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February2011 Business Opportunity Script


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February2011 Business Opportunity Script

  1. 1. There are many reasons to start a business. Somepeople want to spend more time with their family.Others simply want to diversify their income so thatthey have more security in these difficult economictimes. Perhaps you want to be able to donate moreto your church, or your favorite charity. Or maybeyou want to fire your boss and experience thefreedom of working for yourself.What are your goals and dreams . . . what is your“why”?
  2. 2. 5LINX® launched its operations in the spring of 2001with a simple philosophy — “Representatives comefirst!” This philosophy combined with the coreprinciples of 5LINX® (Freedom, Integrity, Vision,Opportunity and Success) form the foundation of thecompany’s unprecedented success.In October 2007 5LINX®, based in Rochester, NY,completed a state-of-the-art, 50,000 square-footworld headquarters. With the construction of thisnew facility and an experienced management teamin telecommunications and direct marketingindustries, 5LINX® is perfectly positioned to growinto a billion dollar company!
  3. 3. As 5LINX® continues to grow, so does the number ofaccolades the company receives. Recently 5LINX® wasnamed to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growingprivate companies in North America for an unprecedentedfourth straight year – rising from # 481 in 2006 to #274 in2009. This amazing four-year run is thanks to an incredible800% growth in revenue over those four years. The Inc. 500 isa very exclusive, prestigious list.In addition to being recognized by Inc. Magazine, 5LINX® wasfeatured in the September 2010 issue of Your Business atHome Magazine. This national magazine dedicated its entireSeptember 2010 issue to 5LINX®, its products, opportunity,incredible growth and Platinum Senior Vice Presidents.5LINX® has also been the focus of Success From Homemagazine, and been featured in the direct sales industry’spremier publication – Direct Selling News and more!
  4. 4. In 5LINX® there are three unique dynamics. They are: the opportunity, the compensation plan andIndividual business ownership.The 5LINX® business truly is as easy as 1-2-3Now let’s discuss the 5LINX® opportunity.One of the biggest keys to success in business is being in the right place at the right time. It’s aboutidentifying a wealth trend and capitalizing on it.The most successful companies were created by individuals who were smart enough to positionthemselves in front of significant wealth trends.In the 1980s, the PC industry exploded and the long distance industry was opened up forcompetition.In the 1990s, cellular phones and the Internet were the big wealth trends.If you were viewing this presentation in the late nineties and the name of the company was Yahoo!,knowing that Yahoo! became a six-billion dollar company, would you have positioned yourself tocapitalize on that opportunity?One of the recent wealth trends is VoIP (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP is digitalhome phone service that sends and receives calls over the Internet rather than traditional copperlines. VoIP is less expensive and includes many more features than traditional phone service.5LINX® has created an opportunity for you to position yourself in front of this massive shift of wealththrough GLOBALINX®, a 5LINX® owned company.5LINX® continues to be on the forefront of the biggest wealth trends, and the newest addition to theincredible portfolio of 5LINX® services is energy. 5LINX Energy offers the power of choice, andrepresents another way you can help people save on products and services they already need.
  5. 5. Imagine getting paid every time someone turns on their lights, watches TV,heats their house, or even cooks up a bag of popcorn.Now with 5LINX® Energy you no longer need to imagine!The deregulation of the energy industry represents a $500 billion wealth shift,and 5LINX® provides you the opportunity to earn your share. Helpingcustomers learn more about their options is as easy as directing them to yourpersonal web site where they can learn more about the choices available tothem through 5LINX® Energy.Customers will still receive their bill from their current utility company, andthey will still call their current utility when they have any questions about theirservice. The only thing that changes is the provider of the energy to the utilitycompany. This simple change is what provides you with the incredibleopportunity to earn residual income month after month on the energy use ofevery single customer. While 5LINX® Energy is currently available in selected areas, we willcontinue to add new states and territories. 5LINX® representatives who wishto market energy must first participate in a certification training, which isavailable in your VO.
  6. 6. GLOBALINX® can cut the cost of your home phone service up to 50%.The GLOBALINX® Home Unlimited Plan is only $24.95 per month. It includes every calling featureGLOBALINX® offers, as well as unlimited local and long-distance calling to anywhere in the UnitedStates, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and 75 countries worldwide!The VoIP industry is exploding! There are currently over 22 million subscribers in the U.S. alone.Industry experts predict that the number of new customers will exceed 44 million by 2013. That’snearly one million new VoIP customers each month. This shift of wealth is happening with or withoutyou!5LINX® has even added an affordable way to see friends and family with our exclusive VideoPhone.GLOBALINX® customers can talk and see member-to-member for free — anywhere in the world.Never again miss those important events in your family’s lives! With the GLOBALINX® VideoPhoneit’s almost like being there.You are able to market GLOBALINX® VoIP service and our exclusive VideoPhone to residential andcommercial customers. With more than 100 million homes and 30 million small businesses in theU.S., the opportunity to profit on this wealth trend is almost limitless!
  7. 7. 5LINX® also offers a variety of additional productsand services including 5LINX Mobile, 5LINX HomeSecurity, 5LINX High-Speed Internet, 5LINX SatelliteTV, 5LINX ID Guard, and Business Elite Services.5LINX® truly provides all the essential products andservices people use everyday.
  8. 8. Now let’s discuss the incredible 5LINX® compensation plan.The 5LINX® system helps you leverage your time and maximize your income.Every Fortune 500 company has thousands of employees that generate revenuefor the company.How would your life change if you had a company with thousands of representativesgenerating revenue for you and your family?As you begin your 5LINX® business as an Independent Marketing Representative,or IMR, you can realize rewards quickly.Assume that out of the 300 million people in the U.S. you can find two people whowant to make money by capitalizing on the exciting VoIP revolution or deregulationof energy.In addition to your first two business partners, acquire 20 personal customer pointsby helping people save money on products they already use, and you will achievethe leadership position of a 5LINX® Executive Trainer.If you accomplish this in your first 30 days, you will receive a $750 bonus.Of course, the two IMRs you introduced to 5LINX® will also want to earn the $750bonus. That is how your company begins to grow.
  9. 9. Every successful company starts with one personwho has a vision to expand. Your 5LINX® businessbegins with you.If you were to get two IMRs to duplicate your effortsyour organization will grow exponentially.That is the power of duplication!For example, 5LINX® pays $4 each month for every$24.95 GLOBALINX® customer. You earn apercentage of that $4 based on your earned positionwhen the customer is acquired. Every time a newcustomer is acquired anywhere in your organization,you get a raise! There is no limit to the number ofcustomers that can be acquired.
  10. 10. If you develop a small team of only 20 IMRs throughout yourentire career with 5LINX® . . .And each IMR acquires just 20 GLOBALINX® customers . . .And you earn an average commission of 50 cents for eachcustomer . . .You would earn a total of $200 per month in residual income!Remember, this isn’t like “job money.” If you develop a $200residual income and walk away from your business, you willcontinue to receive that residual income every month for aslong as those customers continue to pay their bills.Think about how an extra $200 per month would enhance yourlifestyle?
  11. 11. If you can develop of team of 20, you surely can develop a team of 200 IMRs!If you did it would increase your residual income to $2,000 each month!How could earning an additional $2,000 each month change your life?You could get yourself out of debt!You could move into a nicer home!You could buy a nicer vehicle!You could save more for your retirement!You could create a college fund or pay for your child’s college!You could give more to your church or favorite charity!How many customers do you want to get paid on every month when they pay their bills?Your earning potential is unlimited and you have the opportunity to build a business that achievesyour financial goals.As a 5LINX® representative, you are also eligible for the monthly profit sharing bonus pools.These pools pay dividends on both customer acquisition and team building.You can earn a percentage of what the entire company is producing on a monthly basis.
