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School Magazine Analysis


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Kamilia Noorani AS Media Analysis

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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School Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. DECONSTRUCTION OFSCHOOL MAGAZINESthree front covers and three contents pages
  3. 3. HILBRE HIGH SCHOOLThe logo looks slightly odd, as if it has The boarder at the top and bottom of the coverbeen stuck on. However, this could be asserts itself with the school by using the colourthe effect they wanted as it stands out. purpleThe main image which fills the The title is very effective as the bold white fontbackground is strong and attention follows the theme of the cover. The schoolsgrabbing as it shows both staff and name is the biggest so their audience canstudents in construction clothing with familiarise themselves with the school. Butspades inferring they are getting stuck more effectively they have used the wordin. contributing with work and getting ‘Endeavour’ which means ‘we can do it’their hands dirty. The idea of team work reflecting the image of them working to getpresents the school very positively. The things done. It all flows and fits togetherstyle of the picture used reflects the perfectly, with a sense of power.mood and the editorial style of themagazine. The whole presentation looks very professionalThere is a student with a disability also Everyone has a smile of their face whichtaking part in the work which reflects suggests they’re all happy where they are, doingHilbre school as being diverse and what they’re doing. It reflects the school as anoffering equal rights and opportunities. enjoyable place to be, working with a smile. It The word ‘Inside’ mirrors creates a harmonious effectThere’s a limited colour scheme and font set. Too the title of the magazine with the same font style The colour scheme seems quite dull tomany colours and too many font styles will make which draws your attention me, perhaps this shows the mood of the school.the cover look messy and hard to read. to the text features. These The use of cool colours I believe would recede promise a clear benefit to from the younger viewer but maybe an olderThe font and colour scheme is clean and clear the reader and offer viewer would appreciate it more. If could beemphasizing the idea that the school is quite something for new readers suggested that this magazine is meant for theformal. parents/carers of students.
  4. 4. KING EDWARD VI SCHOOL - HIGH PROFILEThe title ‘High Profile’ is solely the title of The excessive use of the colour black makesthe magazine, not actually the name of the the magazine look sleek and professional , aschool. Perhaps this is because the school connotation of the school a high profile school and they want to The cover is split up using the law of thirds.attract customers more with this fact. It allowing it to be easily distinguished.could be that people will remember it bythis rather than the name of the actual The white text separates itself and contrastsschool. The title is the largest text on the with the dark background creating a sense ofcover and stands out. The second half energy. The simplicity of the font is effective‘profile’ is bolder highlighting it’s more as too many fonts and font colours wouldimportant as it’s the profile of the school. make the magazine cover look messy, confused and hard to read especially as thereThe schools actual name could easily go is a very busy image. Therefore, it ‘s clear itunnoticed as there is a lot going on, the has been well thought about , making it lookcover is very busy and it’s in small print extremely professionalabove the title of the magazine. We couldsuggest this is the idea that the school The main feature ‘Hair Raising Show’ is a playwants because they want their audience to on words, it’s the selling point and relates tobe curious where their exciting magazine the main image which is a typical conventioncomes from and read inside to find out of a magazine to entice readers This magazine is for aThe cover highlights that drama is a key subject for young audience. It The ‘plus’ at the bottom of the coverthis school and possibly what the school is specialised connotes fun and attracts promises a clear benefit to the reader andin., what they’re proud of. This effectively comes its audience through this offers something for new readers. Althoughacross in an exciting way with the main image means, with the main this text is in small print it stands out as thereproducing a scene from the musical ‘Hairspray’ . image being ‘plus’ is written in pink whereas the rest ofThis entices customers to the school, especially those bold, colourful and eye- the text on the cover is written in white .with an interest in the creative world and shows them catching. It suggests this is The use of the colour pink reflects the schoolthis is what they could be apart of what the school is all about being an all girls school
  5. 5. THE RUTHINIAN SCHOOLThe presentation of the cover shows Doesn’t posses typical forms and conventionssymmetry and fluency. The placement of of a school magazine, for example excitingboth the text and the logo shows a sense of headings a large image or images to enticeformality and organisation. readers. perhaps this is due to the idea that this school is different to others and you haveThe cover looks quite sophisticated, posh to read inside to find out how and why whichand perhaps regal. The simplicity of the creates a sense of mystery.cover is very effective as it forms an ideathat the school is distinguished It is apparent that the school issue their magazine yearly by the date placed largely atThe school logo is placed on the masthead the bottom of their magazine. We can inferand fills the entire top half of the cover that the date is important to the school andwhich is the most significant part as it’s the magazine as it’s the only other piece of writingfirst place you look. This, suggests the logo after the schools the most important aspect for the school Its extremely formal presentation and the lackand they want people to be familiar and of images except their use of the school logoremember it suggests that their magazine is solely about theThe magazine asserts itself with the school school itself and therefore it’s audience ratherby displaying the school colours over the than being students, more beingentirety of the background. It could be parents/carers who are planning to send theirsuggested that the school is a mixed one as This cover certainly wouldn’t attract a children to this school and it’s more of anthe school colours attract both girls with young audience as although the information guide/magazine about thethe colour purple and boys with the colour school colours are very bold it doesnt school, perhaps full ofblue give off an element of fun which reviews, achievements, results OFSTED young audiences feed off. The whole reports and such like. This idea has developedThe use of the colour cream for the text layout in every aspect puts across an by the fact it’s only issued yearly and everyand logo fits well on the cover standing older audience who would appreciate year schools take on a new set of students.out against the bold background this kind of layout The ‘2008’ reflects the importance of the
