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Microsoft excel keyboard shortcuts


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Microsoft excel keyboard shortcuts

  1. 1. Microsoft ExcelKeyboard Shortcuts
  2. 2. Objectives• Basic Shortcuts• Selection Shortcuts• Moving Shortcuts• Formula Shortcuts• Formatting Shortcuts• References
  3. 3. Basic ShortcutsOpen Workbook Ctrl + O These shortcuts are theNew Workbook Ctrl + NSave Workbook Ctrl + S most commonly used,Print Workbook Ctrl + P and can also be used inClose Workbook Ctrl + W other Microsoft OfficeExit Excel Alt + F4Add Worksheet Shift + F11 programs, such as WordUndo Ctrl + Z or PowerPoint. TheyRedo Ctrl + Y enable one to quicklyFind and Replace Ctrl + F alter the WorkbookCopy Ctrl + CCut Ctrl + X without the use of thePaste All Ctrl + V mouse.Paste Special Ctrl + Alt + VInsert Ctrl + Shift + PlusDelete Ctrl + MinusHide Row Ctrl + 9Hide Column Ctrl + 0
  4. 4. Selection Shortcuts Select Shift + Arrow Keys Select to Edge of Range Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Keys Select Entire Row Shit + Spacebar Select Entire Column Ctrl + Spacebar Select to the End of Range Ctrl + Shift + End Select to the Beginning of Range Ctrl + Shift + Home Select Visible Data (After Hiding) Alt + Semicolon Select All Ctrl + AThese shortcuts enable one to quickly selectcells without the use of the mouse.
  5. 5. Moving Shortcuts Move One Cell Arrow Key Move to Edge of Range Ctrl + Arrow Keys Move Down a Screen Page Down Move Up a Screen Page Up Move Right a Screen Alt + Page Down Move Left a Screen Alt + Page Up Go To Ctrl + G Move to Beginning of Worksheet Ctrl + Home Move to Last Cell on the Worksheet Ctrl + End Next Worksheet Ctrl + Page Down Previous Worksheet Ctrl + Page UpThese shortcuts enable one to quickly movewithin the Workbook without the use of themouse.
  6. 6. Formula Shortcuts Edit Formula F2 Expand Formula Bar Ctrl + Shift + U Change Cell Reference Type F4 (While In Edit Formula) Fill Down Ctrl + D Fill Right Ctrl + R Fill Current Entry Into Selected Cells Ctrl + Enter Autosum Alt + Equal Cancel Entry Esc View All Formulas Ctrl + `Grave AccentThese shortcuts enable one to quickly alterformulas without the use of the mouse.
  7. 7. Formatting ShortcutsBold Ctrl + B These shortcuts enableItalics Ctrl + IUnderline Ctrl + U one to quickly alter theAdd Outside Boarder Ctrl + Shift + & format of a cell withoutRemove Outside Border Ctrl + Shift + _ the use of the mouse.Currency Format Ctrl + Shift + $Number Format Ctrl + Shift + !Percent Format Ctrl + Shift + %General Format Ctrl + Shift + ~Format Cells Ctrl + 1Font Ctrl + ShiftInsert Line Alt + Enter
  8. 8. ReferencesThere are many more shortcuts built-in Microsoft Excel whichone may learn. For any additional information please consultMicrosoft Offices website: the following Wiki: