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Entrepreneurship on the Edges - Penny Lewandowski


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This presentation was part of the Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit, a practitioner-focused summit designed to help economic development and small business practitioners effectively create economic growth through entrepreneurship in local communities. The 2018 Summit, subtitled Entrepreneurship on the Edges, focused on providing information and practitioner insight in how to effectively develop disadvantaged urban and rural communities using entrepreneurship-led development strategies.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Entrepreneurship on the Edges - Penny Lewandowski

  1. 1. Left Out? Or Place of Most Potential?
  2. 2. Boston Silicon Valley Seattle Portland Boulder Austin Raleigh/Durham Northern Virginia
  3. 3. Baltimore Rochester Pittsburg Kansas City Boise Columbus Denver
  4. 4. Akron Albany Buffalo Cleveland Detroit
  5. 5. Montgomery, Phillips, and Reno Counties, Kansas Imperial County, Nebraska Barry and Dickinson Counties, Michigan
  6. 6. Ones on the edges Places that go unnoticed People who continue to take risks
  7. 7. “At any gathering of people, from the high school assembly to the General Assembly at the UN, from a conference to a rehearsal at the orchestra, the really interesting conversations and actions almost always happen around the edges. If you could eavesdrop on the homecoming queen or the sitting prime minister, you’d hear very little of value. These folks think they have too much to lose to do something that feels risky, and everything that’s interesting is risky. Change almost always starts at the edges and moves toward the center.” …Seth Godin
  8. 8.  In the power of starting and growing companies  Growth occurs when companies have the resources to grow larger  There is power in data and the stories its tells  In a balanced approach to economic development  In building bridges  In equity  That every community and individual have the right to be successful  It is time for a mindset change
  9. 9.  Groups, places and people on the edge  Job growth  Workforce development  Building entrepreneurial ecosystems  The power of looking through a different lens
  10. 10. To yourself and others
  11. 11. Listen to the conversations of others Look deeply at your communities Pay attention to your thoughts
  12. 12. Of yourself and others
  13. 13.  Women in Tech  Felecia Hatcher, Co-Founder of Code Fever Miami  Talent and the Rural Challenge  Noris Krueger, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Management & Entrepreneurship School of Advance Studies  Diverse Entrepreneurial Communities  Richard May, Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Village Districts  Growth Entrepreneurs on the Edges  Paul Bateson, General Manager, Economic Gardening, Edward Lowe Foundation
  14. 14. The Heart of a Startup Champion  Enoch Elwell, Founder, Co.Starters Why Entrepreneurship? The Metrics, the Message  Mark Lange, Executive Director, UW-System, Business & Entrepreneurship The Next Chapter: Senior Entrepreneurs  Elizabeth Isele, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: Generation Z  Ann Dewvall, Manager, Entrepreneurship Communities, Network Kansas
  15. 15. Penny Lewandowski Senior Consultant, External Relations Edward Lowe Foundation