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Action Research


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Slides for action research PD

Published in: Education
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Action Research

  1. 1. Get in the Action Put Action Research Into Action In Your Library Media Program!
  2. 2. Action Research Action Research is a: “Systematic inquiry conducted by teachers and other educators to find solutions for critical, challenging, relevant issues in their classrooms and schools.” Mills, Geoffrey E, Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher, 2014. Content of this slide is taken from the action research presentation available on
  3. 3. How is action research related to our work as SLMCs? • NC Professional Standards • Evidence based practice • Process identifies needs and may help find solutions • Results may be used for advocacy • Findings will help you make data driven decisions
  4. 4. ConnectionTo Our Professional Standards Standard 5. School library media coordinators reflect on their practice. Element a. School library media coordinators analyze student learning. School library media coordinators use formative and summative assessments to collect data about student learning in the library media center and its impact on student achievement. They use multiple sources and types of data to improve their professional practice.
  5. 5. Accomplished and Distinguished • Conducts action research to determine the impact of the school library media program on student achievement. • Leverages resources to implement action research findings. • Advocates for changes to the school library media program guided by action research findings. • Collaborates with stakeholders to use action research findings in the implementation of the school library media program.
  6. 6. Attribution Unless otherwise noted, images in this presentation are in the public domain without the requirement for attribution.They are accessible on