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Choosing best ereader for your Reading Needs


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How to decide which e-reader or tablet device you should purchase - based on your reading needs.

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Choosing best ereader for your Reading Needs

  1. 1. Choosing the Best E-Reader For your Reading Needs Kathy Petlewski Plymouth District Library December, 2012
  2. 2.  Your Budget! What do you want to do with your e-reader? Will you be reading at night or during the day? Do you plan to only purchase e-books or do you want to borrow from the Library? Will you be the only person to use this or will you be sharing it? What is available on the market and things to consider in making your selection.
  3. 3.  Dedicated e-readers can range from $69 up to $300 for e-ink (black & white) devices. Color e-readers associated with book sellers (Kindles and Nooks) list from $139 to $499. Color tablets (iPad, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface) cost between $199 and $849.
  4. 4.  Only read e-books, either purchased or borrowed from a library. Read e-books and listen to some e-audiobooks. Read e-books but also be able to get e-mail and go on social media sites like Facebook & play games. Read e-books, play games, use a full-blown web browser, and also view movies & TV shows. Do all of the above, plus Skype, take photos and do word processing tasks.
  5. 5.  Are you the only person that will be using your device, or are you planning to share it with another adult or child? If so, the Kindle Paper White has parental controls and the Nook HD can have several different accounts on the same device.
  6. 6. Purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoogleBooks, or iBooks.Download free or inexpensive books from ProjectGutenberg, Smashwords, or OverDrive e-books free of charge fromyour local library.
  7. 7.  PDL is part of a 25-member consortium for e-books and audio e-books. These books are provided by OverDrive in several formats: EPUB & PDF for e-readers and WMA & MP3 for iPods and MP3 players. E-books are single user licenses, so you must place a hold on books that are “checked out” electronically. Titles are checked out for either 7 or 14 days. After that time they will cease to work.
  8. 8.  Android tablets (Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Droid smart phones ) have a free OverDrive “app” at the Marketplace. iPads, iPhones & iPod Touch use an “app” from the Apple App Store. Get the Nook Color and Nook HD Tablets “app” from Barnes & Noble. Once the apps are installed, you can download your ebooks directly to your device.
  9. 9.  Kindle Fire 2 and Kindle HDs have full browsers, so you search the OverDrive site, check out your titles and download them from the same device using wifi. Once you check out your title on OverDrive, you are taken to the Amazon site where you log in and complete your downloading from that screen. The entire process is done wirelessly.
  10. 10.  Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle 2012 and Kindle Keyboard don’t have full browsers, so you must do your OverDrive searching and check out process using a desktop or laptop computer. After your title is checked out, you’re taken to the Amazon site where you select your device and tell it to download the title. Your e-book is downloaded wirelessly to your device if you are connected to wifi.
  11. 11.  With the Nook Simple Touch and Simple Touch with Glowlight, you must also use a laptop or desktop computer to search, checkout and download e-books from OverDrive. You must download first to your computer and then transfer the titles using a USB cable to your device Adobe Digital Editions software must also be installed on your computer.
  12. 12. Kindle 2012 - $69 Nook Simple Touch - $99No audio No audioWi-Fi, 3G optional Wi-Fi only2GB Memory 2GB Memory (1 GB storage)3-8 week battery life micro SD card slot for 32 GBWeighs 5.98 oz. 800 x 600 resolutionSupports parental controls 3-8 week battery life“experimental” browser Weighs 7.48 oz.No touch screen – controller No browser available“special offers” on cheapest No landscape mode model.
  13. 13. Kindle Paperwhite – $119 Nook Touch GlowLight - $119No audio No audioWi-Fi, 3G optional Wi-Fi only2GB Memory 2GB Memory - micro SD card slot1024 x 758 resolution 800 x 600 resolution3-8 week battery life 3-8 week battery lifeWeighs 7.5 oz. Weighs 6.95 oz.Front lit, high resolution Front lit screen screen. No browser availableNo support for EPUB format No landscape modeParental controls
  14. 14.  Fire 2- $159 & up  Fire HD - $199 & up 7” display – 14.1 oz.  Either a 7” (13.9 oz) or Wifi 8.9” (20 oz) display. Supports 3rd party apps.  No SD slot, but Amazon 2 speakers, audio jack Cloud Storage and mic.  2 speakers, mic, 8-9 hours battery life. Bluetooth, front camera Costs more to remove  16 GB memory minimum ads.  Supports 3rd party apps. Great for movies!  9-11 hours battery life.
  15. 15.  Nook Color - $139  Nook Tablet - $159 & up 1024 X 600 res.  1024 x 600 res. 7” display, 15.8 oz.  7” display, 14.1 oz. 8GB memory &  8 or 16 GB memory & microSD card slot microSD card slot. 1 speaker for audio  1 speaker for audio Wifi, full web browser  Wifi, full web browser 8 hour battery life.  11 hour reading battery Parental controls life  Parental controls
  16. 16.  Nook HD - $199 & up  Nook HD+ - $269 & up 1440 x 900 res.  1920 x 1280 res. 7” display, 11.1 oz.  9” display, 18.2 oz Dual-stereo speakers  Dual-stereo speakers 8GB or 16GB memory  16GB or 32GB memory Parental controls  Up to 10 hrs. reading Email & Calendar  Create up to 6 profiles Syncing  Email & Calendar Great kid’s learning Syncing apps!  Stunning video display.
  17. 17.  Google Nexus - $199 & up  Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - $249 1280 x 800 res. (low as $179) or $400 ($299) 7” display, 12 oz.  1042 X 600 res. or 1280 x800 8 GB or 16 GB memory  7” display, 12.2 oz. or 10”, 1.25 lbs 10 hours of e-reading  8 - 16 GB but has slot Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS  Android 4.0 OS Wifi & Bluetooth  Front & Rear cameras Speaker & audio jack  Dual speakers & jack Front-facing camera  Wifi & bluetooth
  18. 18.  iPad 4th Gen. - $499 & up  iPad Mini - $329 & up 2048 x 1536 res.  1,024 x 768 res. 9.7” display, 1.4 lbs  7.9” display, 10.8 oz Front & rear cameras  16 GB & up with video  Front & rear cameras 10 hour battery life with video Dual core processor  10 hour battery life Speaker & audio jack  Speaker & audio jack Largest app selection  Wifi – 4G & LTE optional Wifi – 4G & LTE optional  Great app selection!
  19. 19.  Lots of others on the market, but these are currently the most popular ones. Make a list of your priorities when looking for an e- reader. Then narrow your choice down to those that meet that criteria. It’s best to actually have a hands-on demonstration of the device so you can see if you like the “feel” of it. Realize that something flashier will be released soon, but the products out today are better than those from last year.
  20. 20. Thanks for attending today!