How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING                           By Shashi Bellamkonda                   Spry S...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING             TABLE OFCONTENTS            EXECUTIVE SUMMARY               ...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGExecutive SummarySocial Media has moved on from            to achieve des...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGNotable SMM campaign:                    product ideas from their        ...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGWhat is availableFacebook                                or building a fa...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGYouTube                                   Insights. Insights is YouTubes ...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGMobile ManiaThe rate at which mobile phone            clicked on an ad wh...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGA global viewSocial networks and forums across         Average time spent...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGPolitical ConnectThe political arena like other              happenings m...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGStudents are increasingly using social     the world can communicate in r...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGNo matter you like it or not, people    Retailers are using Facebook and ...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGBridging the gap between celebrities and fansLady Gaga is the celebrity q...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGSocial Media OutsourcingWe all know that social media has        The soci...
How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGAbout the AuthorRecognized as one of the Top 100             His is const...
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Social media whitepaper

  1. 1. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING By Shashi Bellamkonda Spry Social Media Management Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGExecutive SummarySocial Media has moved on from to achieve desirable results. This Mobile usage: Mobile usage is at anbeing just a virtual hangout to a section outlines some of the all time high and activities that arerevolutionary business platform. websites that can be used for SMM taking place on mobile phones isThis report outlines the trends purposes. helping companies cater to usersaround the world that will help accordingly. This information willbusinesses to take the plunge into A Global view: A brief break up of help companies to make decisionsthe world of social media. The the statistics (country wise) is on the magnitude of mobilefollowing pages outline content on provided to understand the presence that it should have.the following: characteristics of users in various countries. Going through the numbers andIntroduction to social media: This statistics will quantify the hype thatsection talks about how social media Social Media in different you have been hearing about socialis growing and the reasons for industries: Every industry utilizes media all this while. This report willmarketers to utilize the medium and SMM for various purposes. While enable you to make a decisiongain leverage for their businesses. some companies have got it right about why you should be on social and set examples of best practices media.What is Available: Though for the industry, there are industriesFacebook and Twitter seem to be that have responded rather late to The next step would be to identifythe most obvious choices by the SMM concept. The report lists your goals and returns from a socialindividuals and businesses for data about some of these industries media campaign and develop anpromotions, there are numerous and why they should use social appropriate strategy.other websites that need to be networking websites to theirincorporated into a Social Media advantageMarketing (SMM) strategy in orderIntroduction to Social MediaIf you think Google is the most The alarming pace at which the opportunity for companies tovisited website on the internet, you internet and usage statistics are directly interact with customers. Thisare wrong! Facebook has passed changing has left companies with opportunity has led to businesses ofGoogle as the most visited website. no choice but to have a significant all sizes exploring mediums in theirMore people are spending more presence on multiple social media own ways.time than ever on social media websites. A couple years agoplatforms, which is now enabling businesses were uncertain about Having an account on all thebusinesses to connect with an social media as a marketing tool. websites alone will not help aenormous population on an Now it has proven to be an business in achieving goals.improved level. extremely useful medium and Engineering a suitable strategy is key companies are responding rapidly to to achieving intended results. TheOnce, Twitter was a place where you be a part of the race. type of business (B2B, B2C etc.)could read about someone elses plays a key role in identifying thedaily habits. Now, its the first place Traditional e-mail and middlemen strategy for SMM. Moreoveryou go to when theres breaking have been transcended and are different businesses have differentnews. Twitters 140 character limit is seeing lesser importance when it expectations from their SMMa host to some of the most powerful comes to customer interaction. campaigns.views, news and updates on the Social media has gone mainstreaminternet. and is providing an unprecedented 03
