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Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction


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A PowerPoint presentation on the basics of Diastolic Dysfunction evaluation by TEE.
Dr Terry Bejot is a cardiovascualr anesthesiologist who is also the creator and publisher of, the online course and resource for learning TEE.

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Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction

  1. 1. LV Volume Atrial Kick Site Velocity LVI Diastasis E velocity 0.82+- 0.14 m/sec Decel Slope 5 +- 1.4 m/sec2 LA Filling Rapid Systole 0.56 +- 0.13 m/sec Filling Diastole 0.44+-0.16 m/sec Atrial reversal 0.32+-0.07 m/sec End Systole RVI E velocity 0.3-0.7 m/sec RA Filling (SVC, HV) Systole 0.46 +- 0.08 m/sec Diastole 0.44 +- 0.16 m/sec LV Inflow AV Closing Click A AV Opening Click E MV Opening MV Closing Click
  2. 2. DT Velocity (m/sec) E at A Velocity E Velocity Early Diastolic Deceleration Slope √ IVRT
  3. 3. ECG Neck Vein Pulsations X-descent y-descent a v a Hepatic Vein Doppler a v a Systolic Diastolic RA Filling RA Filling Pulmonary Vein Doppler a a systolic diastolic
  4. 4. PVe PVl PVd PVa PVa systolic diastolic Pulmonary Vein Doppler
  5. 5. The End