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Entrepreneurship on the Edges - Denisse Rodriguez


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This presentation was part of the Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit, a practitioner-focused summit designed to help economic development and small business practitioners effectively create economic growth through entrepreneurship in local communities. The 2018 Summit, subtitled Entrepreneurship on the Edges, focused on providing information and practitioner insight in how to effectively develop disadvantaged urban and rural communities using entrepreneurship-led development strategies.

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Entrepreneurship on the Edges - Denisse Rodriguez

  1. 1. Puerto Rico on the edges - before and after hurricanes Irma and Maria
  2. 2. Fiscal Crisis
  3. 3. Then it happened…
  4. 4. And we were left…
  5. 5. Startled
  6. 6. Overwhelmed
  7. 7. Normality? What is that?
  8. 8. So…
  9. 9. Now what? We thought...
  10. 10. How do we shake this off?
  11. 11. How can we even think or talk about starting or growing a business after THIS ?
  12. 12. So, here’s what we did
  13. 13. Coworking @ the Trust With unstable internet connectivity and lack of power, we opened a temporary free coworking space.
  14. 14. What did we learn?
  15. 15. What should be done… (What should YOU do?)
  16. 16. What can be done… (What can YOU do?)
  17. 17. And DO IT… together
  18. 18. • We wanted to share with you how Colmena66 moved from shock to action after the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria, and how we have become the key connector between the different players in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and our entrepreneurs. • As we faced our new reality, we worked to help existing entrepreneurs and business owners to recover from this disaster. But most importantly, we had to get things back on track, we had to keep #movingforward to make sure that this little boy has a future filled with entrepreneurial opportunities. #KEEPMOVING SHOCK <> ACTION
  19. 19. What’s Next
  20. 20. 2.0
  21. 21. Connecting our communities on the edges
  22. 22. Now, we want to connect with you.