  4. 4. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGNotable SMM campaign: product ideas from their * Fifty-nine percent of marketers consumers through social media. say they will be increasing their• Dell generated $6.5 million in social media budgets this year sales from their Twitter presence According to a report conducted by the end of 2009. Their sales * 51 percent refer to social analytics from over 170 surveys aimed at through social media presence is as a top initiative. marketers, social media marketing is growing rapidly ever since. taking on a greater focus than any * Social media marketing is one of other form of marketing for the next• Frank Eliason (customer service the top five strategies for B2B couple of years. Here are some of manager) used Twitter to provide and B2C businesses (No.1 for the findings from this survey2: customer service to Comcast B2C and No. 2 for B2B) users. Comcast has since helped * Social media marketing was one over 150,000 customers through * 23 percent of B2C brands and 17 the top performer for 28% of the social media. percent of B2B brands ranked companies. user-generated content as key to• Starbucks received over 50,000 marketing performance.Percentage of Companies Using Specific Social Media Channels and/or Blogs Who Acquired a Customer From that Channel 68% 70% 57% 60% 51% 45% 43% 50% 38% 40% 33% B2B 26% 30% B2C 20% 10% 0% Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Company BlogBenefits of Social Media 3• Increased awareness of the • Better understanding of • Ability to measure the frequency organisation customers perceptions of the of the discussion about the brand brand• Boosted organic Google listings • Strengthens networked • Improved insights about the connections• Greater favorable perceptions of target markets the brand • Collaborative knowledge sharing • Identification of positive and• Able to monitor conversations • Timely Competitive Analysis negative comments about the organisation • Early warning of potential • Increase in new business• Able to develop targeted product or service issues marketing activities • Identification of new product or service opportunities04
  5. 5. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGWhat is availableFacebook or building a fan page. These can be • More than 250 million people used to bring together a group of access Facebook through their users who can access news, stories, mobile devicesFacebook is the leading social media offers etc. posted by the It has the highest number of • More than 2.5 million websitesusers signed up in comparison to have integrated with Facebookthe rest of the social media sites. Relevant Statistics:3Companies are realizing the • 30 billion pieces of content is • One in every nine people onpotential of Facebook as a shared on Facebook each month Earth is on Facebookmarketing tool primarily because ofthe reach that it has and the • 300,000 users helped translate • People spend 700 billion minutesopportunity to drive users to Facebook into 70 languages per month on Facebookcorresponding websites. • People on Facebook install 20 • Each Facebook user spends on million "Apps" every dayFacebook offers two distinct ways to average 15 hours and 33 minutesmarket a business: creating a group a month on the siteBlogs valuable information to a wide pool • One in four of those has an of internet users from various annual household income of communities and interest groups. $100KA blog is a type of website wherecontent in the form of • 56% say that their blog hasarticles/stories is added on a Relevant Statistics:4 helped their company establish afrequent basis. Blogs have positioning as a thought leader • There have been more thaninteractive abilities where readers within the industry. 133,000,000 blogs indexed bycan leave comments, ask questions Technorati since 2002and share content on other social • 58% say that they are better-networking sites. Building a smart • The United States has the largest known in their industry becauseblog enables effective interaction share of bloggers with 29.22% of their blogwith multiple websites, features like of all bloggers coming from thethis has helped businesses expose U.STwitter Relevant Statistics:3 • Twitter is handling 1.6 billion queries per day • Twitter currently has 100 millionTwitter is a micro blogging site monthly active users and is now • Twitter is adding nearly 500,000which allows users to post a averaging at 200 million tweets users a daymessage with a 140 character limit. per dayThe basic question that it poses to • 53 percent of people on Twitterusers is "What are you doing?" • Twitter has over 100 million recommend companies or their global active users, half of those products in their tweets.Smart businesses have utilized logging in every day • Projected growth by the end ofTwitter to gain tremendous leverage • 55 million users log in to Twitter the year is an additional 26in providing solutions, online sales, from their phone or tablet each million userscustomer interaction etc. One big monthadvantage of Twitter is its ease ofmobile usage, tweets can be sent • 40% of Twitter users dont tweetwhile the user is on the go using every month but watch othersvarious mobile apps. tweet 05
