Webinar:Bookings, Billings, and Backlog (BBB) Analysis with Oracle BI


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From a KPI educational webinar that takes a deep dive into how a Bookings, Billings and Backlog analytic solution from Oracle can improve your organization's cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Bookings, Billings and Backlog (BBB) analysis is a key component to reducing Order-to-Cash cycle time. By analyzing bookings, shipping performance and billings, organizations can quickly gain insight into areas that may serve as an opportunity for improvement. For example, by applying an analytic solution that focused on backlogs and return reasons, a Fortune 500 company quickly identified quick-wins to improve customer satisfaction.

There are a number of reasons why organizations struggle with Bookings, Billings and Backlog analysis:

- Data is distributed disparately across multiple functional areas

- Order Management, Account Receivables & Inventory Management. This distribution of data can prevent holistic reporting.

- "Why?" and "How?" analysis is not easy.

- Comparative analysis of Bookings, Billings and Backlog data with historical trend data is not possible.

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  • Webinar:Bookings, Billings, and Backlog (BBB) Analysis with Oracle BI

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    2. 2. has over ten years ofBI experience including being part of the original product team forOracle’s BI Applications product.
    3. 3. 
    4. 4. Who is KPI?
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    6. 6. Who is KPI?180+ Consultants, 115 Customers, Over 350 BI Projects
    7. 7. Business Value of BBB Analysis
    8. 8. Bookings New Sales Order Fulfillment and Backlog Order Billings General Ledger (Financials) Backlog Happens when anOrder Booking Order Can’t be Fulfilled On Time Fulfill From Manufacture Update Order Profit & Loss Receipt Inventory? Order Status Statement General Inventory Pick Release Ship Invoice Ledger
    9. 9. Backlog Bookings Can operations handle theBacklog Bookings going up increased higher orders? thannormal Lack of inventory causing delayed shipmentsBacklog lower Bookings going than downnormal Mfg or Order Fulfillment efficiency has improved
    10. 10. Bookings Backlog Net LowerBookings sales, more Booking to Inventoryare going cancellations, Relationship down etc. Example: Is my lack of inventory for a particular product or geographyBooking Too much causing order cancellations margins discountingare going , rebates or down promotions
    11. 11. Billings Bookings Backlog Backlog going upBilling is and we can’t bill going for unshipped down Bookings are orders up/down due to a product life cycle, customer or geography issue? Backlog goingBilling is down which meansgoing up we can bill for shipped orders
    12. 12. Top 3 Challenges in BBB Analysis
    13. 13. DataSources Bookings Excel Excel ExcelLEGACY Excel Excel Excel Excel Excel Order Fulfillment Excel EBS Excel and Backlog Excel PSFT Excel Billings Excel Excel DW Excel Excel Financials Excel Excel
    14. 14. Order Booking OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL InventoryOE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL Order Backlog Transform Order Picking Order Shipping Complex normalized data OE_ORDER_HOLDS become business centric Order Invoicing de-normalized reporting OE_ORDER_HOLDS objects. GL Revenue ERP System (s) • BBB Analysis •
    15. 15.  Ability to drill down from Summary to detailed reporting Ability to trend Easy way to compare bookings, billings and backlogs side by side Ad –hoc capability
    16. 16. Oracle Supply Chain andFinancial Analytics Meets All 3 Challenges
    17. 17. User Interfaces DataSources Bookings LEGACYLegacy Static Reports EBS Order Fulfillment EBS and Backlog Oracle Supply Chain and Financial Analytics DashboardsPSFT PSFT BillingsDWDW DW Self Service Financials Alerts
    18. 18.  Pre-integrated data model for Bookings, Billings, Backlog and Financials Pre-built connectors for EBS, Peoplesoft, JDE and Universal Adapter for non-Oracle ERP’s Pre-built metrics and dashboards and BBB best practices
    19. 19.  100% web-based Full ad-hoc capability Variety of report output styles Security and UI integrated with source ERP applications (EBS, PSFT, JDE)
    20. 20. Demo of BBB analytics
    21. 21.  Part 1: Deep analysis of bookings, billings and backlog individually Part 2: Integrated view of bookings, billing and backlog (Connect the Dots) Part 3: Ad-hoc capability to answer additional business questions with a total of 31 Subject Areas
    22. 22. Typical Implementation Cycle and Customer Case Study
    23. 23. Oracle BI Apps Deployment Phases  Vision Workshop  Requirement Gathering  Design  Develop  Deploy  Evolve
    24. 24. Cost and timeline for custom DW instead of Oracle BI Apps solution is typically 2 to 3 times
    25. 25. Success Stories Company: $1b+ in sales for high technetworking productsBusiness Challenge: ①Analyze bookings (including POS Sales data) data with forecast ②Analyze inventory supply and balance to understand At A Glance backlog ③Proactively Monitor book to ship ratio and book to bill  Oracle BI EE & BI ratio Apps 7962 ④Connect the dots and analyze the dots  ERP: EBS 11.5.10What KPI Delivered:  Oracle 11g ①Integrated bookings billings backlog dashboards database sourced from EBS and Demantra and POSBusiness Benefits: ①Increased forecast accuracy and improve inventory turn ②Properly plan retail store inventory-on-hand penetration
    26. 26. Q&A and Next Steps
    27. 27. www.kpipartners.com  Contact your Oracle Rep for Oracle BI Apps info  To contact KPI Partners ① Web: http://www.kpipartners.com/Contact ② Tel: (510) 818-9480  For more BBB and Oracle BI Success Stories ① http://www.kpipartners.com/latest-thinking/case-studies/  For free OBIEE training from KPI University ① http://www.kpipartners.com/university/free-courses/Quick Look: Financial Analytics Best Practices
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