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So You Got an E-Reader for Christmas... Now What!


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Basic tips and instructions on how to download ebooks from Overdrive to various e-reader devices such as Kindle, Nook, iPad and other.

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So You Got an E-Reader for Christmas... Now What!

  1. 1. So You Got An E-Reader Over the Holidays… Now What? Presented by: Kathy Petlewski Plymouth District Library 2012
  2. 2. Let’s Define Some Terms• An e-book (short for electronic book, or EBook), also known as a digital book, is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book, sometimes restricted with a digital rights management system. ...• An e-book reader, also called an e-book device or e-reader, is an electronic device that is designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital books and periodicals and uses e-ink technology to display content to readers. ...
  3. 3. Different Kinds of E-Books• E-books that are viewed online only. These are not available if you are not connected to the Internet.• E-books that may be viewed either online or downloaded to your computer & e-reader. (Project Gutenberg & some free Google books)• E-books that are designed to be downloaded and read off-line on your e-readers. (Overdrive and those purchased from Amazon or Barnes and Noble)
  4. 4. Downloading E-Books from PDL• PDL is part of a 24-member consortium for e-books and audio e-books.• These books are provided by OverDrive in several formats: EPUB, Kindle & PDF for e-readers and WMA & MP3 for iPods and MP3 players.• E-books are single user licenses, so you must place a hold on books that are “checked out” electronically.• Books are checked out for either 7 or 14 days
  5. 5. Advantage Titles in OverDrive• PDL purchases additional copies of popular books that are available ONLY to our residents.• You MUST log in first to see if a book is an Advantage title.• Waiting list is much shorter than you see!
  6. 6. There are 4 Different PathsDepending on the brand of your device.
  7. 7. Path A: E-Readers with EPUB Format All Nooks, Sony, Kobos, Pandigitals & Literatis• Download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer.• Authorize Digital Editions to computer.• Plug in e-reader with USB cord and authorize it to same account.• Login to MCLS OverDrive web site with library card #.• Select book in EPUB format & check it out.• Click on Download button and select RUN.• This opens Adobe Digital Editions program and book title should load on screen.• Drag the book cover with your mouse to the left side of screen and drop on your device name.
  8. 8. Downloading E-Books from the Library for Paths A,C & D
  9. 9. Go Immediately to OverDrive if You Don’t Need Help.
  10. 10. Be Sure to Log In First!
  11. 11. While you may browse the main screen, it’s faster to use the “Advanced Search” link.
  12. 12. Use the pull-down menu to choose your choiceof formats & be sure to click the “available” box.Remember –Select EPUB forNooks, Kobos,Sonys etc, butselect Kindleformat for yourKindle devices !
  13. 13. You then get a list of those EPUB books that are available for checkout. Click “add to bookbag.”
  14. 14. Remember, you only have 30 minutes to keep them in the bookbag !
  15. 15. Before you check out materials, you must first login to your account.
  16. 16. Select Your Loan Period and then Click to Confirm Checkout.
  17. 17. This Section is for EPUB Format!• If you have a Nook of any variety, a Sony eReader, a Kobo using EPUB, a Literati, a Pandigital or any other e-reader compatible with OverDrive…• It’s all about the Digital Rights Management !!• If you purchase a book from Barnes & Noble or another online bookstore, you don’t need to worry – this is only for borrowing for PDL.
  18. 18. First-Time Users Must Download the Adobe Digital Editions Software Prior to Getting Your Book.
  19. 19. Then, click on the file to download and choose “Open.”
  20. 20. This is the Adobe Digital Editions Consoleshowing the e-reader. Drop & Drag your title to the e-reader icon.
  21. 21. If you click on your e-reader icon, you’ll see a list of items you put on it.
  22. 22. Path B: Smart Phones, iPads, iPods• iPads, iPhones, Droids, Ipod Touch, Blackberry Phones & Windows 7 phones• Make sure you have wifi or 3G enabled.• Go to the Apps store on your device.• Download the free OverDrive Media Console.
  23. 23. Path B continued ….• Open the app. and “add a website” by entering your zip code. This takes you to the MCLS OverDrive web site.• Login and select a book in EPUB format (unless you have the Kindle app installed.)• Check it out and click on download button.• Your book is now on your device. When you have finished reading the book, click on “edit” in your OverDrive app and delete the title.
  24. 24. Path C: Kindles & Kindle Apps, except Kindle Fire• On your computer, go to MCLS OverDrive site.• Login and search for a book.• Select your book in Kindle format and check it out.• Click on Get Kindle Book button.• This takes you to the Amazon site. Login with your Amazon account.• The book should appear on your screen. Click on Get Library Book.• If you have wifi available, the book downloads immediately to your Kindle. If not, the next time you sync it, it will show up on your device.
  25. 25. For Kindles, Kindle Fires & Kindle Apps• Amazon takes care of Digital Rights Management for Kindles.• The Kindle apps from Apple and Android handle the Digital Rights for your smart phones, iPads, iPods, Blackberry etc.
  26. 26. Be Sure to Select Kindle Format!
  27. 27. This is Where the Procedures Differ
  28. 28. Now You’re On the Amazon Site
  29. 29. Select Your Kindle Device or App.
  30. 30. This is Your Checkout Verification.
  31. 31. Path D: The Kindle Fire • Direct your Kindle Fire browser to • Download E-books & E-Audiobooks. • From the MCLS page, Login and search for a book. • Select your book in Kindle format and check it out. • Click on Get Kindle Book button. • This takes you to the Amazon site. Login with your Amazon account. • The book should appear on your screen. Click on Get Library Book. • Your ebook has been delivered to your Kindle Fire. Select the “Sync” option to bring it up on your screen. Find Sync by clicking on the settings icon.
  32. 32. Troubleshooting Problems• 1. Your Library Card may have expired or you have a large number of fines.• 2. You don’t pick up your digital holds within three days of being notified.• 3. If your book doesn’t completely download – you get three tries!• 4. Contact Support with questions. These are routed to PDL support.
  33. 33. E-Books in Our Library Catalog• Will be identified as either ebooks or eaudio !
  34. 34. Over 500 Titles from Project Gutenberg are in our Library Catalog.
  35. 35. These Books May be Downloaded to E-readers or Read Online.
  36. 36. Sources of E-Books Online• Google eBookstore – – Over 3 million books including bestsellers and free books, many of a historic nature.• ManyBooks.Net – – Includes Project Gutenberg free books• Mobile Reads -• - - Free or minimal cost books from independent writers