  6. 6. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGYouTube Insights. Insights is YouTubes • YouTube generates 92 billion reporting system that gives data on page views per monthYouTube is a video sharing website each view a video is receiving,which allows users to upload, share • Users on YouTube spend a total including viewer demographics,and view content. With recent of 2.9 billion hours per month overall popularity, and communitiesadditions of social features YouTube that viewers belong to. • More video is uploaded tois quickly positioning itself as a YouTube in 60 days than therespected social site for businesses Relevant Statistics:3 three major US networks createdto be a part of. • YouTube has 490 million unique in 60 years.YouTube provides a tool called users who visit every monthLinkedIn Relevant Statistics:5 business oriented look and feel of LinkedIn compared to other socialLinkedIn is a powerful social • LinkedIn has 135 + million users. networking sitesnetwork for entrepreneurs and Thats 15 times the population ofbusiness professionals. Its a great New York City • The majority (66%) are decisionplace to identify potential makers or have influence in the • Most users connect to peoplecandidates and network with purchase decisions at their they know, including thoseprofessionals belonging to a specific companies (decision makers also theyve met only over the phonearea of interest. tend to be more active on • Users like the professional and LinkedIn)Wiki Wikis permit comprehensive data to enhances a companys wiki account. be posted about a specific subject.A wiki is a website where users have Relevant Statistics:13 Wikis house information aboutthe autonomy to add, delete or companies and individuals, if a • Wikipedia has had more than 1modify data. Wikis can be set up to person is interested in getting billion edits, across 17.6 millionprovide various levels of access for information there is a good chance articles, from 27 million usersdifferent classes of users to ascertain that he/she will look into Wikipedia • Wikipedia obtains approximatelydata efficiency. Some of the popular to obtain this information. Putting 684 million viewers every yearwiki websites are Wikipedia, up relevant information andwikiHow etc. updating it on a need basisGoogle+ developments are being introduced 50+ million users for companies to build social mediaGoogle+ is a social networking site • Google+ was the fastest social profiles.developed and launched by Google. network to reach 10 million usersIt is very similar to facebook in its Relevant Statistics:3 at 16 days (Twitter took 780 daysprofile features however new and Facebook 852 days) • Google+ is rapidly growing withOther Sites forums, social bookmarking, growing fast. Frequently cited as geolocation sites as these can help Diggs main competitors, Reddit andThe above discussed tools are the propel site views and internet StumbleUpon are also growing toprimary areas of focus to reach out presence by an enormous extent. the extent of driving large numberto people as of now. However of viewers to business websites.companies should not ignore For e.g. Digg is at around 35+additional networking sites like million unique monthly visitors and06
  7. 7. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGMobile ManiaThe rate at which mobile phone clicked on an ad while visiting a • On average Americans spend 2.7usage is growing only shows that in social networking site.10 hours per day socializing on theirthe next few years, information mobile device. Thats over twicesharing and transactions is more Relevant Statistics:11 the amount of time they spendlikely to happen on a mobile phone eating, and over 1/3 of the timethan on any other platform. There • Of the worlds 4 billion mobile they spend sleeping each day.are over 5 billion mobile subscribers phones in use 1.08 billion arein the world, and 9 out of 10 people smart phones and 3 billion are • 60% smart phone users admitin the US have a mobile phone. In SMS enabled using their phone while going tothe UK children are now more likely the own a mobile phone than a • In 2014, mobile internet usagebook, with 85% of kids owning a will overtake desktop internet What is the state of social andphone compared to 73% having usage. In 2011, more than 50% mobile marketing?books!