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Seoul Entertainment: The official Hallyu guide to Seoul


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Seoul Entertainment: Shine Like a Star
Last posted : 2014-02-27
The official Hallyu guide to Seoul
Seoul, the epicenter of Hallyu lights up the world!
The streets of Seoul are full of celebrated places
where Hallyu stars like to hang out just like from the scenes of TV programs.
Seoul introduces Hallyu tourism to visitors
who want to see and experience Hallyu!
The guidebook guides tourists who want to enjoy
the glamorous world of Hallyu around every inch of Seoul,
from unknown hidden attractions to well-known landmarks
including their background stories.
With Seoul, you will shine like a Hallyu star!

You can download the latest version at
You can find homes to stay in Seoul at

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Seoul Entertainment: The official Hallyu guide to Seoul

  1. 1. Entertainment Entertainment ul eo S Shine like a star Hallyu Official Tourist Guide Shine like a star
  2. 2. CONTENTS 가이드북 지도 범례 호텔・유스호스텔 박물관・전시관 Hallyu Seoul 04 All about Hallyu 06 Recommended Itinerary for Each Hallyu Theme 07 K-POP , K-DRAMA , K-STAR , K-TV SHOW Hallyu Attractions by Districts 11 STAGE A. Running Field 12 City Hall, Myeongdong Enjoy Seoul Landmarks Seen On TV Programs 18 STAGE B. Peaceful Scene Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insa-dong Imagine a Scene from a Historical Drama STAGE C. Energetic Story Dongdaemun, Daehangno Enjoy a 24 Hour-date in Dynamic Seoul 24 STAGE D. Fantastic Zone Hongdae Trendy Youth Hotspot Packed with Music and Art 30 STAGE E. Romantic Drama Yongsan, Yeouido Just like a Couple from a Romantic Drama 36 STAGE F. Glamorous Place Gangnam Expect a Surprise Encounter with Hallyu Celebrities 42 STAGE G. Entertaining World Jamsil, Ttukseom Experience Dynamic and Exciting Hallyu 공연장 가이드북 지도 범례 Key to Symbols 쇼핑 Accommodation 호텔・유스호스텔 관광안내소 Museum / Exhibition Hall 박물관・전시관 음식점 Performance Hall 공연장 경찰서 Shopping 쇼핑 우체국 Tourist Information Center 관광안내소 대사관 Restaurant 음식점 병원 Station Police 경찰서 은행 Post Office 우체국 학교 Embassy 대사관 대학교 Hospital 병원 극장 Bank 은행 클럽 School 학교 University 대학교 Theater 극장 클럽 Club 가이드북 여행정보 범례 50 운영시간 Opening Hours 가는길 Location 전화번호 Inquiries 가이드북 여행정보 범례 홈페이지 Website 운영시간 Publishing Date Fabruary 2014 가는길 Published by Seoul Metropolitan 전화번호 Government, Tourism Business Division 홈페이지 Planning and Production aCreatvie Design aCreatvie UNESCO World Heritage Accommodation Museum / Exhibition Hall UNESCO World Heritage Performance Hall Accommodation Shopping Museum / Exhibition Hall Tourist Information Center Performance Craft Studio Hall Shopping Restaurant Tourist Information Center Police Station Craft Studio Post Office Restaurant Embassy Police Station Hospital Post Bank Office Embassy School Hospital University Bank Seoul Free Wi-Fi * School Airport Limousine City Tour Bus University CasinoFree Wi-Fi * Seoul Theater Limousine Airport Club Tour Bus City Casino * Seoul Free Wi-Fi Available Area Theater Club Charge * Seoul Free Wi-Fi Hours Available Area Foreign Assistance Location Charge Tourist Information 54 Map & Route Map 56 STAMP 59 Travel information about Seoul : Call 120 and then press 9 when you hear a recorded message in Korean. (You can choose from the following languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian.) Contact Hours Website Assistance Foreign Location Contact Website 발행일 2014년 1월 발행처 서울특별시(관광사업과) 발행인 서울특별시장 기획・제작 서울관광마케팅(주) 디자인 (주)에이크리에이티브 발행일 2014년 1월 발행처 서울특별시(관광사업과) 발행인 서울특별시장 기획・제작 서울관광마케팅(주) 디자인 (주)에이크리에이티브 Hallyu Official Tourist Guide
