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Top 10 Slide Tips



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Top 10 Slide Tips

  1. 1. TOP SLIDE TIPS Article by Garr Reynolds Source: LividFiction
  2. 2. Keep it Simple Source:Martin Heigan
  3. 3. Limit Text Source: Nina
  4. 4. Limit Effects Source: きうこ
  5. 5. High Quality Graphics Source: Blimiers2
  6. 6. Template Thinking Source: Ramesh
  7. 7. Simplicity Source: Sean
  8. 8. Color Matters Source: @Doug88888
  9. 9. Font Choice Source: Chrissy
  10. 10. Media Matters Source: Francesco
  11. 11. Organize! Source: Chotda

Editor's Notes

  • This is a presentation that demonstrates Garr Reynold’s Top Ten tips about slide presentations. This information can be found here
  • Keep it simple: This photo is simple and fits the background without stretching the image out. It does not distract the audience.
  • Limit Text: Your slides shoud not be filled with a lot of text and bullet points because it makes for a boring presentation. Some of the best slides have no text at all.
  • Limit Effects: Some animation is a good thing, but one should not get too carried away with it. Use no more than 2-3 different slide transitions in between slides.
  • High Quality Graphics: Use only high quality photos: digital camera, professional stock photography, and other images. Avoid using clipart or cartoon pictures. Remember to never stretch a low-resolution picture to fit the screen.
  • Template Thinking: Have a consistent theme throughout the presentation but avoid using powerpoint templates because they are boring and everyone has seen them before.
  • Simplicity: Always ask yourself how much detail do I need? Simple is better, too much data will clog up the presentation
  • Color Matters: Cool colors (blue and green) and Warm colors(organge and red). Cool colors work best for backgrounds while warm colors are generally used for objects. Color evokes emotion and feelings it is important to know a little about colors in order to persuade and motivate your audience.
  • Font Choice: Use the same font throughout the powerpoint presentation. San-serif fonts are best used in powerpoints while Serif fonts are best used in documents.
  • Media Matters: Videos are a great way to illustrate your point better and increase the interest of the audience by engaging them in the video. Avoid cheesy sound effects.
  • Organize: Present your information in small chunks so you are not overwhelming your audience. You can use slide view in order to view your slides to make sure they flow logically.
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