(Source: national literacy of all "local" searches are donetrust) from a mobile device. • Over 1/3 of Facebooks 700+ million user base uses Facebook • 200+ million (1/3 of all users) mobileThe below mentioned statistics access Facebook from a mobileshow that it is increasingly important device and 91% of all mobile • Twitter has over 225 million usersfor businesses to be available to internet use is "social" related while more than 50% of themcustomers on mobile phones. compared to 71% on desktop. use Twitter mobile52.9% of the mobile phone usersread posts from • 86% of mobile internet users are • 200 million+ Youtube viewsorganizations/brands/events. One of using their phones while occur on mobile devices per daythree mobile social networkers used watching TVa coupon/offer/deal, and 27% Mobile Social Networking Activities 3 Month Avg. Ending Aug. 2011 Total U.S Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+ (Smartphone and Non-Smartphone) Source: comScore Mobilens Total Social % of Social Networking/Blog Networking/Blog Audience (000) Audience Total Audience Accessing Social Networking Sites or 72,252 100.0% Blogs: 13 + yrs old Read posts from people known personally 58,021 80.3% Posted status update 50,216 69.5% Followed posted link to website 38,431 53.2% Read posts from organizations/brands/events 38,209 52.9% Read posts from public figures/celebrities 32,350 44.8% Posted link to website 25,172 34.8% Received coupon/offer/deal 24.071 33.3% Clicked on advertisement 19.997 27.7% 07
  8. 8. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGA global viewSocial networks and forums across Average time spent on Facebook Other interesting facts:6countries:6 in August 2011 per session:6 • India had the fastest growth in1. Brazil -- 18.9% 1. Singapore -- 38 mins 46 sec Facebook use since last year,2. Singapore -- 16.4% 2. New Zealand -- 30 mins 31 sec increasing usage by 88%.3. U.S. -- 15.4% 3. Australia -- 26 mins 27 sec • Facebook gained usage by 5% in4. India -- 14.0% 4. U.K. -- 25 mins 33 sec the U.S. since last year.5. New Zealand -- 13.9% 5. U.S. -- 20 mins 46 sec6. France -- 15.1% 6. France -- 21 mins 53 sec7. Australia -- 13.1% 7. India -- 20 mins 21 sec8. U.K. -- 12.2% 8. Brazil -- 18 mins 19 secThe role of social media indifferent industriesSocial media for the healthcare industryMarketing in the healthcare sector The boundaries for healthcare • The Center for Connected Healthhas been a challenge due to the organizations to use social media are community website is designeddata scrutiny and multitude of unlimited. Individual hospitals like for healthcare providers andprivacy regulations that it faces. This the Henry Ford Hospital used Twitter policymakers. Communityis an industry that has not exactly to connect with 1,900 people and members can discussbeen on top of things when it answer questions during an actual controversial topics, and sharecomes to SMM, however hospitals brain surgery and The Sarasota best practices, new ideas,and healthcare organizations are Memorial Hospital uses Twitter to upcoming events and research.slowly innovating techniques and answer patient questions andpractices on the social web. provide immediate customers • As much as 89% of US physicians service.7 rely on the Internet as an essential part of their professionalHealthcare is a constant subject in practicedaily news and has also been an Relevant Statistics:7,8integral part of election campaigns. • Approximately 64% of physiciansSocial media can prove to be an • There are 367 US hospitals in the now use smartphoneseffective platform for hospitals and US using social organizations to stay • 41% of physicians research takes • They are responsible for 10,000involved in healthcare legislation place online. The bottom line is Tweets from 267 Twitterdiscussion. physicians and other healthcare accounts. personnel are already spendingThe CEO of Bostons Beth Israel • Patients Like Me is an online time online.Deaconess Medical Center is using community site created in 2004his blog to discuss and comment on by MIT engineers to allowpotential health insurance patients to share information andlegislation. their personal experiences.08
  9. 9. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGPolitical ConnectThe political arena like other happenings more closely. 28% of wired Americans say theindustries has embraced social internet makes them feel moremedia to post, spread and receive Nearly half of all Americans (46%) personally connected to theinformation between have used the internet, email, or campaign and 22% say that theypoliticians/party and the citizens. cell-phone text messaging to get would not be as involved in theThe peak usage of social forums news about the presidential campaign if not for the internet.occurs during election campaigns, campaign, share their views, orwhen citizens are looking follow mobilize others.9 The Internet and the 2008 Election: Summary of Findings at a Glance Fully 46% of all Americans have used the internet, email, or phone texting to get news about the campaigns, share their views, and mobilize others. More Americans have gone online to get political news and campaign information so far than during all of 2004. Two new internet activities have stormed the political stage: 35% of Americans have watched online videos related to the campaign, and 10% have used social networking sites to engage in political activity. Nearly one in ten internet users has donated money to a candidate online at this point in the race. Young voters tilt towards Obama specifically and toward democrats generally, and that gives the Democrats some online advantages. 