  3. 3. Shine like a star Seoul, the epicenter of Hallyu lights up the world! The streets of Seoul are full of celebrated places where Hallyu stars like to hang out just like from the scenes of TV programs. Seoul introduces Hallyu tourism to visitors who want to see and experience Hallyu! The guidebook guides tourists who want to enjoy the glamorous world of Hallyu around every inch of Seoul, from unknown hidden attractions to well-known landmarks including their background stories. With Seoul, you will shine like a Hallyu star! C B Energetic Story Peaceful Scene A D Fantastic Zone Running Field G Entertaining World E Romantic Drama F Glamorous Place HALLYU Frame These frames introduce special Hallyu attractions in Seoul! Why don’t you take a photo of yourself enjoying Seoul with the HALLYU Frames located at each Hallyu attraction? STAMP Y ou can get a special stamp at the attraction which has a Hallyu Frame mark on its photo. (See p.59) INDEX By district A B C D E F G Running Field Peaceful Scene Energetic Story Fantastic Zone Romantic Drama Glamorous Place Entertaining World By theme K-POP K-DRAMA K-STAR K-TV SHOW 4 .5
  4. 4. All about Recommended Itinerary for each Hallyu Theme Hallyu began in the 1990s when popular Korean movies and TV drama series were exported and began to attract fans overseas. Since the 2000s, Hallyu, or the craze for Korean popular culture that first spread throughout Asia, has expanded to Korean culture in general to include music, games, TV programs, etc. opening up a new era of Hallyu. Let’s find out more about the representative domains of Hallyu, which has become a global culture trend. K-Pop, which started with the ‘90s Korean TV drama series OSTs, led to the explosion of various genres of Korean pop music. Led by teen idols such as the pop singers Super Junior and KARA, K-Pop truly came under the global spotlight with Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2012.(Recommended K-Pop itinerary p.7) K-POP, K-DRAMA, K-STAR, K-TV SHOW These themed itineraries can guide visitors to search for hidden stories under each theme. The itinerary is recommended for tourists who haven’t yet decided on their destination among the infinite attractions of Seoul. Get out and enjoy the Hallyu tour! K-Pop Street of Youth Korean TV drama series, which were first exported to China in 1997, started spreading in Japan in the beginning of the 2000s when the transmission of ‘Winter Sonata’ led to the ‘Yonsama Craze’. Now, with a wide range of genres, K-Dramas are being exported beyond Asia to the Middle East. (Recommended itinerary p.8) K-Drama Every street in Hongdae is full of the passion and energy of youth. What kind of K-Pop can we experience in the most youthful and joyful space in Seoul? PM 16:00 PM 23:00 PM 20:30 PM 17:00 Famous actors and singers who have become well-known through various Hallyu contents are being born again as world stars thanks to their dynamic activities. We look forward to the outstanding exploits of many Hallyu icons who are leading the Hallyu trend with their own brand values. K-Star Club nb Enjoy a night out in Hongdae filled with youthful energy! (Recommended itinerary p.9) The interest in Korean TV programs, which began with K-Dramas, has extended to other reality variety shows, and the number of fans is greatly increasing. ‘Running Man’ has gained tremendous popularity overseas and ‘We Got Married’ a reality variety show is being produced in an overseas version with popular Hallyu stars. (Recommended itinerary K-Tv Show p.10) TWOSOME STUDIO Experience the sensitivity of Teddy, K-Pop’s representative producer. See p.31 XINDIE Hongdae Noriteo Hongdae Noriteo, a mecca of street performances! Experience a boisterous flea market with a fun atmosphere along with great music. See p.31 See p.32 Let’s see a performance in Hongdae where the next K-Pop star will be born! See p.35 6 .7
  5. 5. K-Drama Time Travel Action Scene Let’s take a break from digital civilization for a day. From the beautiful old palace that appeared in Moon Embracing the Sun to Yeorangjae House, the background to Personal Taste, your day will be filled with graceful beauty. The ultimate reverse side of Hallyu - from sweet soft charms to fastpaced action and excitement! Let’s go and see the dynamic action spots in Seoul where tense action scenes involving gun battles and psychological warfare were filmed. PM 14:00 AM 11:00 PM 15:30 PM 16:00 PM 12:00 PM 20:00 PM 21:00 PM 13:30 Jamsil Heliport Gyeongbokgung (Palace) Yeorangjae (Bukchon Hanok Village) COEX Let’s fly over Seoul by helicopter like a spy does! Dress up in a gorgeous Hanbok and become the main character of a historical drama. The place where Kae-in (Son Ye-jin) and Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho) lived happily together in the drama Personal Taste! The place where numerous car chase scenes have been filmed! See p.52 Tongin Market Let’s have lunch at a traditional Korean market! See p.20 See p.21 See p.20 Gentleman Today, let’s hit the road to look for the main characters of our favorite Hallyu dramas. You might just meet ‘your gentleman’ somewhere. OB's CABIN What kind of conversations did Ki-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) and Jung-goo (Sung Ji-roo) have in the drama Lights and Shadows? See p.22 Riverview 8th Avenue See p.52 A hideout for villains that appeared in Hallyu dramas.See p.51 K-Star If you are curious about a day in the life of a Hallyu star why don’t you try a luxurious day out in Gangnam, where you can experience everything from body line management and beauty shops to luxury shopping? PM 14:00 PM 20:00 AM 11:00 The place where secret meetings are held in action dramas! See p.52 Luxury PM 17:00 Ttukseom Hangang Park PM 18:00 PM 13:00 PM 23:00 PM 16:00 Mural Village in Ihwa-dong Jung Art Gallery There may be a cute young guy like the one in the drama A Gentleman’s Dignity there! See p.27 Nouveautes A love story with a handsome coffee shop owner like the one in the drama 49 Days could be possible! See p.28 A romantic time with Park Yoo-chun, the charming prince who came back from the past in the drama Rooftop Prince! See p.25 Naksan Park SPA-the-el 10 CORSO COMO Perfect nighttime walks along the fortress trail with Eun Shi-Kyung (Jo Jung-suk) in the drama The King 2 Hearts! Recharge your energy for a perfect day with beauty and body line management! Get ready for a groovy night of luxury shopping! It is hard not to spend, spend, spend in there! See p.25 See p.43 Ra Beauty Core Experinence a Perfect makeup of Hallyu Stars! See p.47 See p.46 Club ANSWER/Ellui Now, it’s time to have a big night out! See p.48 8 .9
  6. 6. K-Tv Show Running Man How to Enjoy Hallyu Seven Stages of Hallyu Seoul! Where are the places where Yoo Jae-suk won a game, Song Ji-hyo and Gary had an affectionate quarrel or Lee Kwang-soo betrayed his team? Experience Running Man achieving great popularity around the world! PM 14:00 AM 10:00 PM 19:00 PM 12:00 What kinds of Hallyu dramas andshows have been filmed around Seoul? And which Hallyu stars have been there? Hallyu Attractions by Districts Experience fascinating and unconventional Hallyu stories in seven districts. Seoul Museum of History Gwanghwamun The venue where previously Square unseen images of members The Running Man bowling of Running Man were championship was held in the exhibited! See p.13 Square. See p.13 Seoul Metropolitan Library/ Citizens’ Hall The episode that took place in the historic building of the Hall and the Library carried us back into the past. AM 11:00 Is it true that the actors in Running Man took on a high jump challenge here? See p.17 See p.13 We Got Married Myeongdong Street STAGE A. Running Field We Got Married, a reality TV show with the unique idea of imaginary marriages between Korean celebrities, gained great popularity. Running for over five years, and the repeated creation and separation of many different couples, the show is still loved by lots of fans. City Hall, Myeongdong Enjoy Seoul Landmarks Seen On TV Programs STAGE B. Peaceful scene Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insa-dong Imagine a Scene from a Historical Drama STAGE C. Energetic Story Dongdaemun, Daehangno Enjoy a 24 Hour-date in Dynamic Seoul PM 17:00 PM 13:00 PM 19:00 Hongdae Trendy Youth Hotspot Packed with Music and Art STAGE E. Romantic Drama Yongsan, Yeouido Just like a Couple from a Romantic Drama STAGE F. Glamorous Place Seoul Marina Club Yacht The place where the couple Re;Code Shop Nichkhun and Victoria held a The couple Jeong Jin-woon romantic wedding! and Ko Joon-hee made their See p.37 own individual style of clothes at this Shop! See p.40 C B STAGE D. Fantastic Zone D E A G F Gangnam Expect a Surprise Encounter with Hallyu Celebrities STAGE G. Entertaining World B ONE Let’s enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the Club like the couple Lee Jangwoo and Ham Eun-jung! See p.40 Itaewon Land Jamsil, Ttukseom Experience Dynamic and Exciting Hallyu Let’s have a relaxed and comfortable evening like Jung Yong-hwa and Seohyun! See p.40 10 . 11
  7. 7. A Running Field STAGE. A 01 Gwanghwamun Square, was the location of a gunfight scene in the Gwanghwa- series Iris, as well as a bowling game involving the protagonists mun of the TV show Running Man. The Square Square is much loved by tourists TV drama series Iris, as a souvenir photo spot. City Hall, Myeongdong Enjoy Seoul Landmarks Seen on TV Programs Seoul’s charming scenery makes the show Running Man look all the more glamorous on TV. Where are the places where the members of Running Man run about tirelessly every week? Experience all the excitement of Hallyu in the middle of Seoul by visiting the mission places of Running Man. Today, you can be a “master of Hallyu!” Variety show Running Man STAGE B p.18 Sejong Center for the Performing Arts 1 8 6 5 Post Office Cheonggye Plaza Deoksoo Elementary School Koreana Hotel British Embassy Russian Embassy 12 04 7 Plaza Hotel 8 aero ng-d Sejo nS tat eo 1 Line Seoul Station Seoul Station Line 4 5 4 1 6 8 7 Chungmuro Station 2 3 Prince Hotel 15 Zaemirang Seoul Youth Hostel See p.17 Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy LILA Elementary School 14 Namsan cable Car Station N Seoul Tower Namsangol Hanok Village o ur Post office 2 13 14 4 all ity W Police Box Seoul Tex Palace Hotel Hotel New Oriental Hotel ul C 2 1 8 9 4 Woori Bank 4 3 Seo 2 Line y oh 3 2 1 9 10 8 g Station Myeong-don g-ro 6 7 He 12 Toegye-ro n Sogo Swedish Embassy ion 09:00~20:00 Located about 300m away from SubExhibition 02-729way Line 1, Jonggak Station, Exit 5 9497/ Tourism information 02-1330 m 6 3 Seoul Global Culture Tourism Center Post Office SPAO/ Everysing Sejong Hotel 8 ng ro Shinsegae Department Store 5 K Story Myeongdong Cathedral KTO Hallyu Exhibition Hall is filled with Hallyu Stars’ items and products. The place offers visitors various attractive Hallyu MD products and Korea tourism information services. 7 11 5 6 7 Namdaemun Market 7 Sungnyemun (Gate) 09 Post Office -ro un daem o Seoul Station 08 Lotte Young Plaza Chilpae-r 9 Café Droptop 07 Sinseon Seol Converse nongtang Custom 06 Studio 10 Myon Bank of Korea Money Museum Nam 05 Exhibition / Experience Hall of Hallyu Stars 6 u Ch Uiju El Salvador Embassy 1 2 3 Euljiro 3(sam)ga Station 12 11 10 Line 2 Lotte Dept.Store Lotte Duty Free Shop(9F 10F) Lotte Dept.Store Avenuel 6 tion Sta Eulji-ro 03 Korea Tourism Organization, Hallyu Exhibition Hall 5 Line 3 9 Dominican Republic Embassy Ramada Hotel Suites Seoul Namdaemun 1 ro Seos 2 all 2 4 1 Euljiro 1(il)ga Station 5 7 6 ng- Line -ro omun 11 H City m 4 Seoul 8 Metropolitan Library/ Lotte Citizens’Hall Hotel Lotte Town Weekdays 09:00~20:00 Weekends, National Holidays 09:00~18:00 Located about 700m away from Subway Line 02-724-0274 www. 5, Gwanghwamun Station, Exit 7 Strea 3 o Sog SeoulMuseum Of Art 10 heon a Station Deoksugung (Palace) 03 Singaporean Embassy Korea Tourism Organization, City Hall Station 2 Line 1 Samilgyo Tourist Information Center Cheo nggy Police Box ec Hallyu Exhibition Hall 5 3 Jeongdong Theater Jong-ro Bosingak (belfry) 5 New Kukje Hotel Best Western New Seoul Hotel 4 9 Euljiro 3(sam)g Canada Embassy Sejong-daero Citi Bank 2-1 10 11 1 2 Jongno 3(sam)ga Station 15 14 13 12 n Sejong-ro Dongwha Duty Free Shop Tapgol Park 2 3-1 1 3 Jonggak Station 6 4 4 7 The Running Man race took place with Victoria and Lee Joon at the Museum. The couple in the romantic comedy drama Me Too, Flower had their first date here too. Visitors can get a stamp at the information desk of the Museum. 8 Statio 3 e5 TV Variety show Running Man STAMP 7 m)ga Gwanghwamun Station Lin Gyeonghuigung (Palace) 5 Line 02 Seoul Museum of History 200m 6 Jongno 3(sam)ga Station 5 4 3 Center Mark Hotel Gwanghwamun Square 2 100 o 3(sa Seoul Museum of History 0 Jongn 02 US Embassy 01 Located about 200m away from Subway Line 5, Gwanghwamun Station, Exit 8 1 04 Seoul Metropolitan Library / Citizens’ Hall TV Variety show Running Man, Psy’s Gentleman M/V STAMP The mission from Running Man was carried out at the Seoul Metropolitan Library and Seoul Citizens’ Hall. Let’s take a photo with the cast members of Running Man! What’s more, Psy’s music video of Gentleman was filmed here. Visitors can get a stamp at the information desk on the first basement level of Citizens’ Hall. (Summer season) 9:00~21:00/ (Winter season) 9:00~20:00 Subway 02-739-9922, Lines 1 and 2, City Hall Station, Exit 4 12 . 13
  8. 8. STAGE A Running Field City Hall, Myeongdong 05 Café DROPTOP 09 TV drama series Phantom At Café Droptop, a chic and cozy coffee shop, Woo-hyun (So Ji-sub) and Kang-mi (Lee Yeon-hee) talked about a case in the series Phantom, which is all about cyber-crimes. (Weekdays) 07:00~23:00, (Saturdays, Sundays, Located about National Holidays)08:00~23:00 70m away from Subway Line 2, Euljiro 1(il)ga Station, 02-3789-7801 Exit 5 K Story A Hallyu Theme Cafe Run by the Sister of Super Junior Member Hee-chul The cafe is filled with various exciting items such as personally signed posters of Hallyu stars and stars’ cherished items and clothes. that Hee-chul’s sister collected while working in the entertainment business. The cafe sells products related to Hallyu stars and fan club items. Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 6 (go straight at the street on the left) → Turn left at Nature Republic (Myeongdong branch) → Second floor (K Story) of the building opposite UNIQLO (Myeongdong branch) 06 Converse Custom Studio 10 Myon TV reality show We Got Married TV Reality show We Got Married At this studio, the energetic lovely young couple, Hwang Kwang-hee and Han Sun-hwa, from We Got Married made their own shoes. Why not try your hand at printing memories of Korea into the shoes regardless of your painting skills! Let’s print our memories of Hallyu tourism into photo stickers at Myon (specialty store of photo stickers) like the couples Tae-min and Na-eun, and Kwang-hee and Sun-hwa from We Got Married. 10:00~20:00 Located about 300m away from 02Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 6 777-4040 In the basement of the building opposite BASIC HOUSE, about 340m from Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 8 07 Sinseon Seolnongtang TV drama series Brilliant Legacy Sinseon Seolnongtang is the restaurant that appeared in the series Brilliant Legacy, which is a ‘family’ story based on the inheritance of a major property by the food chaebeol family. Visitors can enjoy warm rich food at the restaurant. Open 24 hours a day Located about 400m away from Subway Line 2, Euljiro 1(il)ga Station, Exits 5, 6 02-777-4531 11 Seoul Global Culture Tourism Center Hallyu Experience Programs STAMP Good news for tourists who are interested in EXO’s dance or KARA’s make-up! The Center offers visitors various Hallyu experience programs! Visitors can get a stamp at the information desk inside the center. 10:30~20:00 5th floor of the M Plaza Building (ZARA building), about 200m away from Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 6 02-3789-7961 Hallyu Experience Programs for Foreign Tourists at the Seoul Global Culture Tourism Center 08 Lotte Young Plaza (Shopping Mall) Program K-Beauty Make-Up K-Pop shop of SM and YG Entertainments Visitors can discover the fascinating world of K-Pop idols at Lotte Young Plaza, which is connected to Euljiro 1(il)ga Station. They can also find SM star goods at the Pop-up Store on the basement level of the building and YG goods at KUHO shop on the 2nd floor. Let’s create memories of our favorite Korean idol stars with various Hallyu MD goods.(*Check the opening of pop-up store before you visit.) 