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Health Science Information Sources: PubMed, Cochrane, and Government Pages


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This presentation shows how to access PubMed and Cochrane Collaboration (Cochrane Library) through the FAU Libraries. It also shows how both sources can be used to find articles, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. Government health agencies are also included as sources of health information and research. While many sources are available for locating scholarly health science articles, critical appraisal is an important step in selection.

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Health Science Information Sources: PubMed, Cochrane, and Government Pages

  1. 1. Health Science Information Sources: PubMed, Cochrane, and Government Pages Kristy Padron, MLIS FAU Libraries
  2. 2. Session Goals Nursing students will be able to… …utilize specialized health science databases to find articles related to his or her chosen topic. …identify the characteristics of systematic reviews. …locate government websites with nursing and healthcare information.
  3. 3. The FAU Libraries Online Available at
  4. 4. The FAU Libraries Online Log on to Off Campus Connect.
  5. 5. The FAU Libraries Online Off Campus Connect: • Log on using your Owl Card Number and then Verification Number as indicated. • Successful  log-in indicated
  6. 6. The FAU Libraries Online PubMed • A major index of health science publications. • Includes fields of medicine, nursing, heath care systems and preclinical sciences. • Created by the National Library of Medicine. • No direct cost to user to see citations. • This resource communicates with FAU library resources for additional access to journals and articles. Specialized Health Science Databases
  7. 7. The FAU Libraries Online Directions: 1. If off-campus, log onto Off Campus Connect. 2. At the Libraries’ home page, select “Research” and then “Indexes and Databases.” Specialized Health Science Databases
  8. 8. The FAU Libraries Online : PubMed 3. Go to “All Subjects” and select “Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences.”
  9. 9. The FAU Libraries Online : PubMed 4. Here is a list of the health sciences databases. Go to the link to “PubMed/MEDLINE,” and then select it.
  10. 10. The FAU Libraries Online : PubMed 5. This will take you to PubMed’s search page. Begin Search
  11. 11. The FAU Libraries Online : PubMed List of Results. Limiters.
  12. 12. The FAU Libraries Online : PubMed Select title for more detailed article information and links to its full text.
  13. 13. The FAU Libraries Online : PubMed Article Citation. Abstract of Article.
  14. 14. Getting to a Full Text Article • Select “PDF/Full-Text” or any link that states ‘full text’ to see an article. • Use “Find it @ FAU” link to access full-text articles when a full text link is not available. • Some articles are not available online; we may not subscribe to a particular journal, or it is not freely available anywhere else. • Use Interlibrary Loan to receive an article that is not available through the FAU Libraries. The FAU Libraries Online : PubMed
  15. 15. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library (aka Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews) • Systematic review: exhaustive summary of literature relevant to a health care topic. • Meta-analysis: Various studies are reviewed and (statistically) combined to increase the power of the findings of studies.
  16. 16. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library • Both systematic reviews and meta-analyses draw their information from studies selected based on specific, pre-established criteria (e.g., population, hypothesis, methodology). • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are considered as being high levels of evidence and are often used to inform practice.
  17. 17. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library Systematic Reviews: • Multiple studies are reviewed and findings are summarized. • The studies selected for a systematic review are based on pre-established criteria such as patients/population, study design, or treatment. Study #1 Study #2 Systematic Review: Summary and Findings from Selected Studies #1 – 3
  18. 18. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library Meta analysis: • Data from multiple studies are combined and then statistically analyzed. • The studies selected also were based on pre-established criteria (patients/ population, treatment, study design, etc.). • Conclusions are based on statistical results. Study #1 and Data Study #2 and Data Meta analysis: Combined Data from Studies #1 – 3 And Conclusions
  19. 19. Go to the database following the same directions as PubMed, except select “C” and then “The Cochrane Library” on the database pages. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library
  20. 20. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library Three ways to search: 1. Basic search. 2. Advanced Search. 3. Browse by Topics. Urinary Catheters
  21. 21. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library List of results. Select a title article link for additional information. The tabs indicate the type of report.
  22. 22. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library Information about the article: Author and publication information. Abstract Links to Full Text. Additional Features (export citation, e-mail link, etc.).
  23. 23. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library View of Full Article (PDF). Full article includes complete analysis of each reviewed study. Standard has the complete report without analysis of each reviewed study.
  24. 24. The FAU Libraries Online : The Cochrane Library Full Article. Use the icons to navigate the page and for other features (Print, Save).
  25. 25. Nursing Websites In addition to indexes & databases, many nursing organizations communicate their activities, research and information through their websites. Sometimes an institution may have limited or no access to subscription-based (and often expensive) indexes and databases. • Many nursing and health care professionals utilize these sites for information because they are usually free. • Most PubMed users are outside the U.S. and benefit from the information available (developing countries).
  26. 26. Nursing Websites Government Agencies The U.S. government is the largest publisher in the world. Its many agencies publish their activities, data and research. – U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: – Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality: – Center for Disease Control: – Healthfinder:
  27. 27. Critical appraisal of information is very important! • Author(s) • Type of publication – Publications in CINAHL and other sources are not necessarily original research (e.g., opinion pieces, editorials, or non-research based). • Type of research, study premise, and appropriate use of methodology • Writing conventions and organization of ideas • Publisher/ Journal – Location/country – Open access: a publishing model that provides access to journals with minimal or no restrictions. – “Predatory” publishers: misuse of the open access model; use of questionable publishing conduct and ethics, including peer review that may result in publications with flawed or inaccurate original research. *The quality of evidence used will affect the quality of your research and outcomes!
  28. 28. Assistance • Nursing LibGuide: • Nursing Research Tutorial: tutorial • Ask a Librarian o Chat, E-mail & Text: o Phone: (561) 297-3785 • Research Consultation:
  29. 29. Good luck this semester! Kristy Padron, MLIS FAU Libraries