39% of online Americans have used the internet to gain access to primary political documents and observe campaign events. Despite the increased salience of online sources in the political arena, wired Americans have mixed views about the overall impact of the internet on politics. Source: Smith, Aaron, and Lee Rainie. The internet and the 2008 election. Washington, DC: Pew Internet & American Life Project, June 15, 2008.Politicians can adopt social media to Social media is an ideal platform to Social media can be used as a toolconnect with people at a more know what people are talking by politicians to reach out to millionselaborate level. Irrespective of the about, understand concerns and of people who are active on socialnumber of speeches that a politician reply to them with views and ideals, media websites and discussinggives or the number of billboards contradictory to discussing topics politics using social media platforms.that are displayed, nothing shows and trying to address issues thatthat you care, more than listening. people are not concerned about.Why Education needs to go social and mobileWhile education institutes have not they need to be on social media to a wide audience. E.g.known to be the best incorporators sites but setting up accounts by CampusBug a social learningof technology into their systems, itself will not suffice. Identifying a network can be utilized to providethere is no better time than now to strategy to engage students and tools and social networking tointroduce technology that will achieve goals is something that students all over the world. It isimprove the Learning Management institutions should spend time on. focused on the sharing ofSystem and also to be in constant information, getting help withtouch with students and parents. Promotion of blogs has proven to be homework, sharing test secrets and a fun method of encouraging meeting new people.Colleges and Universities know that students to write and publish works 09
  10. 10. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGStudents are increasingly using social the world can communicate in real academic updates. However socialnetworking sites and are aware of time, enabling a more enriched media can organize data effectivelyservices and applications available learning experience .The promise of and provide timely updates whenfor a variety of activities. As people significant cost savings is an necessary.are already expecting to perform important driver in the search fortasks whenever or wherever they solutions. Learning using social With the number of educationalwant to, it will not be long until media technologies has a lot of institutions growing, social mediaeducational institutions begin advantage especially where there is presence plays a huge role inutilizing social networking sites to lack of availability for physical space marketing, recruiting andmobilize learning and and limitations to the quality of face admissions. Institutions cancorresponding. to face time of students and faculty. proactively engage parents and students looking to enroll in aSocial media enables timely inquiries Parents and students have to school/college and provideto be posted ensuring efficient navigate through a maze of emails, information and virtual tours.learning in addition to just teaching. websites, phone calls etc. to obtainIndividuals and teams from across information regarding courses andHow startups can gain with social mediaTraditionally startups had to wait till accessing social media websites, it as this will indicate the kind ofthey are successful to start marketing has become easy for startups to content that will interest people.their service/products as acquiring a connect to people who share the Distribution is vital in the socialreach means heavy costs incurred same interests. Social media enables media world, to attain goodfrom marketing. Word of mouth and a group of people and a brand to distribution, engage your followersadvertising were the only options come together on a single platform. during different stages of youravailable for startups until recently, It is an effective way to constantly product lifecycle.however a new scenario has engage with people using theemerged where startups have a cost variety of features available on Although social media allows easyeffective solution to connect with different social media sites. communication, over branding willcommunities which are interested in lead to failure to achieve goals. Aa certain product/service. Nowadays Startups could get a good amount social media strategy has to beit is not necessary to say that startups of followers and blog mentions but carefully crafted to ensure there isneed to utilize social media into their unless there is consistency in appropriate exchange of ideasbusiness to gain leverage for business creating great content, the chances between individuals and the brandpromotions. Most startups are on of a viral following becomes bleak. itself. The voice of the brand shouldsocial media sites but not all are Great content can be created by reflect well on social mediadoing it right. understanding the pulse of the platforms, while keeping industry. Listening to what people conversation interesting andWith millions of savvy individuals care about is a good starting point promoting valuable engagement.Facilitating retail brandsStrategy and success in the retail happenings around a brand. Having shifting online as well, right fromindustry depends on the brand the right information on social marketing and sales to customerimage to a large extent. Like most media accounts can influence service. It is thus necessary toother industries social media is a buying and sharing of views about identify a good social media strategymandatory platform for brands to the buying experience. to promote your brand and drivehave a presence in. The medium can used to frequently educate and As people are doing more thingsexcite customers regarding online, the retail experience is10
