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Claire timmy thanksgiving


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Claire timmy thanksgiving

  1. 1. THE HISTORY OF THE FIRST THANKSGIVING by Timmy Ramesy and Claire burger
  2. 2. THE LANDING OF THE MAYFLOWER  Pilgrims  Wampanoags  The pilgrims sailed  The wampanoags had from England they all ready been living crossed the Atlantic there for thousonds of ocean.(1) years.(2)  Do you think the wampanoags had more experience at living at the new land than the pilgrims?
  3. 3. SETTLING NEW LAND  Wampanoags  The wampanags had lots of experience with building houses and growing cropes(4  Mabey the wampnoags will help the pilgrims settle in?  Pilgrims  The pilgrims arrived to the new land in need of help.(3)
  4. 4. PLANTING AND HUNTING  Wampanoags  The wampanoags were experts at planting and hunting. They new how to survive .(5)  What kind of cropes did they have at the new land?  Pilgrims  The pilgrims had a lot of experience at planting to but these cropes were dirforont than they were used too.(6)
  5. 5. THE FIRST THANKSGIVING  Wampanoags  The wampanoags wanted to give thanks as well.(7)  So they started a holiday and they shared there thanks with each other.  Pilgrims  The pilgrims wanted to give thanks on a sertan day. (8)
  6. 6. THANKSGIVING !!!!! Wampanoags Now that we celabrate thanksgiving we share are thanks (10 Pilgrims The pilgrims and the wampanoags love thanksgiving and so do we!!! (9)
  7. 7. SOOO? So how do you celabrate thanksgiving in your house?
  8. 8. THE GIRL WHO SAVED THANKSGIVING Did you no that we almost lost thanksgiving! We needed a super hero but who? Thats right her name was shara! She was a danty little lady! But never underestamate danty little ladys!
  9. 9. HOW DID SHARA SAVE THANKSGIVING  Well she wrote and wrote letters with her secret wepen a PEN! It toke her 38 years to acompish this but her work payed off finaly after 38 years aberham Lincon agreed to make thanksgiving a natinal holiday thank you shara!