11:30~21:30 Located about 400m away from Subway Line 2, Euljiro 02-771-2500 1(il)ga Station, Exit 7 Date Time July ~ December (Once a month) K-Style Hairstyling April, June, August, October(4 times) Fridays 16:00~17:30 Thursdays 16:00~17:30 K-Pop Dance Class Fusion Taekwondo Class March/April, May/June, April/May, SeptemJuly/August, Sept./Nov. ber/ November (4 seasons) (2 seasons) Wearing a Hanbok Every day Wednesdays 16:00~17:30 Saturdays 16:00~17:30 10:30~12:00, 14:00~18:00 Contents Learning Hallyu star’s make-up Learning Hallyu star’s hairstyling Learning K-Pop dances Fusion dance mixed with Taekwondo Wearing traditional Korean clothes, Hanbok Cost Free of charge Free of charge 10,000 won/season (8 times) 10,000 won/ season (8 times) Free for individuals, 3,000 won/person for groups and reservations 14 . 15
  9. 9. A 12 SPAO/Everysing Shopping Paradise for Hallyu Lovers! Multi-store operated by SM Entertainment What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, EXO, or F(x)? The agent SM Entertainment offers everything about its store here. SPAO offers SM idols’ fashion, while Everysing offers unreleased videos and special goods of SM idols. Sejong-daero チ ン ョ ゲ チ ン ョ ( 清渓 川 Let’s enjoy a sensory shopping experience. From Myeongdong Street with youthful energy )of Hallyu to Namdaemun Market offering a traditional Korean market culture! If you are ready to immerse yourself in Hallyu Shopping’s charm, let’s go right now! 11:00~23:00 Located about 50m from Subway Line 4, (SPAO) 02-319-3850, (Everysing) Myeongdong Station, Exit 6 02-778-9850 4 13 Zaemirang 2 3 5 Korean Cartoon Culture Space 2 Seoul Metropolitan Library/Citizens’ Hall ‘ 대한민 국이 입헌군 주제를 채택했다면? 11 y Cit 10 9 1 Line Bank of Korea Money Museum 100m Hallyu Goods Shopping, Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center Seoul Royal Hotel Myeongdong Theater Noon Square CGV Woori Bank Myeongdong Kyoja Myeongdong Kyoja (Main Shop) M PLAZA ALAND Seoul Global Culture Tourism Center Seoul Central Post Office NATURE REPUBLIC Shinhan Bank n-ro aemu Shinsegae Department Store amd N Mesa Jungang Shopping Center 15 Namsangol Hanok Village Samick Fashion Town Fasion City Ladies Apparel Market Hana Bank Namdaemun Market 5 3 Shinsegae Department Store (Main Building) 6 n tio Sta 1 2 Seoul Rex Hotel Palace Line 4 Toegye-ro Beauty Shopping, Myeongdong Cosmetics Street 7 Traditional Market Shopping, Namdaemun Market Post Office Sejong Hotel 7 9 10 8 ion Stat Myeongdong 4 New Oriental Hotel 3 2 1 Prince Hotel * ecommended shops : R MISSHA, THE FACESHOP, Aritaum, SKIN FOOD, Etude House, etc. 4 4 6 Migliore 5 Namdaemun Market sells a massive variety of products ranging from electronic appliances to kitchenware to accessories. Sogong-ro Line Ho ehy eon Daedo Arcade Namdaemun Market Movie Hwang Jin-yi (April~Oct.) 09:00~21:00, (Nov.~March) 09:00~20:00 Located about 200m from Subway Lines 3 and 4, Chungmuro Station, Exits 3, 4 02-2264-4412 50 IBIS The Bank of Korea Luxury Shopping, Lotte, Shinsegae Dept. Stores Duty-free shopping is available at Lotte Dept. Store. 10:00~24:00 (Opening hours differ at each facility) Take a ride on the Namsan cable car, located about 360m from Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 3 02-3455-9277 Traces of old Seoul can be seen in Namsangol Hanok Village, where the raving beauty Hwang Jin-yi (Song Hye-kyo) threw a feast in the movie. The village offers a wide range of programs such as wearing Hanbok (traditional Korean cloth), making Hanji (traditional Korean paper), and traditional Korean medical treatment. Lotte Young Plaza 0 Eulji-ro There are numerous Hallyu star goods from K-Pop CDs to accessories. -ro Like lovely couples from We Got Married, the love of many couples will grow deeper at the N Seoul Tower. A stamp will be provided at the information desk (B1) of the N Seoul Tower. 8 ong TV Reality shows We Got Married, Infinite Challenge STAMP 7 t ll S Ha Lotte Dept.Store Lotte Duty Free Shop Lotte AVENUEL Sog 14 N Seoul Tower n atio 5 6 Lotte Town 6 12 ’ 7 Lotte Hotel Westin Chosun Hotel Hotel the Plaza 1 09:00~18:00 (Closed on Mondays and National Located about 360m from Subway Holidays) Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 3 4 Euljiro 1(il)ga Station 8 City Hall Station The Zaemirang covers 5 floors of the building and is entirely devoted to cartoons. Let’s read the original cartoon of Princess Hours, a TV drama series consisting of a prince’s love story, starring Yoon Eun-hye and Ju Ji-hoon. 1 Line 2 3 un-ro City Hall, Myeongdong daem Running Field Hallyu Travel Tip! Nam STAGE A Fashion Shopping, Myeongdong Fashion Street * ecommended shops : R ZARA, GIORDANO, SPAO, A Land, Forever 21, etc. 16 . 17 ity lC ou Se ll Wa
