K pascarella power point final project


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K pascarella power point final project

  1. 1. H&M Potter SchoolH&M Potter School Media Center ProposalMedia Center Proposal By: Kimberly PascarellaBy: Kimberly Pascarella AndAnd Melissa PascarellaMelissa Pascarella
  2. 2. Facts about H&M Potter • One of four schools located in the Berkley Township School District • Serves 474 students in grades K-4 • Student population includes: – Gifted and Talented – Economically disadvantaged students – ESL – Special Education – Regular Education
  3. 3. H&M Potter Media Center • Students at H&M Potter rely on the media center to conduct research, extend, and supplement the daily curriculum • The goal of the media center is to provide a warm and nurturing environment to expose students to all the potential benefits of taking advantage of a fabulous media center
  4. 4. How can we improve the H&M Potter Media Center? • Using media center technology we have found the H&M Potter Media Center to be a strong one, but it is not without areas in need of improvement • According to the Follet Title Wise system the current collection is lacking in it’s reference selection for a variety of reasons
  5. 5. H&M Potter Media Center Collection Collection Analyisis 0 5 10 15 20 25 G ene ra litie s P h ilo so ph y an d P sych o lo g y R eligio n S o cia lS cien cesLa ng u ag e N atu ra lS cie n ce s/M a thT e ch no log y T h e A rts Literature an d R he toric G eog ra ph y an d H isto ry G e ne ra lF ictionR efe re nceB iog rap h y P ro fe ssio n al S tory C o lle ctio nP ap erb a ck E asy A /VP e rio dica l Classification Percentage Series1
  6. 6. Collection Weakness… Reference! • Facts about the H&M Potter reference collection - represents only 2.98% of entire collection - average age is 21 years - collection does not support the needs of a K-4 student population due to the reading levels currently available
  7. 7. A $15,000 Goal • $15,000 grant would provide H&M Potter with the necessary items to improve the reference selection and make a drastic difference in the academic life of our students by allowing for the following purchases • encyclopedia software program • reading reference books • atlases, almanacs • specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries
  8. 8. Encyclopedia Software Program • We would like to purchase the Encyclopedia Britanica Online school edition for our Media Center • Students would have access to this program in school and at home to assist with research projects
  9. 9. Almanacs • Adding a collection of almanacs would provide students with the ability to learn how to use almanacs and support current research
  10. 10. Atlases • The following atlases would improve the research selection in the H&M Potter Media Center - My Picture Atlas - National Geographic Atlas for Young Explorers - Kids Road Atlas
  11. 11. Reference Books • DK First Reference Book set including the following books - First Animal Encyclopedia, First Atlas, First Spanish Dictionary, First Encyclopedia, First Human Body Encyclopedia, and First Nature Encyclopedia
  12. 12. H&M Potter Media Center Improvement Plan Summary • Outlined here it is evident that the H&M Potter Media Center can benefit from an improvement in its reference collection • For $15,000 the Media Center can be drastically improved therefore improving the overall atmosphere and learning environment at H&M Potter