  12. 12. As you build your 5LINX® business, you can giveyourself a raise each time you progress through fiveleadership positions.Based on your earned position, whenever a newIMR joins your team, with or without your help, youare positioned to earn a one-time bonus. Based onyour earned position, you can earn up to $175 whenthey get qualified by acquiring four customer pointsin their first 30 days, one of which must be onGLOBALINX®Based on the growth of your business, thesebonuses (paid weekly) can amount to thousands ofdollars each month!
  13. 13. The benefits don’t stop there!5LINX® is committed to further rewarding its topleadership. Senior Vice Presidents are treated likecompany executives and receive a corporatebenefits package.This includes a monthly car allowance for your silverBMW, an annual paid vacation, the ability to qualifyfor an expense account, stock options, and up to a$3 GLOBALINX® bonus for new customers.All it takes to achieve the position of Senior VicePresident is desire and a good work ethic.
  14. 14. When you reach Platinum SVP, 5LINX® takes thebenefits to a whole new level!5LINX® will give you additional stock options, makethe monthly payment on a silver Bentley and youparticipate in the Platinum Bonus Pool. This poolallows all the 5LINX® Platinum SVPs to earn apercentage of the company’s total production. Thispool includes 75¢ for every $24.95 GLOBALINX®customer, 75¢ for every 5LINX® Home Securitycustomer, and $10 for every qualified IMR, 25¢ forevery Energy Customer, $5 for every Business EliteServices, and $1 for every Platinum ServicesCustomer.
  15. 15. Now, let’s discuss business ownership.The greatest part about the 5LINX® opportunity is that it isn’t a job—it is businessownership. That means you can’t get fired, you can work at your own pace, and you can enjoy all thetax advantages that owning a business affords.Most people have thought about owning their own business. The main problem with a traditionalbusiness is the start-up cost.Imagine starting your own digital phone company. You would have to incur the expense of abuilding, telecommunications equipment, computer systems, employee salaries and benefits, productinventory, taxes, etc. In the end, it would cost millions of dollars to start!The good news is that 5LINX® has already taken that risk and invested the millions of dollarsnecessary to start a successful telecommunications company! All you need todo is purchase a turn-key business for only $249! For less than $250, you can become a 5LINX®Independent Marketing Representative and enjoy the unlimited potential your business offers withoutall the risk and headaches of starting your own digital phone company!5LINX® also offers another starting position—“Customer Representative.” However, the incomepotential is limited to only what you personally produce. You cannot make money on the efforts ofanyone else.
  16. 16. 5LINX® wants new IMRs to become profitable withintheir first 30 days. To help achieve this, thecompany offers a $750 Quick Start Bonus to anynew IMR who acquires 20 customer points andenrolls two qualified IMRs within their first 30 days!Most traditional businesses take three to five yearsto become profitable. With a 5LINX® business youcan become profitable in less than one month!It gets even better! A customer point is any serviceproduct that 5LINX® offers.Therefore, 20 customer points does not mean 20different people. Each person, including you, cancount for multiple customer points when they sign upfor multiple 5LINX® services.
  17. 17. With 5LINX® you’re in business for yourself, but notby yourself. The turn-key training and supportsystem is easily accessible to all 5LINX®representatives.5LINX® offers marketing materials to help grow yourbusiness, the 5LINX® University, live conference calltrainings, group trainings in many markets, and bestof all, life-changing national training conventions!If you can follow a proven, simple system, yoursuccess is inevitable with 5LINX®!
  18. 18. The 5LINX® business opportunity is really as easyas 1-2-3.Don’t miss out on the opportunity to position yourselfin front of this massive shift of wealth!To get started today, fill out an application andschedule a time to meet with a leader within the next24 to 48 hours to go over the 5LINX® Quick Starttraining!