  11. 11. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGNo matter you like it or not, people Retailers are using Facebook and media friends, compared to 45%are already talking about brands. Twitter to connect with customers, who are influenced byThis could be positive or negative while some are innovating on the newspapers and magazines andremarks, however you as a brand platforms e.g. 1-800-Flowers has a 17% by celebrity endorsementsneed to watch keenly and fully functioning store onacknowledge comments or resolve Facebook17. • Even if search and emailissues as and when necessary. Unlike newsletters are better at gettingtraditional media where brands sent Here are some stats18 that show the you to visit a retailer, socialout a message to customers, social influence of social media on the media makes you more likely tomedia enables two way retail industry: buy. Ten times more likely incommunication allowing brands and fact. Research by Sage Paycustomers to interact with each shows that while 7% of all • Research from Exact Targetother. visitors to an online store make a shows that 37% of Twitter followers compared to 27% of purchase, 71% who came viaListen to what customers have to email subscribers (and yes 17% social media will end up in thesay about your brand, competitors of Facebook fans) are more likely transaction section.and industry. This will give you a to buy from a brand.perspective about how you can • According to Skywrite, 75% ofengage customers. In a 2010 survey women and 50% of men are • Newspaper and magazineby Booz & Company, 27 percent of likely to follow up a articles are half as influential asconsumers said they would purchase recommendation from a social online reviews (53% vs 26%)goods through social networking media source. among US parents buyingsites, and 10 percent said such electronic goods.transactions would likely beincremental to their regularshopping. • 50% of US under 35s follow the recommendations of socialDirecting donors towards NGOs/Charitable OrganizationMost Non Profit organizations have raise funds, e.g. the Facebook hours to help build a classroom inhistorically faced challenges with Causes Birthday application due to budget constraints encourages an individual who is aand reaching out to the target member of a cause to use their Social media has proven to be ancommunity due to lack of refined birthday as an excuse to raise money effective tool for mainstreamchannels. Social media is the answer for a non-profit organization. businesses, however a lot of theto the mentioned issues and a lot same benefits can be achieved bymore for charitable organizations According to a study conducted by nonprofit organizations as well.that are looking to create awareness the University of Massachusetts Building relationships is vital forand raise funds. The availability of Dartmouth Center for Marketing charitable trusts to obtain funds andcost effective online services and Research - by 2009 a remarkable services, the internet is a greatapplications will help charitable 97% of charitable organizations platform which enables aorganizations in areas like were using some form of social comfortable connect betweenfundraising and advocacy. media. organizations and stakeholders. NGOs can thus use social media as aPeople are willing to be a part of In 2007, total online giving in the US viable medium to leverageand facilitate concerns that they can reached over $10 billion (52% engagement with donors andrelate to, social media creates an increase over 2006) and 51% of stakeholders.integrated environment where a wealthy donors preferred to givecommunity of related stakeholders online 15. One e.g. of a successand a concern/issue can come story is "Epic Change" which usedtogether. The world of applications Twitter to raise $11,000 within 48also provides facilities and ideas to 11
