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DesignIT multiplier


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Erasmus+ project DesignIT developed collaborative and gamified ideation tool for game thinking

Published in: Education
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DesignIT multiplier

  1. 1. DesignIt to gamify design thinking for Higher Education
  2. 2. How to prompt problem- solvers and designers to expand the idea and collecting feedback from users? DesignIt project develops a gamified app to enhance the process
  3. 3. DesignIt app orchestrates and amplifies team effort to collect useful information for the design challenge
  4. 4. Set the challenge Team up Compete between teams Collect and upload evidences Rank individually Share the board for advice Write evaluation report for teams Brainstorm on challenge Ask guidance Be on time Collect points Gain coins Rank boards Create canvas templates Get overviews of students’ points Gamified tool DesignIT
  5. 5. Competing design challenges
  6. 6. Using templates at design thinking phases
  7. 7. Guiding ideation with templates
  8. 8. Ideation works best at fieldwork
  9. 9. Peer evaluations and cross- group brainstorm help to improve the ideas
  10. 10. In the face-to-face class narrowing down the ideas
  11. 11. Works in different mobile devices
  12. 12. Gamified with points and coins