disability area. Information presented will include tools that will be useful for people of all ages who may be struggling with memory loss that affects their function in life activities.

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AT Tools for Memory Support

  1. 1. AT Tools for Memory Support Presenter: Margaret Cisco, AT Specialist Assistive Technology of Alaska (ATLA)
  2. 2. General Objectives Know what AT is and why to consider AT to support memory. Be able to identify three AT devices or products for memory support. Be aware of three resources for AT related to memory. Assistive Technology of Alaska
  3. 3. Agenda About ATLA and Assistive Technology (AT) Memory and Causes of memory losses Memory in daily life Matching AT to the person and the needs Low to high tech AT tools for memory support Resources Reminders Assistive Technology of Alaska
  4. 4. Assistive Tech Act Project Information - AT devices, services, funding Demonstration centers Training activities Loan, Re-use, and Recycle programs Referrals for service or funding Funding support (website) Assistive Technology of Alaska
  5. 5. What is Assistive Technology? What is Assistive Technology (AT)? Assistive Technology of Alaska (off the shelf, modified, or customized)
  6. 6. Assistive Technology of Alaska AT Can Support WHAT IS ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (AT)? Activities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Completing tasks with increased effectiveness, or safety. Learning, re-learning or maintaining skills.
  7. 7. Memory Group of systems Different areas of the brain Play different roles in creating, storing, recalling Work together to provide a cohesive thought Accuracy and Efficiency in the Real World Assistive Technology of Alaska
  8. 8. Memory – Information Flow Sensory Short Term (working memory) Long Term Facts Semantic (language) Episodic (events) Procedures
  9. 9. Memory Components Attention and Concentration Executive Functions Planning Initiation Execution Time management Planning Awareness of deficit Self-monitoring Follow-through Flexibility of thinking
  10. 10. People with Memory Loss - a Diverse Group Causes of Memory Losses Aging Alcohol Use Alzheimer's Brain Tumors Degenerative Neurological Diseases Dementia Drugs/Interactions Head Injury Infection Psychological Causes Seizures Stroke Therapeutic Interventions Assistive Technology of Alaska
  11. 11. Memory in Daily Living What someone said What we want to say Information Sequences What to take Where to find items
  12. 12. Memory in Daily Living Shopping needs Scheduled events Destinations and how to get there Steps for Familiar activities
  13. 13. Memory in Daily Living Something on the stove Turning off appliances Critical routines Past events
  14. 14. When Choosing AT SETT framework Assistive Technology of Alaska
  15. 15. Considering AT Questions to Consider How are daily living and preferred activities affected? When does the memory system fail? How does memory loss affect personal safety? What other conditions need to be considered? Personal preferences? How easy is the AT to use? Assistive Technology of Alaska
  16. 16. Communication Assistive Technology of Alaska Communication Books Voice Output Devices Text for Communication
  17. 17. Communication Assistive Technology of Alaska Lingraphica CIRCA -- Computer Interactive Reminiscence and Conversation Aid Talking Photo Album
  18. 18. Listening Assistive Technology of Alaska Recording Tools SoundNote simplenote
  19. 19. Phone Numbers Assistive Technology of Alaska Voice Dialing Picture Dialing Standard Phone Standard Phone
  20. 20. Finders & Reminders Assistive Technology of Alaska Wall Mounts Car Reminder Door Hanger Finder Alarms
  21. 21. Shopping Lists Assistive Technology of Alaska Apps that record text or speech, keep track, sort and verbally remind by actual physical location. Voice Record, Sort & Print Out
  22. 22. Examples: Scheduled Events Assistive Technology of Alaska Calendars, Planners Color Coding PDAs and Smart Phones
  23. 23. Examples: Task Sequences Assistive Technology of Alaska Picture Prompts Voice Reminders, Timers, Alarms
  24. 24. Getting to Destinations Assistive Technology of Alaska Dedicated GPS Systems and Smart Phones Nav4All Droid app Personal Pocket GPS Locator Bike My Way iPhone App
  25. 25. Stoves and Appliances Assistive Technology of Alaska Automatic Stove/Oven Control Automatic Electric Shut Off Automatic Fire Suppression Timers and Alarms
  26. 26. Medication Assistive Technology of Alaska Blister Packs Pill Organizers Reminders & Dispensers Medication Reminder Services Cell Phone Reminder & Logging Apps
  27. 27. Water Issues Assistive Technology of Alaska Overflow Plug Automatic Off/On Auto Flushers Metered Flow Scald Protection
  28. 28. Why AT in the Senior Years? Why AT Tools Are Important People want to be able to communicate People want to be able to do what they once did People want to make their own choices Who we associate with Where we live What we do How we do it Assistive Technology of Alaska
  29. 29. AT Resources in Alaska Alaska Center for Blind and Visually Impaired AK Trading Post ( ATLA Independent Living Centers Loan Closets, Demo Centers, EDHI One Stop Job Centers Internet Assistive Technology of Alaska
  30. 30. Reminders! CEU address: Follow-up survey Midnight Sun Assistive Technology Conference August 3-5, 2011 Preconference ATACP certificate program August 1-2,2011 Assistive Technology of Alaska