  12. 12. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGBridging the gap between celebrities and fansLady Gaga is the celebrity queen of topic there is an increased level of such magnitude could only besocial media. With over 17 million interest among people. attributed to the social media.Twitter followers and 46 millionfacebook likes she is the most Social media has the capability of Celebrities are using social media forengaged celeb on the medium. making things go viral as it is a web more than connecting with fans andCelebrities use social media like of millions of users, there is a lot of marketing their work. Michael J. Foxanybody else but the reach and communication/sharing of videos, who was diagnosed withimpact they have could be huge. tweets, blogs etc. A Twitpic of Parkinsons, created The Michael J.Social media is a form of PR which Ladygaga which shows the dinner Fox Foundation to support researchallows fans to connect with that she made for her friend had over for the development of bettercelebrities at a more intimate level. 24,000 views in just a few hours. Parkinsons treatments. The The most popular song of 2011 foundation got over12,00 YouTubeSocial media is used by celebrities to could have been by Pitbull or Justin channel views and over 38,000communicate with family, friends Beiber but who would have imagined Facebook Fans while Foxs own fanand fans. Incidents can be posted "Kolaveri Di" a song recorded for a page has nearly 95,000 and a wave of wishes South Indian movie to be named as/condolences begin flowing from the most popular song by CNN. The Social media when used effectivelyfans and friends. When other song got over 25 million views within can be a real boost to buildingcelebrities also become a part of the a month of its release, a reach of relationships, engaging with people and promotional activities.Social Media MovementsThe power of social media has been Social networking sites provided facilitate discussions. Facebookrecently noticed in movements such protestors with an ideal platform to pages related to the original Occupyas "Arab Revolution", "Occupy quickly disseminate information Wall Street protest in New YorkWall Street" and "Anna Hazare" about the conditions of the streets have accumulated more thanetc. The demographics of users where the protests were taking 390,000 "likes," while almost twicecoupled with the multiplicative place and ideas to counteract that number, have been expressedeffect of social media has proven security forces etc. The digital world views on 324 pages related to localthat the medium is bigger and more provided civilians with options that occupations in the rest of theimpactful than a lot of people have was an alternative to traditional country.14imagined it to be. channels like Television, radio, print etc. which is usually state controlled. Not many would have expected theOne of the first large scale movement against corruption inmovements that were driven by Occupy Wall Street is a mass protest India, led by Anna Hazare wouldsocial media was the Arab Spring against social and economic sweep across the nation with such awhich started in Tunisia and spread inequality. It was started by a group strong impact. Moments beforeto other North African and Middle of activists in New York, however Anna went on a hunger strike,Eastern countries. A series of the spur began when a internet numerous support messages wereprotests and demonstrations took group asked its users to join the posted on social networking in countries where the internet protests which snowballed into Supporters requested acquaintancesreach was comparatively lower than other groups and individuals joining to join the protest on Facebook anddeveloped or emerging economies. the movement. Within a months Twitter. Celebrities did not want toHowever social media was the time Facebook had hundreds of be left behind in the midst of all thecatalyst that drove tens of thousands pages related to OWS and action, several renownedof protestors to the streets. considerable ratio of tweets were personalities tweeted about theirFacebook and Twitter have been hashtagged with the movements support for Anna, influencing theirattributed as the main websites for "#OWS". fans to do so as well. Anna Hazaresposting statuses, videos and unofficial Facebook page has overphotographs of the protests. While the primary goal is to 300,000 likes with discussions andApplications like Google earth were organize and mobilize protestors support messages being activelyused to capture satellite images of offline, social media is the key posted on a frequent basis.the streets which in turn were medium to communicate locationcirculated around the world. details, gather supporters and12
  13. 13. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGSocial Media OutsourcingWe all know that social media has The social media agency should be gamut of customer reach throughexisted for a few years now and an extension of your marketing social media. Right from analyzingironically there are not enough department that you can trust to your website, creating a social mediaexperts out there. Along with the treat your values and goals as their strategy and maintaining ongoinglack of right knowledge and skills, own. The agency should give a voice developments.companies are unable to assign the to your company that will enhancekind of time and personnel it takes business image among stakeholders. Companies are realizing theto develop and maintain a potential and effectiveness ofcomprehensive social media It cannot be stressed enough that outsourcing social media activity.campaign. This is where consultants creating accounts on websites alone The number of those outsourcingcome into play, choosing a team of will not help in achieving goals has doubled since 2010. Design andexperts that communicate with key expected from a social media development, content creation andstakeholders of your business to campaign. It will make things easy analytics are the top three