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Convergence culture zallman 4pmthurs_ krishan_jake_jake


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Convergence culture zallman 4pmthurs_ krishan_jake_jake

  1. 1. By Krishan, Jake and Jake
  2. 2. What is Media Convergence?  Convergence is where old and new media are incorporated into a single specific piece of work.  For example new digital devices such as Mobile phones, desktops, game consoles, etc. can be used to access the internet.
  3. 3. Henry Jenkins  Henry Jenkins suggest that we are entering a media convergence were old and new media will collide, and in some cases we see that for example the Game Guitar hero has old media (the guitar) incorporated into a new media (console).  Jenkins also suggest that there will never be a “ Black Box” which will contain all media information, maybe he is referring to the internet as the box and that there will be new sources in the near future
  4. 4. Social or Organic Convergence  This is were the consumer can multitasks with their media. For example the consumer could be watching TV and be on the internet checking their emails.
  5. 5. Global Convergence  Is when the media contains other cultures with in it. For example a soap may show someone's religion and culture background, maybe through music This films shows how Sikh religion Conflicts with western culture.
  6. 6. Economic convergence  Is basically were large companies use old and new media to their advantage by selling merchandise, or the rights of the product.  For example Daniel Radcliffe makes more money off the merchandise of Harry Potter than the actual films and Harry Potter in its self was old media made into new media.  Comic books such as Spiderman has also gone under the same route as selling merchandise than eventually making a film
  7. 7. Cultural Convergence  Is when media can be viewed or experienced on different platforms, such as a film/ TV show being watched on a TV, Computer through downloading or streaming, Games consoles etc.
  8. 8. Technological Convergence  This is where old media is being digitalized. For example books being turned into EBooks  Another example is most modern DVD players are capable of playing CDs and different formats of DVDs or CDs
  9. 9. Summary  Media convergence is happening right now and is increasing  There are 5 different types of convergence, Social or Organic, Cultural, Economic, Global and Technological