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Business social

  1. 1. ESPN and the Use of Social Networking By Katie Powell
  2. 2. Thousands of social networking sites Some open sites, some invite-only Connects groups of people into a community May vary on specific interests like age, gender, race, occupation, personal interests, etc.
  3. 3. Facebook MySpace Twitter LinkedIn Classmates MyLife Ning LiveJournal Tagged
  4. 4. Other than individuals, many businesses use these sites Small businesses use sites to inform and expand Large businesses use sites to continue to expand Even huge corporations use them
  5. 5. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network American television network dedicated to all types of sports “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” Consists of sporting events/news (such as Sports Center), sporting talk shows, sporting documentaries, sporting films, and original series
  6. 6.  Originally began as a television network  Expanded to the Internet,  As well as ESPN radio  ESPN International  Entered European market w/ version of ESPN Classic  Purchased North American Sports Network  Began broadcasting in Ireland and UK for first time
  7. 7. ESPN Zone ESPN HD ESPN Internat’l ESPN America ESPN Classic ESPN
  8. 8. 24 hour sports coverage ESPN shifts over to social networking sites ESPN Facebook available Added plug-ins on Facebook link page to ESPN’s websites ESPN Twitter • Able to follow ESPN, Sports Center, athletes, coaches, ESPN reporters
  9. 9.  Account with, sends e- mails with updates and game coverage  ESPN Local • Local apps through iPhones and iPods • allows people to receive local news stories and game re-caps through their iPhone/iPod • ESPN Local launch
  10. 10.  First SportsCenter Broadcasting  Daily sports news TV show  Launched in ’79  Created by John A. Walsh  First episode on ESPN hosted by George Grande & Lee Leonard  Shown up to 12 times a day  That day’s scores, highlights from games, commentary, feature stories, and previews
  11. 11.  1994 launch of ESPN Sports Poll  Fantasy Leagues  Facebook’s ESPNU “College Town”  Message boards for fans to comment •  Conversation pages •
  12. 12. Use of social networking and New Media increases ESPN viewers daily Large coverage allows fans to rely on ESPN and its sources Worldwide coverage of all types of sports bring in more countries to broadcast in Use of New Media combined with social networks= High competition
  13. 13. International Business Times, 28 April, 2009: “63% of companies fear Facebook, Twitter affects corporate security” Put company’s IT infrastructure at risk Companies worried about cybercrime: victims of spam, phishing, and malware attacks through sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn International Business Times article