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Euro rscg tonic_for_forest no creds

  1. 1. MilnacipranMore than Just a Pain MedicineOctober 8, 2008 1
  2. 2. AgendaWelcome and Introductions Paul Klein and TeamA Look at Our Agency Paul, Rich Roth, and Phil SilvestriMilnacipran Our Strategy Kate Persky, Kate Gill Creative Ideas Kurt Nossan, Yvonne DeSanti Strategies and Tactics Maureen Russell, Sue Maserjian Approach to Measurement Kate GillDiscussion Group 2
  3. 3. Our Strategic Process 3
  4. 4. Creative Business Idea Approach Research and Other Insight FeedsMarket Momentum: Consumer Category Brand ConsumerCBI Focus: Creative Business Idea Brand Category 4
  5. 5. What We Did to Prepare Review of Milnacipran On-line Review: Review of Secondary Resources Conducted Qualitative Adcept & Briefing Documents Monitored Chat Rooms, Analyzed Imagery Research: In-Depth FMS Websites & Support Programs Interviews/Focus Groups Competitive Audit: Review of Category Interviews with Communications and Competitive Brands KOL Rheumatologist Dr. John Nitsche and Psychiatrist Dr. Lydia Fazzio 5
  6. 6. Consumer Brand CategoryThe Consumer 6
  7. 7. ConsumerIt’s About Physical Pain… Brand Category_ “Even like brushing my teeth sometimes, pain in my hand from holding the toothbrush.”_ “I cannot read a hardcover book; it’s too heavy to hold.”_ “It affects everything you do. Combing your hair becomes a chore when your arms feel like lead and they’re burning.”_ “A feather feels like a 10-ton truck.”_ “It feels like this tiny tourniquet is turning all the time.”_ “It’s like having the flu; everything aches.”_ “It’s definitely about more than pain.”Source: Euro RSCG Tonic Qualitative Research, 9/08 7
  8. 8. ConsumerThere Are Other Physical Symptoms Brand Category_ “It’s like nobody’s home. You ask me questions and I can’t even grab words.”_ “I couldn’t get my brain focused.”_ “If I just water the plants and take the dogs out, I’m exhausted.”_ “It’s psychological, depression’s involved, lack of sleep…can’t work as much.”_ “You feel like you’re in a fog…not functioning properly. You’re doing what you have to do but you’re not fully there.” MY BODY CALLS THE SHOTSSource: Euro RSCG Tonic Qualitative Research, 9/08 8
  9. 9. ConsumerIt Changes the Way I Live My Life Brand Category_ Universally, the most difficult part of the day is getting out of bed in the morning, when sufferers feel stiff, even “paralyzed”_ Most have some type of “barometer” to evaluate the kind of day they’re going to have _ “I’m having a good fibro day or a bad fibro day”_ Movement is important but the body doesn’t always cooperate_ Managing the disease requires ongoing negotiation with their body…plus a pharmacopoeia of drugs and alternative treatments_ A positive attitude and proactivity help somewhat_ The constant grind wears them down _ “It’s like being punished, pummeled, being in the ring every day”Source: Euro RSCG Tonic Qualitative Research, 9/08 9
  10. 10. ConsumerIt’s an Emotional Struggle, Too Brand Category The doctors said “I feel all alone and “you’re crazy, you’re kind of trapped ” losing your mind” “Keeping it secret “It’s all the time, like makes my life Chinese torture” smoother”“When they tell you “There’s a lot of fury you’re crazy, it and a lot of rage” infuriates you” “You start to wonder if they “Everyone with FMS could be right; you start to is pretty pissed off” question yourself”Source: Euro RSCG Tonic Qualitative Research, 9/08 10
  11. 11. ConsumerI Have No Support Brand Category_ Sufferers feel discounted and misunderstood… even by medical community _ Can take years to be diagnosed correctly _ Often told “it’s all in your head”; feel anger/frustration—at docs, friends, family who are skeptical or don’t understand _ The invisibility of the disease leads to secrecySource: Euro RSCG Tonic Qualitative Research, 9/08 11
  12. 12. focus group video
  13. 13. ConsumerIt’s a Vicious Cycle Brand Category_ Different symptoms exacerbate and reinforce one another with emotional consequences, leading to the need for medication plus support Anger Frustration Cognitive Problems Self-doubt Exhaustion Fatigue Physical Pain FMS Sleep Disorders Self-blame Punished Depression/Anxiety Stress Misunderstood 13
  14. 14. ConsumerThe Consumer Brand Category Trapped in the multi-dimensional vise of fibromyalgia 14
  15. 15. Consumer Brand CategoryThe Category 15
  16. 16. ConsumerAn Emerging, Yet Unformed Category Brand Category_ Significant potential as category projected to grow substantially_ Influx of new medications and an upsurge in diagnosis rates_ Lack of disease awareness and understanding among general population and medical community_ No one owns the FMS relationship—PCP, rheumatologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, yogi— nor the brand_ Opportunity to shape the conversation, as the dialogue is just beginningSource: DataMonitor 2007 16