areas thatidentify goals and engineer a for your business to work with social media marketers areroadmap for your social media someone who covers the entire outsourcing14campaign is vital.Why Spry?Businesses have to take immediate The goal identification will reveal the designing a comprehensive strategy.action to build its presence in the social networks that you immediately Developing a strategy is just thesocial media arena as there is a good need to be on. Now, a lot of beginning; we will undertake thechance that your competitors and companies have accounts on a implementation of the strategy,customers are already on it. number of social media sites but the which includes regular updating ofEstablishing an effective social media issue is committing to actively data and linking multiple social sitespresence requires you to engineer a maintain and update the accounts. to gain online synergy.system that enables your business to E.g More often than not, businessesbuild an image and communicate have to maintain a strategic blog and An effective online presence iseffectively through the right promote the blog using other social initiated by building an effectivechannels. With the number of people media sites . Businesses that have an website, we will assist you in buildingon social media and the frequency of informative blog are perceived to be a robust website which is inactivity happening online, companies thought leaders in the industry and alignment with the social mediahave a tremendous opportunity to this is something that will go a long strategy that we develop e.g yourmarket their products/services and way for businesses to enhance their website should have options toconnect with a large audience. image, connect with customers and access blogs/videos etc. and be recruit talent. compatible with mobile devices.The rules of competition arechanging and to keep up with Our team at Spry Social Media Spending time and money on a socialchange you have to ensure that you consists of industry pioneers who are media is not completed until you getare always one step ahead of you equipped with the skills and to see the impact on numbers due tocompetition. Marketers are shifting knowledge necessary to chart out an social media presence. Periodicbudgets towards social media effective social media roadmap for dashboards in meaningful forms willmarketing, which means marketers your business. We are an ecosystem be provided to you to track theunderstand the importance of social which caters to the full cycle statistics and developments on yourmedia. Different social media sites development of your social media social media activity.possess different attributes and needs. Our approach begins withdifferent community groups. analysis of the client’s business and Get in touch with us to know moreUnderstanding your goals from social identifying goals of the social media about how we can help you gomedia presence is the primary step. presence, this is then followed by social, mobile and local. 13
  14. 14. How businesses can leverageSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGAbout the AuthorRecognized as one of the Top 100 His is constantly involved inTech Titans from 2009 to 2011 in participating and networking atthe Washingtonian, Shashi prominent marketing congregates.Bellamkonda is the Social Media He speaks at national and regionalSwami (otherwise known as: small business, communications andDirector, Social Media) of Network marketing conferences. FewSolutions, a company which helps examples are SXSW, PRSA Digitalsmall businesses establish an online Impact 2010, Optimization Summit,presence and conduct online Affiliate Summit, Affcon, All Servicesmarketing. Social Media Council, New Comm Forum ( 2009, AmericanShashi has demonstrated an Independent Writers, NVTC,Techunparalleled passion for helping Council of Maryland, Greaterbusinesses build their brand through Baltimore Technology Council , DCsocial media tools. He drives his Chamber of Commerce, and IABC.passion towards developing cuttingedge SMM strategies for business. Shashi shares his knowledge in theThese strategies have proven to be a field by serving as a member of thekey indicator of improved sales, Marketing Advisory Board of SCOREbrand awareness, and market and as an Adjunct Professor at Follow Shashi on Twitter atpenetration in the social media Georgetown University. Social Media Statistics 1 Sources 1 2 Focus Research Study - Marketers Benchmarks 20111. Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on 3 the Web 4 5 6 http://www.experianplc.com2. What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube, Flickr, 7 Twitter, Facebook… social-media/ 8 for-approval/3. A 2009 US Department of Education study revealed 9 that on average, online students out performed those 10 11 receiving face-to-face instruction infographic/ 12 Michael.A.Stelzner - 13 If Facebook were a country it would be the worlds 14 3rd largest and twice the size of the U.S. population 15 Convio The Wired Wealthy 16 17 80% of companies use social media for recruitment; /perspectives_12/retail_2012 % of these using LinkedIn 95% 18 commerce-here-are-some-stats-that-show-they-do.html14
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