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Case study of sam


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Case study of sam

  1. 1. Counseling in Assessment
  2. 2.  19 year old white male student at Ole Miss Has been struggling with academic issues, depression, love, and belonging Has been diagnosed with a learning disorder He is a sophomore, pledging a fraternity, and is adopted
  3. 3.  Intake assessment ◦ Background information from current personal, psychological, and academic status NEO PI-R Information on personality type and career directions since being undeclared has decreased motivation SASSI Current intake information suggests the student lacks healthy ways of coping and a healthy support system. The SASSI was done to evaluate the amount of alcohol and drug consumption the student is using to cope
  4. 4. -Initial Intake Interview -First meeting -General background information of current medical/mental conditions, academic standing, and evaluation of support system -Asked a series of questions-NEO PI-R -3rd weeks to evaluate 5 domains of personality to help determine potential careers -Self-report test 240 questions -Machine Scoring Sheet -
  5. 5.  SASSI ◦ Self-report, Identifies people who have a high probability of having a substance abuse disorder ◦ 93% accuracy, target population young males, is done with pencil and scored by administrator ◦ Done 5th session, results are evaluated in 5 minutes ◦ Test-retest reliability measure used ◦ Criterion measure of validity used
  6. 6.  No issues until senior year of high school when he injured his knee playing soccer which resulted in him losing his scholarship to play at his dream school. His dad also lost his job during this time and his mother became depressed. During this time his sisters also moved out and uncle moved in Adjustment issues are problem because he was not expecting this to happen his family dynamics also changed significantly when he started college. He struggled adjusting to the college life style and turned to other things to help
  7. 7.  He was diagnosed with ADD in High school but has not renewed his prescription to Adrenal His father also lost his job summer after graduation high school and is still unemployed He got diagnosed with depression and is taking Prozac Had a very mentally ill uncle move in his senior year He adopted and feel pressured to please his family
  8. 8.  Mom has a family history of depression Uncle has schizophrenia Family history of his blood is unknown
  9. 9.  Average student in high school Too distracted by the freedom college brought his freshman year Started off freshman year depressed because he was not able to play soccer Was seriously disturbed by uncle who moved in summer before college Can not concentrate on school, is not motivated because he doesn’t know what he wants to do
  10. 10.  It is difficult for his to get out of bed and go to class Has many absences Trying to cope with depression and family issues has caused him to be distracted from school Joined a fraternity, a time commitment
  11. 11.  Family origin ◦ Adopted, youngest, and only boy ◦ Parents put pressure on him especially since father lost job ◦ Can not tell parents he needs their love, support, and sense of belonging because the laugh ◦ Parents are in denial -In Fraternity -Parties on meds, feels too sick to go to school the next day -Admits he has no deep relationship with anyone
  12. 12.  Initial intake ◦ Focused on what lead to academic problems and evaluated support system ◦ Evaluate current psychological status, history, and family dynamics NEO PI R Focused on what his personality is to help pick a major He is sensitive and prone to experience upsetting feelings He is introverted, does not like to plan, careless and avoids conflict
  13. 13.  SASSI ◦ He is the target person for this test ◦ Test uses test-retest reliability and criterion validity ◦ Is very likely to have substance abuse disorder
  14. 14.  Intake Poor support system, family dynamics have changed, mother is now depressed, father lost job, and psychologically sick uncle is another burden. His 2 sisters do not live at home anymore Has a serious knee injury, learning disorder, and depression Has adjustment issues, he lost the warm loving family he felt he once had
  15. 15.  NEO PI R ◦ Personality makes him more likely to turn to drinking and drugs ◦ He is introverted, sensitive, and prone to experience upsetting feelings
  16. 16.  SASSI ◦ Has a very high use of alcohol and drug use ◦ This fact goes along with his NEO PI R results which make him more likely to cope that way ◦
  17. 17.  Axis 1 ◦ Depression ◦ Adjustment Disorder Axis 2 ◦ none Axis 3 ◦ Knee injury, chronic pain and complications Axis 4 ◦ Dad out of work, mom is depressed, sick uncle living with them, and sister moved out Axis5 ◦ GAF 51-60
  18. 18.  Monitor School functioning ◦ Check-in on G.P.A, number of absences, and find a tutor as needed ◦ Make goals Monitor Mental Functioning ◦ Make sure he is continuing to take Prozac ◦ Encourage him to go to student disabilities to get reevaluated for his learning disorder Monitor and make goals to decrease alcohol and drug use ◦ Evaluate if he is increasing or decreasing consumption ◦ Make a plan to find other outlets to cope
  19. 19.  Monitor family issues and support system ◦ Check-in with what is going on with his uncle, mom, and dad ◦ Make a plan to develop a new support system ◦ Make goals to work towards finding healthier ways to cope