  10. 10. B Peaceful Scene STAGE. B 01 Green House Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insa-dong Imagine a Scene from a Historical Drama TV drama series Secret Garden Green House is the Korean restaurant where the scene of Gil Ra-im (Ha Ji-won) breaking up with Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin) in the drama Secret Garden was filmed. Although Seoul may look like a glamorous and crowded city to many people, the real reason why Seoul is beautiful is because Seoul is a city where tradition and modernity Coexist in harmony. Visitors will get a real sense of Hallyu by walking around Gyeongbokgung Palace and the old paths that embrace the history of Seoul, the capital of Korea. You can become one of the main characters of a historical drama while enjoying the old atmosphere of Seoul. 03 Kim Chong Yung 01 Green House 0 Museum 02 Sanmotoonge 100 09:30~21:30 Subway Line 4, Gireum Station, Exit 3 → Take bus Nos. 153 or 7211 → Get off at Ilseong Apartment bus stop → Walk toward the left → Go straight for about 400m after turning right 02-395at the intersection → Green House is situated on the left 4920, 4924 02 200m Sanmotoonge Cafe Samcheong-dong Culture Street Cafe Gallery K·O·N·G 04 Kookmin Bank Cheongwadae Sarangchae 05 2 1 Tongui The National Police Box Palace Museum of Korea 3 4 Gwanghwamun 5 6 10 Kyobo Book Center 1 Line 1 Saemunan-ro Taiwan Consulate Lin e 5 Austrian Embassy Australia Embassy Finland Embassy 6 5 Seoul Gwangjang Market Art Cinema 6 SSamziegil Nakwon Arcade Jongno 3(sam)ga Station Center Mark 5 Hotel Line 5 2 3-1 3 Jonggak Station 5 4 YMCA Tourist Hotel 14 Tapgol Park 4 LOTTE CINEMA Piccadilly STAGE A p.12 7 2-1 8 10 11 2 1 Jongno 3(sam)ga Station 15 OB’s CABIN Bosingak (belfry) Cheonggye Plaza 3 9 Police Box 14 13 Jong-ro 12 Seoul Cinema Donhwamun-ro Dongwha Duty Free Shop 6 Portuguese Embassy 13 tion Gwanghwamun Square 4 7 Jogyesa Temple 12 )ga Sta Citi Bank Byeol Dabang misslee Jongmyo (Shrine) Kyodong Elementary School 3(sam Seoul Museum of History 3 Jongno Police Station Jongno 8 Gwanghwamun Station 9 Gyeonghuigung (Palace) Irish Embassy Jongno-gu Office 2 US Embassy 1 Unhyeongung (Palace) ero il-da Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Korea Exchange Bank 11 Japanese Embassy Ujeongguk-ro Sungkok Art Museum 4 6 National Museum of Korean Contemporary History Sajing-ro 8-gil tion 5 Sta Yulgok-ro Japanese Embassy Sam Central Government Complex Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency guk An 3 3 7 Line 3 Shinhan Bank Line Gyeongbokgung Station 2 In the drama The Greatest Love, a man loved by the nation and a woman hated by the nation fall madly in love with each other. The Museum, was used as Dok Ko-jin’s(Cha Seung-won) house. YONGSUSAN Biwon Constitutional Court of Korea Pungmoon Girls' High School 1 Gallery Hyundai TV drama series The Greatest Love Hwanggeumal Restaurant ro hon- Polish Embassy 11:00~22:00 Subway Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 3 → Take bus Nos. 1020 or 212 or 7022 → about 700m after getting off the bus 02-391-4737 at Buam-dong office 03 Kim Chong Yung Museum 09 Gahoe-dong Community Service Center Gallery Songadang Daelim Museum Changdeokgung (Palace) Jeongdok Public Library Bukc Woori Bank Gamrodang Samjeong Police Box -ro Daeo Bookstore Gyeongbokgung (Palace) Sonamu Gallery Yeorangjae GOSHEN Samcheo ng Hyoja-ro Tongin Market Jahamun-ro 06 The National Folk Museum of Korea 07 08 TV drama series The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince The cafe was used as a house of Hanseong(Lee Sun-gyun) in the drama The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Many fans of the drama visit the cafe. (March~Oct.)10:00~18:00, (Nov.