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Mental Disorder


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Different mental disorder.

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Mental Disorder

  1. 1. *
  2. 2. MENTAL- means the existing in the mind , or relating to the mind. DISORDER- means an illness or medical condition. MENTAL DSORDER (PSYCHOPATOLOGY) – is a dysfunction of mental ability that causes its sufferer undue distress or even disability.
  3. 3. *ANXIETY DISORDER- a child/children respond to certain things or situations with physical signs of anxiety (nervousness), such as rapid heartbeat and sweating.
  4. 4. *DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR - a child/children that defy rules and often are disruptive in structured environments, such as school.
  5. 5. *PERVASIVE DEVELOPMENT DISORDER – a child/children confused in their thinking and generally have problems understanding the world around them.
  6. 6. *EATING DISORDER – a child/children intense emotions and attitudes, as well as unusual behaviors , associated with weights and/or food.
  7. 7. *ELLIMINATION DISORDER – a child/ children affect behavior related to the elimination of body waste (feces and urine).
  8. 8. *AFFECTIVE/MOOD DISORDER – a child/children involve persistent feelings of sadness and rapidly changing moods.
  9. 9. *SCHIZOPHRENI A DISORDER – a child/children having serious disorder that involves distorted perceptions and thoughts.
  10. 10. *TIC DISORDER – a child/children cause to perform repeated sudden, involuntary and often meaningless movements and sounds.
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