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Urban Entrepreneurship - Henry Rael


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This presentation was part of the Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit, a practitioner-focused summit designed to help economic development and small business practitioners effectively create economic growth through entrepreneurship in local communities. The 2018 Summit, subtitled Entrepreneurship on the Edges, focused on providing information and practitioner insight in how to effectively develop disadvantaged urban and rural communities using entrepreneurship-led development strategies.

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Urban Entrepreneurship - Henry Rael

  1. 1. Urban Core Communities on the Edges Albuquerque, New Mexico Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit April 25 – 26, 2018
  2. 2. What is a city? A physical geography. A large group of people who live in proximity to one another. A collection of buildings, roads and other infrastructure. A governmental body with various departments.
  3. 3. Place Matters, History Matters, Culture Matters Early Pueblo Settlements Colonization Statehood & Post-WWII
  4. 4. Strategies • Develop the ecosystem of support • Meet people where they are • Build economic engagement
  5. 5. “Innovation District”
  6. 6. “Color Theory”: • ~$1.5 million/year for 4 years • Molino Project • Community Navigators • Family Economic Engagement • Prioritizing the people who are farthest from wealth and power • Barelas/South Valley, Downtown, Transit corridor, International District • Compelling existing programmatic elements from strong grantee/partners Albuquerque Arts & Culture District American Indian Chamber Barelas Community Coalition Encuentro Family Independence Initiative HomeWise Native American Community Academy Native Realities, LLC New Mexico Community Capital Roanhorse Consulting, LLC Siembra Leadership High School Small Business Resource Collaborative South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC) Three Sisters Kitchen UNM Innovation Academy WESST
  7. 7. Thank You