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  1. 1. SEX!!!!!!Brittany Robinson Health and PE
  2. 2. Let’s Start with the Parts: The Reproductive System is the organs that are involved in sexual intercourse and in-turn reproduction Made up of internal and external organs; also includes hormones and glandsThe reproductive systembegins to mature atpuberty; whentestosterone begins tospike
  3. 3. The Male SidePenis: A tube shaped organ that extendsfrom the body just above the testes
  4. 4. The Male Side At birth, the penis has a covering of thin loose skin called Foreskin that covers the head Often, this foreskin is removed at birth. This procedure is known as a Circumcision.In the U.S. 60-70% ofbaby boys arecircumcised.
  5. 5. To Circumcise or Not?Research what cultures/ religions havediffering views on this subject.Find at least three differentcultures/religions and what their viewsare.
  6. 6. To Circumcise or Not?Pros of Circumcision: Can reduce the prevalence of HIV  Sub-Sahara Africa = 68% decrease Decreased risk of urinary tract infections No risk of infections surrounding foreskin
  7. 7. To Circumcise or Not?Cons of Circumcision: May increase meatitis- inflammation of the opening of the penis May decrease sexual satisfaction for both partners
  8. 8. To Circumcise or Not?There is major controversy over whether ornot circumcising new-born babies is ethical ornot.Do you think that this is a violation of theinfant’s human rights/freedom of choice?
  9. 9. The Male SideScrotum: external skin sac that contains the testesTestes/ Testicles: are two small glands that producesperm
  10. 10. The Male SideSperm is the male reproductive cell
  11. 11. The Male SideThe scrotum protects the sperm in the testes, it alsohelps keep the sperm at 98.6 degrees F, or normalbody temperature.If it’s too warm, the suspensory ligament and scrotummuscles drop the testes down.If it’s too cold, the opposite occurs, and pulls thetestes in closer to the body.
  12. 12. The Male SideWhen puberty hits, the testes start to secretetestosterone and producing sperm.This increase in testosterone and the presence ofsperm results in the ability for males to experience anerection. An erection occurs when there is an increase in bloodflow to the penis.
  13. 13. The Male SideMany different things can cause this increase in bloodflow, especially during pubescent years.Even the friction of clothing can sometimes causearousal. This can be a cause of embarrassment formany young males.
  14. 14. The Male Side
  15. 15. The Male SideAt the onset of sexual stimulation, the male reproductivesystem begins producing pre-ejaculate fluid. This fluid is a clear mucous like liquid produced andsecreted through the urethra in order to balance the pHfrom the acidity of urine to a safe level for the passage ofsperm. This fluid can also serve as a natural lubricant. On rare occasion, pre-ejaculate fluid may contain sperm. Therefore, it is difficult to say that “withdrawal” (or withdrawing the penis before full ejaculation) is a safe practice for contraception.
  16. 16. The Male SideWhen the male reaches the peak of sexual arousal, aseries of muscular contractions begin to occur. These contractions bring the sperm through thereproductive pathways, mixing it in with other thingsto be secreted.
  17. 17. The Male SideEventually all is secreted through the penis(more specifically the urethra) in a substancecalled semen.Semen is a thick white or greyish fluid thatcontains sperm and other secretions from themale reproductive system.Other substances in semen include proteins,sugars, citric acid, and potassium.
  18. 18. The Male SideThe average volume of semen producedin a single ejaculation varies from 2 to 5ml.
  19. 19. The Male SideThe semen from a single ejaculation maycontain between 40 million and 600million sperm, depending on the volumeof the ejaculate and the length of timesince the last ejaculation.
  20. 20. The Male Side
  21. 21. The Male SideThis amount of sperm is alarming considering it takesonly one sperm to fertilize a female egg.
  22. 22. The Male SideProblems with male reproductive organs Impotence Sterility Inguinal Hernia Testicular Cancer
  23. 23. The Male SideImpotence: consistent inability to sustain an erectionsufficient for sexual activity or the inability to achieveejaculation Risk of this problem increases with age Other causes: Poor diet Lack of physical activity Diabetes Smoking Alcohol Depression Stress
  24. 24. The Male SideTreatment: Stopping any activity that may cause the problem Prescription medication
  25. 25. The Male Side
  26. 26. The Male SideSterility: male infertility> the inability to producespermCauses: Environmental factors Exposure to radiation Hormone changes Use of drugs Anabolic Steroids
  27. 27. The Male SideTight clothing that restricts the movement of thescrotum may hinder the production of sperm.
  28. 28. The Male SideInguinal Hernia: Separation of tissue allowing the intestine topush through the abdominal wall near the top of the scrotum
  29. 29. The Male SideCauses: Lifting heavy objects and or straining theabdominal muscleSymptoms: Lump in Groin Area near the thigh Pain in groin SEVERE: partial or complete intestinal blockage Surgery is usually necessary
  30. 30. The Male SideTesticular Cancer WORKSHEET!!!
  31. 31. The Male Side
  32. 32. The Male SideUse this website: do the male reproductive overview worksheet
  33. 33. The Male Side
  34. 34. The Male Side