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Discussion on the benefits of personalizing intranet content over adding social features

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  • Thank you for coming to Denver. Thank you for being the type of people who care enough to attend conferences. Thank you for caring about your users & coming to a lecture by a user experience designer.
  • I’m excited to be here as part of Aspenware’s user experience team. Because people like me need to hang out more with people like you.
  • We’re not always a match made in heaven. For example, my husband Jim is an IT operations manager for XcelEnergy. He keeps me in check. When I say, “Hey, our house is turning 100 this year. And so’s Jeff & Amy’s. Let’s have a block party! He says, do you really want to spend money on feeding all the neighbors rathen that just having dinner with Jeff & Amy & repaving the driveway. Very practical, but I love him the same. As a heads up on where we’re going today, I am going to recommend customizations, but I will offer a few different levels so you can choose what makes sense for you – bronze, silver or gold (aka block party – everybody’s coming over & having fun). What I’m not going to talk about is design, but we do have a panel tomorrow called “Don’t make it look like Sharepoint” that I highly recommend.
  • It’s right-brained. It’s left brained. It might include some design – which is great. I have a degree in Graphic Design, I love the Adobe Creative Suite. The truth is, there are other things I do better.
  • So if you’re not a designer, what do you do…. I ask questions. I set goals. I test out assumptions & recommend changes in course when needed.
  • I’m responsible for deliverables such as….
  • My work revolved around “the why”. Why are people coming to our site? Why would they come back? Why do we need a social network at work? Why do a need to post my documentation into the vast intranet wasteland? Why is your marketing information in the way of my status reports & financials on my highly publicized legal issues (I’m not going to ponder other services you’re offering when I’m trying to decide when to settle a multi-million dollar case). There’s actually a UX approach known as the 5 whys. That can be really helpful or irritating. Who’s familiar with the 5 why’s? What’s your name? Why are you here?
  • You can answer the how. How can we pull data from our HR system? How can we return better search results?
  • You make the magic happen. You can manipulate data to improve efficiency, motivate and educate your peers. So let’s talk about why people going to love the data you’re harnessing with Sharepoint.
  • But you may want my help. We are all UX. On really great teams, everyone has an eye on creating great user experiences through consistent presentation, positive feedback loops, actionable data. I’m just lucky enough to work for a company that values user experience enough to staff dedicated UX resources on have the title. We have developers who ask the whys. How many of you have a full-time user experience person? Who’s ever hired a user experience consultant? Is anyone thinking about hiring me?
  • In fact, if you’re interested in learning more about user experience resources, lessons learned, and approaches. I’m part of the UXBC that’s meeting down the street tomorrow night.We share a lot of real life examples of UX action, such as this…
  • With that said, I’m going to tell you a quick client story to set the stage. I was contracted by a law firm to review the plans for their Sharepoint extranet & make recommendations to improve the user experience. At the time I joined the project, they’d already written a 170 page requirements document detailing all the existing web parts they could leverage from their intranet. They’re super smart guys who are trying to be efficient. They focused on what OOTB functionality they could leverage to keep costs down – which is good in theory. But they are having trouble getting their charter approved. Enter Kelley. They asked me not to interview people from the business. So I interviewed people from other businesses. I happened to run across one that
  • To set expectations, we talked about where they are in the process & talked about user needs. I see why they’re building the site. I’d be just as happy (if not more so) to communicate via email with my legal team.
  • So with my design constraints in mind, I recommended mega menus to improve navigation. We changed a few menu labels modified the help tools. Really minimal changes. Really minimal impact. I’ve since submitted concerns about user adoption, recommend handful of customizations related to their users’ needs. They put the project on hold for a week to shop the ideas & (hopefully) round up money to implement the changes. Maybe this sounds familiar. If it does, fear not
  • There’s a lot of information I can talk about related to user experience, but I want to get back on track with personalized content over social content
  • Personalization is also something that Nielson Norman Group measures as part of their “Intranet Design Annual” – aka the BEST intranets have personalized elements.
  • So of course we’re going to try out the social side of Sharepoint…
  • And here’s what that looks like. 1 out of 24 people contributed to their profile. I admit, I didn’t even know I had a MySite page, and am not any more motivated to contribute now that I do know about it.
  • Why? I want to throw details about myself on the intranet as badly as Kirin wants to throw down on the slip & slide.
  • How do we get people interested?What if ourMySites about me, but not necessarily created by me. Let data do the talking.
  • How about something like this… You may or may not know that there’s a “social” side to vail. Vail’s RF ids capture data on your vertical feet, # of days skied, and which resorts you visited. It’s a nice snapshot of your mountain activity. Its’ interesting & can be more social, but requires no work on your part to get started. You just log in. My brother’s been a pass holder for a few years, and just found out about EpicMix through me.
  • Here’s what data Vail had on my brother by the first time he logged in. Wow…that’s cool. What else does it know?
  • What if the first time I log into my intranet, I see my face – everyone does. Anyone can click to learn more about me, so I click to make sure everything’s good & learn that Sharepoint’s already collecting data to help me get started. Since my team is already known by HR, I can see them, I can see what they view most often & most recently. HR used the keywords from my job description to help people find me. Maybe I edit them. Maybe I don’t.
  • Make your office epic. My goal is that someday my MySite shows enough personal information about me that I don’t have to write a year end review.
  • Let's Get Personal

    1. 1. 6000 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Suite 110 Greenwood Village, CO 80111 303.798.5458 www.aspenware.comLet’s Get PersonalContent for people. Kelley Poturalski k.poturalski@aspenware.com
    2. 2. KelleyPoturalskiUser Experience Designer embracing & challenging SharepointKelley Poturalski, User Experience Designer| @activeUXdenver
    3. 3. I love my job, and I love what you do.
    4. 4. *
    5. 5. Why?
    6. 6. How?
    7. 7. You don’t need me.
    8. 8. BONUS EVENT UX Bookclub tomorrow (free) • UX BOOK // "Universal Methods of Design: 100 Ways to Research Complex Problems, Develop Innovative Ideas, and Design Effective Solutions", Hanington & Martin • Where: Malenke|Barnhart Rock Island Building 1614 15th Street - 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80202 > Near the Wazee Supper Club
    9. 9. Client story…
    10. 10. Assumptions • Extranet users have already “bought” your services. • Knowledge is power (or empowering) whether it’s good or bad. • Clients contracting legal services are emotional (anxious, nervous, angry, frustrated, embarrassed, irritated, intimi dated, overwhelmed)
    11. 11. Take Aways• Plan for customization (it may be worth it)• Don’t forget the users
    12. 12. “Ive learned that people will forget what yousaid, people will forget what you did, butpeople will never forget how you made themfeel.”― Maya Angelou
    13. 13. Being social is about people generating content
    14. 14. Being personal is about generating content for people Presentation Title Section Title Goes Here Presentation Sub-title
    15. 15. Aspenwarians are social…• We dine together frequently.• We play darts.• We Yammer.• 100% of our employees have LinkedIn profiles• 100% of our employees are on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter• 100% employees are connected with coworkers on external networks
    16. 16. So now what… Presentation Title Section Title Goes Here Presentation Sub-title
    17. 17. Welcome to the team…
    18. 18. Presentation Title Section Title Goes HerePresentation Sub-title
    19. 19. Final ThoughtsLet’s Get Personal
    20. 20. “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”- Brené Brown, Ted Talks, The power of vulnerability
    21. 21. Use your data for people.
    22. 22. 6000 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Suite 110 Greenwood Village, CO 80111 303.798.5458 www.aspenware.comAspenware
    23. 23. Next steps…Join Denver’s Intranet Support Group* for a monthly discussion onenhancing the intranet experience from intranet managers like yourself:http://www.meetup.com/Intranet-Support-Group* Sponsored by Aspenware. Occurs monthly. Second Thursdays over lunch.