  17. 17. ConsumerLyrica: Legitimizing FMS Brand Category_ Beginning to shape the fibromyalgia space_ Communications live in the solution_ Captures a real consumer insight with “the unique pain of fibromyalgia” yet fails to fully leverage the power of this idea_ Focuses on the functional improvement and the reduction of pain the drug delivers, but doesn’t capitalize on the emotional aspect of the condition_ Positions itself as the fibromyalgia medication not indicated for depression_ Branded and unbranded communications 17
  18. 18. ConsumerCymbalta: Entrenched in Depression, Stepping into FMS Brand Category_ Recognizes the mind/body connection with “Depression hurts, Cymbalta can help” campaign — in the depression category_ Depression heritage may limit Cymbalta’s potential to leverage FMS indication_ FMS DTC to date online only, and professional print_ Anticipate Lilly to capitalize on existing relationships with HCP’s to promote the FMS indication_ Prasugrel didn’t get approved; may free up money to allocate to Cymbalta 18
  19. 19. ConsumerThe Category Brand Category Efforts are just beginning to validate the condition, but no one owns the FMS relationship 19
  20. 20. Consumer Brand CategoryThe Brand 20
  21. 21. ConsumerStrong Functional AdvantageCreates Meaningful Benefits Brand CategoryUltimate Benefit Feel less trapped/more positive Treat FMS symptomsFunctional Benefit more successfully A moreFunctional Advantage complete treatment 21
  22. 22. ConsumerBut Huge Need Gap Remains with FMS Brand Category_ Doctor/patient face-to-face time is as brief as six minutes (Source: 72% of doctors interrupt the patient’s opening statement after an average of 23 seconds (Source: A. Suchman, Journal of American Medical Association)_ Doctors remain key source of information, but access to them is limited — HCPs can’t fill the gap_ “With FMS, if you just throw medication at them, and don’t give them the benefit of the time and counseling they need, I don’t think their treatment will be optimal” (Source: Interview with John Nitsche, MD, September 2008) 22
  23. 23. ConsumerGetting a Prescription Is Just the Beginning Brand Category_ 75% still seek information via talk, online, ads* Actions taken after filling Read the product information that came with the medicine 87% Ask your pharmacist questions about the medicine 41% Talk with a friend/family member who is taking the same/ 33% similar medicine Find yourself stopping to read/watch an advertisement for the medicine 29% Look online for: Information about the medical condition 38% Information about the medicine 34% Recontact your doctor to ask more questions: About the condition or illness 25% About the medicine 21% * % who say they filled the prescription, when a doctor prescribes a medicine they have never taken before Does not include read the product info that came with the medicine they saw or heard advertisedSource: Prevention magazine 2007 DTC Study 23
  24. 24. ConsumerInformation Overload, but LittleUnderstanding of What to Believe Brand Category_ The search for chronic pain relief drives sufferers to seek the latest information and to be open to new medications/treatments_ Seeking information can be overwhelming _ Google search: over 9MM results for fibromyalgia in .14 seconds_ Media contradictions lead to patient confusion and become barriers to treatment/prevention _ Even Dr. Frederick Wolfe, who first defined the diagnostic guidelines for FMS, now does not consider it a disease (Source: The New York Times, “Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?” January 2008) 24
  25. 25. ConsumerSufferers Need a Guide or Advocate toHelp Them Navigate Brand Category_ The increasing complexities of medical care make it harder for patients to understand their condition and treatment options _ “Getting reliable information is a source of comfort and empowerment…patients are even attending disease advocacy group meetings to hear about the latest research and meet other patients.” –Ken Schueler, Patient Advocate They need someone to partner with them in managing their FMS—physically, mentally, and emotionally 25
  26. 26. ConsumerThe Milnacipran BrandCan Address These Needs Brand Category Giving sufferers greater control over the physical, mental, and emotional impact of FMS Body Is in Control Feeling of Personal Control Empower Endless The Brand Meaningful Struggle Management Empathize Multi-dimensional Vise Reduced Symptoms, More Support Turning a vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle 26
  27. 27. ConsumerThe Milnacipran Brand Can Redefinethe Relationship Brand Category_ Milnacipran needs to become the: _ More complete treatment that goes beyond pain—to treat the total fibromyalgia syndrome _ Ally: embracing the whole person—physical, mental, and emotional _ Advocate: giving sufferers a voice and changing the conversation about FMS: patient to doctor, patient to family, patient to peers _ Partner: delivering a true personalized support program, with on-going dialogue and feedback Insulating the brand from competitive encroachment now – and in the future 27
