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Crit week presentation for Uni.

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Crit presentation

  1. 1. + Honours Projects The Art of Interaction (working title) By Kym Primrose 0801573 Computer Arts
  2. 2. Last Time  Looking into incorporating elements of game design into a no gaming application to enhance UX  No practical work to show  Mixed feedback on the outcome of the project.
  3. 3. + New Aim and Objectives  To find a balance between Skeuomorphic and Flat UI design by analysing both in terms of purpose, pro’s, con’s, functionality and popular opinion to identify a new hybrid style which reflects the best bits of both designs.  To base my observations on the key principles of application development as outlined in numerous acclaimed texts.  Show my findings through the design of my own application.
  4. 4. + Skeuomorphic Design Where the design seeks to imitate, copy or resemble a real life physical object or counterpart. It was originally intender to ease users in to GUI’s by using icons which imitated the real life versions of themselves. For example the Trash Can used on Mac’s resembles a real trash can. Instinctively the user knows this is for rubbish. The best examples of skeuomorphic design not only copy style but also try to have a similar function or purpose.
  5. 5. + Flat Design Now that we as a whole have become accustomed to using computers and graphical interfaces, we no longer need such detail. Enter Flat UI Design. Flat design typically lacks sense of depth, shadows, textures and sometimes even colour fill. It is a very minimalist approach focusing less on mimicking real life and more on creating a NEW user experience through flow, consistency and clarity.
  6. 6. + The Big Three For the purpose of keeping this project contained, iOS will be used as the primary platform. However it is important to look into the design in the main OS themselves. iOS and Android bare the closest similarity with Windows Mobile 8 going for a more imposing visual style. What is important to note, is that they are all moving towards a minimal clean design and away from realism.
  7. 7. + The Evolution of iOS Found on Pinterest, this image was really the what changed the course of the project. It would be possible to write the entire dissertation based on this alone. Not just in terms of design but also interaction and public perception.
  8. 8. + Finding the Middle Ground  As stated at the beginning the aim of the project is to find a middle ground between skeuomorphism and flat design. The point being a style that welcomes newcomers but also appeals to veterans.  Because of the type of application outlined by the client it would be beneficial to have minimal instructions on navigation, relying on common iconography so that menu text interferes as little as possible with the experience. Preferably not at all.
  9. 9. + Sketches
  10. 10. + Sketches cont.
  11. 11. + Presenting the Concepts  A few of the thumbnail designs produced in Photoshop to give a better sense of “feel”
  12. 12. + Developed Concept Interaction Example Taking one of the examples a bit further so that the navigation can be clearly observed. It also highlights the importance of working out the interaction BEFORE starting any serious design. In terms of feedback the Client was keen on this idea although it was the first pitched. They wish to see a selection of the other thumbnails taken to this level and presented in this manor.
  13. 13. + WHAT’S NEXT?  Continue to mock up the rest of the sketch thumbnails  Meet with client to discuss which designs they like and would like to see developed further  Work on a couple of sets of iconography representing each style and attempting to merge them  Finalise project proposal plan and get it checked  Write project proposal
  14. 14. + Questions?