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Develop Effective Interview Skills


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Your resume won't get you a job; your interview will. Develop effective interview skills. Learn how to prepare for both in person and Skype interviews; answer questions, including the illegal ones; and follow-up strategically.

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Develop Effective Interview Skills

  1. 1. Interview Strategies Murray State Career Services 100 Oakley Applied Science Bldg 270.809.3735 |
  2. 2. Before the Interview ▪ Research the company/position ▪ CareerShift (use in Career Services) ▪ LinkedIn ▪ Glassdoor ▪ Know yourself ▪ ▪ ▪ Kuder (request pin from Career Services) ▪ Evaluate your fit ▪ Prepare to communicate your fit
  3. 3. Before the Interview ▪ Put together an appropriate outfit ▪ Practice greeting/handshake ▪ Update and print resume on high quality paper ▪ Print/digital portfolio if applicable ▪ Design business card: contact & academic information ▪ Notify references ▪ Access transcript (if applicable) ▪ Determine location and travel time ▪ Schedule Mock Interview
  4. 4. Do you dress for fun or success?
  5. 5. Business Professional…Good ▪ High Quality, DarkTone Neutral ▪ Classy, experienced, high-quality professional ▪ Quality SilkTie ▪ Detail-oriented, fashion-conscious ▪ Nice Black Belt ▪ Successful ▪ Three-Piece Suit ▪ Lawyer, Banker ▪ Two-Piece Suit ▪ Professional ▪ GoodTailoring ▪ Able to finish a project all the way to the end
  6. 6. Business Professional…Bad ▪ Double-Breasted Suit ▪ Clueless, not up-to-date ▪ Wrinkled Suit ▪ Unprepared, procrastinator ▪ Bad with details ▪ Cheap Suit ▪ Inexperienced ▪ NoTie ▪ Arrogant, not a team player ▪ CharacterTies ▪ Tacky, poor judgment in professional setting ▪ Short-Sleeve ▪ Clueless, dorky ▪ Short Socks ▪ Sloppy, unprofessional ▪ Scuffed Shoes ▪ Poor attention to detail ▪ Mismatched Accessories ▪ Disorganized
  7. 7. Business Professional ▪ Women ▪ Conservative/tailored suit or suit dress ▪ Skirt: hit top of knee and avoid extreme slits ▪ Shoes: basic and medium/low pumps ▪ Limit jewelry and select subtle options ▪ Choose small handbag OR portfolio ▪ Men ▪ Dark suit ▪ Shirt:White/blue cotton ▪ Shoes: Shined black or cordovan with dark, mid-calf socks ▪ WearTie and match belt with shoe color ▪ Well groomed: Shaved, professional hair ▪ Wear conservative watch; avoid earrings/other jewelry
  8. 8. Business Casual ▪ Men ▪ Pressed slacks/khakis ▪ Pressed button down shirts, sweaters or polos ▪ Leather shoes with matching mid-calf socks ▪ Still…avoid jewelry and appear well-groomed ▪ Women ▪ Casual, not too tight pants/skirts ▪ Skirt should still come to knee/cover thighs when seated ▪ Shirts/sweaters should be tailored, not gape or reveal cleavage ▪ Club friendly…probably a “no”
  9. 9. What you should never wear… ▪ T-shirts ▪ Shorts/jeans ▪ Short skirts ▪ Flip-flops ▪ Stilettos ▪ Tight/baggy fits ▪ Excessive perfume or cologne ▪ Missing buttons, tears or rips
  10. 10. During the Interview ▪ The entrance ▪ Timeliness, handshake, eye contact, small talk (video) ▪ The conversation ▪ Tell why youWANT and can DO the job ▪ Tell why you are the PERFECT candidate ▪ The value proposition/why you are unique ▪ Experience, entrepreneurial outlook, passion, knowledge, leadership, etc. ▪ Your questions ▪ Have questions! ▪ The close Resource:
  11. 11. Interview Questions ▪ Interview goal… ▪ Communicate you can do the job ▪ Communicate you are a fit with the company/organization ▪ General questions ▪ Evaluate relevant skills and personal traits to job ▪ Tell me about yourself ▪ Share your strength/weakness ▪ Share anything else we should know about you ▪ Behavior based questions ▪ Evaluate past behavior ▪ STAR (Situation,Task,Action, Result) method
  12. 12. InterviewTips ▪ Beware of verbal fillers: ▪ Um, uh, ya know, stuff like that, etc ▪ How to answer tough questions ▪ Let me think about that for a minute. ▪ Can we come back to that one later? ▪ Sit up straight in the chair ▪ Don’t cross your legs ▪ Men: Keep both feet planted on the ground ▪ Women:Cross your ankles and tuck to side ▪ Dealing with a panel ▪ To shake hands or not ▪ Make eye contact with everyone
  13. 13. Phone Interviews ▪ Voice mail should be professional ▪ Turn alerts off ▪ Keep resume & notes close for reference ▪ Have pen & paper close for note taking ▪ Have glass of water available ▪ Smile ▪ Consider if your dress will influence mindset ▪ Don’t smoke, eat, chew gum, gulp water ▪ Use the person’s title and name ▪ Take your time and don’t interrupt the interviewer ▪ Be succinct in your answers
  14. 14. Skype Interviews: Preparation ▪ Learn how to use/Practice with a friend ▪ Create a professional username/find good connection ▪ Background/Table/Desk ▪ Eliminate site of personal items ▪ Blank or neutral background ▪ Desk/table should be organized. ▪ Career Services’ interview or conference rooms
  15. 15. Skype Interviews: During ▪ Look the part (dress, hair, etc.) & smile ▪ Look into the camera, not at the screen ▪ Stay present and use verbal interjections (“hm” or “yes”) to let interviewer know you hear them ▪ If getting repeated blips in communication, let the employer know. A redial or switch to phone interview may be needed.
  16. 16. Illegal Questions ▪ Questions must be relevant to the job ▪ Focus must be on job performance functions ▪ Three options if asked an illegal question: ▪ Answer the question, but remember you are giving information that isn’t related to the job. ▪ Refuse to answer the question, which is well within your rights, but may appear confrontational. ▪ Examine the question for its intent and respond with an answer as it might apply to the job. Resource:
  17. 17. End of/After the Interview ▪ Reiterate your interest in and fit for the position ▪ Ask for business cards ▪ Write thank you emails & letters ▪ Follow-up 7 – 10 days after
  18. 18. Resources ▪ AdditionalTips ▪ Career Handbook ▪ Tip Sheet ▪ Practice: Mock Interviews ▪ Call 809.3735 to schedule ▪ Research ▪ CareerShift ▪ GlassDoor
  19. 19. Questions? Murray State Career Services 100 OakleyApplied Science Bldg 270.809.3735 | Follow @ MSUCSO Join the Murray State University Career Services group