  7. 7. WALLASEY SCHOOLIssue number lets the reader keep up The image of the school covers the masthead ofto date with which magazine they the page. This is the first place people will look anare reading. The number 4 is it seems quite engaging. It will familiarises thehighlighted with a red reader with the school.outline, showing its importance. Theuse of the colour red around the 4 fits The image of the school is very natural as it showsperfectly as it’s featured on the school surrounded by nature. The naturalnumerous places on the contents lighting shows purity and innocence of the It seems like a nice place to be.The school logo is featured at the The title ‘Welcome’ is one of the largest pieces ofvery top of the page next to the name text and stands out in white, which gives a sense ofof the school. By the use of red in warmth and friendliness. The font gives athe logo, over the cover, and being harmonious effect. The ‘welcome’ overlaps thethe colour of the head teachers tie, it image suggesting the school welcomes everyonesuggest that this colour is one of theschool uniform colour Head teachers letter a typical convention of a school magazine contents page. The image of the‘what’s in this issue’ offers a benefit head teacher is there to familiarise readers with theto the reader, letting them know head of the school. It could be there for newwhat the magazine consists readers also, so they can remember an importantof, allowing them to jump to the The design and overall presentation face for future reference if they decide to go alongsection that takes their interest to looks smart, organised and to the meet the school. He is dressed smart whichread. The mix of colours used for sophisticated with an edge by the reflects the schools reputation and gives a firstthis section adds an edge to the bright use of red impression to new readers about the school. Thecontents page and a sense of fun as background colour of the letter flows with theelsewhere uses a more natural colour looks mature, perhaps for an older image of the school with a brown colour reflectingscheme. audience nature.
  8. 8. BEBINGTON HIGH SCHOOLThere is only one image which draws your Title ‘welcome’ and ‘New’ stands out in aattention especially with the colour against yellow/orange colour. It‘s funky font andthe excessive use of blue everywhere else. It positioning on slant add an edge of fun. It’sShows two young boys in their uniform. a very arty contents page, perhaps this is aThey are smiling which suggests they are key subject at the school.happy at this school. You could infer if youdidn’t know the school that is was solely a The strip of black at the top stands out andboys school from the extreme use of blue highlights what the magazine isthroughout the contents page and the onlyimage being two boys ‘What’s in this issue’ is in a light turquoise whereas the head teachers letter is in a darkA head teachers letter and a list of what’s to blue. This separates the different sets ofcome in the magazine are typical textconventions of a school contents page The whole layout is neat and organisedIn the first sentence in the head teachers making it easy to followletter, he states the magazine is called‘Shine’. It stands out in the same colour I think it’s for a young audience as it gives aand font of the header at the top of the sense of immatureness. It’s extremely boldpage. Although, you would think that if it and eye catching which is exactly whatwas the title of the magazine is would have young audiences appreciate. It’s well suitedbeen placed at the top and made to stand The excessive amount of text and and attractive to it’s audienceout more perhaps with a bigger font size. minimal images make it quite boring, aFrom naming the magazine ‘Shine’ it could bit like a story. There is no mainbe suggested that this reflects the students feature to catch your eye. The sameat the school, with each one shining or by style font is being used. There’sattending the school they have learnt to nothing spectacular about itshine.
  9. 9. KING EDWARD VI SCHOOLThe title is the largest piece of text and Even though it’s a school magazine it seemswritten in a funky font to stand out. The the least bit interesting and excitingpositioning of the title is the first place you targeting an older audience.look at the very top centre of the page. Thisenabling the audience to understand its the The contents is extremely different from thecontents page first two contents pages iv deconstructed in it’s simplicity, boring font styles, lack ofThere is not much going on, it appears colour and imagesvery simple making it easy and clear toread and follow There is a faded, washed out image in background although you can barely makeThe fact that their are no images make s it out what it isextremely boring. Images are usually atypical convention and seen as an appealing Page numbers, headings and descriptionsfactor to entice readers. Therefore this are typical convention of a contents pagemagazine breaks that convention. Perhapstheir front cover and the rest of the The use of colour is minimalistic. Black andmagazine follows this same theme or white are typical colours most magazinesperhaps the rest of the magazine is use. Contrasting dark against white standsextremely enticing, therefore felt they out. There are no bright colours to attract.neednt make the contents page enticing.The boarder appears to be the only Includes the basics of what a contents page The page and issue number areinteresting feature and is quite unusual is – to inform you of whats to come in the placed at the bottom below thefor a contents page to have therefore setting magazine, perhaps this is all they wanted boarderit apart from others. It makes it appear from their contents page an thats whymore attractive. they’ve made it so basic, simple and straight to the point. They want you to focus on the text an not get taken away by images