  28. 28. ConsumerExtending the Strategy via a Personalized SupportProgram Makes for a Stronger Emotional Connection Brand CategoryUltimate Emotional Benefit Feel less trapped/more positiveElevated Brand Benefit Better control of your condition Treat FMS symptoms moreFunctional Benefit Treat FMS symptoms successfully and manage more successfully condition more successfully A more complete A more completeFunctional Advantage treatment treatment/supportSource: Adcept Focus Groups 28
  29. 29. ConsumerBrand Brand Category Address the whole person in a whole new way 29
  30. 30. The Creative Business Idea Consumer Trapped in the multi-dimensional vise of FMS Finally, a reason to be optimistic Beginning to Address the legitimize condition, whole person in a but no one owns the whole new way FMS relationship Brand Category 30
  31. 31. Milnacipran Creative Brief What is the challenge?To drive diagnosed sufferers to ask their doctor about Milnacipran and connect with sufferers on a more meaningful level, bydemonstrating a keen understanding of the condition and their physical and emotional plight Who are we talking to?Sufferers who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (primarily women ages 20–60) and are open to new treatment options toenhance their quality of life. What is their mindset?Fibromyalgia is about more than just pain. It can include symptoms such as sleep disorders, fatigue, morning stiffness, anxiety,and cognitive problems—symptoms that can reinforce and exacerbate one another. It’s a vicious cycle and wears on sufferersphysically, mentally, and emotionally, as they learn how to live with and manage the disease. Added to this daily grind is thefrustration they feel as a result of often being misunderstood by their family and friends, and misdiagnosed and mistreated bythe medical community. The disease becomes their secret—you can’t see it, and others are skeptical about it. Those whomanage the disease best try to maintain a positive attitude and are more proactive about their condition. The Idea Finally, there’s a reason for fibromyalgia sufferers to be optimistic. Reasons to Believe_New milnacipran does more than just treat pain: It’s a more complete treatment for the total fibromyalgia syndrome_It’s proven to help you function better in your day-to-day life_Milnacipran offers a true, comprehensive support program for the fibromyalgia patient How should the brand speak? With conviction, understanding, and optimism. Media Lead with print and deliver 360° idea. 31
  32. 32. Creative 32
  33. 33. Strategies and Tactics 90
  34. 34. Moving to a Better Model for DTC Transaction Model: Mass Awareness Info Click to search websites Mass Ask doctor Compliance Awareness for drug Peer-to-peer Read articles Relationship Model: Creating Better Patients Targeted Ask DrEngagement Foster Refer to doctor for drug Loyalty understanding Discuss condition Compliance Self- with doctor Persistency Advocacy assessment Start two-way Discuss drug conversation with doctor 91
  35. 35. Strategic ImperativesFROM TOMass awareness Targeted engagementEmpower with information Empower with understandingDrive to physician Start a conversationAsk for drug by name Discuss condition and drug with doctorDo not upset doctors Help doctorsContrived messaging Relevance and richness of meaningAcquisition Acquisition and real relationships 92
  36. 36. How We Get There Brand and agency collaboration: Obs/Strats, alignment Consumer Deep Dive – identify gaps, research, gain insights Develop branded campaign Unbranded campaign to educate and build database Launch unbranded support program Branded campaign launch: NEW 6 mos. Launch branded support program Convert unbranded to branded Professional Marketing FDA DDMAC DDMAC Approval Submission ResponseQ4 ’08 Dec ’09 93
  37. 37. Approach to Measurement 94
  38. 38. Measurement, Optimization, and ROI_Euro RSCG is known for creating integrated marketing communications that “move needles”_Approach _ ETHOS: We deliver “applied creativity”; if it doesn’t work, it wasn’t creative. And we monitor all the indicators through the purchase funnel—from copy-testing through lead generation, and on to profitable share growth 95
  39. 39. Measurement, Optimization, and ROI_ GLOBAL ANALYTICS CAPABILITIES: Our Global Director of Marketing Science serves as lead on the group that manages Tracking studies, DR analytics, medical marketing research, author support statistics services _ All of our below-the-line projects have built-in tracking and measurement _ For larger projects, we can draw on the resources of Euro RSCG offices globally_ FLEXIBLE PARTNERING: We can provide turnkey services across the marketing measurement cycle. Or we can work to integrate information streams from your databases and those of third-party vendors_ A NETWORK BEHIND US: When customized analytics are required, we have access to our network for specialized analyses 96
  40. 40. Thank you 97