~Feb.) 10:00~17:00 Subway Line 4, Gireum Station, Exit 3 → Take bus Nos. 153 or 211 → Get off at Lotte Samsung Apartment bus stop → On the right, at the first crosswalk, turn left and go straight ahead → The museum is situated on the left at the end of the alley in which the restaurant Bukakjeong is 02-3217-6484 situated 04 Cheongwadae Sarangchae Public Relation Center of Seoul STAMP Visitors can take a look at the ever-changing face of Seoul at a glance along with records of Korea’s former presidents. The Hallyu contents displayed in the Photo Zone have attracted many tourists. A stamp will be provided at the information desk inside the building. 09:00~18:00 (Last admission at 17:30) About 500m from 02-723-0300 Subway Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 4 18 . 19
  11. 11. STAGE B Peaceful Scene Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insa-dong 05 Tongin Market Lunchbox Cafe TV Variety shows Running Man, 2 Days 1 Night 08 Yeorangjae (Bukchon Hanok Village) TV drama series Personal Taste STAMP The members of Running Man ate some Topokki(spicy rice cake) at the Lunchbox Cafe while accomplishing their mission. Visitors can feel the energy of the market and have fun choosing their food at Tongin Market. If you want to try vanous Korean food, Tongin Market Lunchbox Cafe is highly recommended! (Weekdays) 09:00~18:00, (Saturdays) 09:00~13:00 02-722-0911 Station, Exit 2 Yeorangjae is also as well-known as Sanggojae, where Kae-in (Son Ye-jin) and Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho) live together in the drama Personal Taste. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Seoul from Yeorangjael like them. About 700m from Subway Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Located about 930m from Subway Line 3, Anguk Station, Exit 2 How to Eat at the Lunchbox Cafe ① Buy some yeopjeon (a brass coin worth 500won) at the cafe. 10 yeopjeon (5,000won) are enough for one meal. ② ith the empty lunchbox given, make your way around the Lunchbox Cafe affiliates marked with a distinctive W sticker. You can exchange one or two yeopjeon (depending on the dish) for a side dish. ③ ome back to the cafe, and enjoy a tasty meal with rice and soup by exchanging two yeopjeon(worth 1,000 C won) for each. ④ At the cafe, customers can get a coffee and drinks at a discount price of 500won each. 09 Hwanggeumal Restaurant TV drama series Twinkle, Twinkle This little restaurant featured in Twinkle, Twinkle, a series that tells the story of a woman whose life is reversed by a switch of her destiny. Customers can enjoy a tasty Korean meal in the cozy, friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. 10:30~20:00 Located about 240m from Subway Line 3, An02-736-0660 guk Station, Exit 3 06 Daeo Bookstore 10 National Museum of TV drama series Shark Korean Contemporary History At this old bookstore, Jo Hae-woo (Son Ye-jin) met Han Yi-soo (Kim Nam-gil), who believed him to be dead, once again. The Daeo Bookstore has a tradition of over 60 years. Exhibiting the evolution of Hallyu through history 10:00~22:00 Located about 600m from Subway Line 3, Gyeongbokgung 02-735-1349 Station, Exit 2 09:00~18:00 (Thursdays 09:00~21:00) Located about 300m from Subway Line 5, Gwanghwamun Sta02-3703-9200 tion, Exit 2 07 Gyeongbokgung (Palace) TV drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun Gyeongbokgung Palace, which has been used as a filming location in many Korean historical dramas, presents a living history of Korea. Let’s imagine walking in the beautiful palace dressed up nicely like Yeon-woo (Han Ga-in) and Lee Hwon (Kim Soo-hyun) from the drama The Moon Embracing the Sun. The museum comprises exhibition halls of Korean history as well as a space screening Hallyu videos. Visitors will know more about Hallyu after visiting the museum. 11 Byeol Dabang misslee TV Reality show We Got Married Dabang is a Korean word meaning ‘cafe’. The cafe has a diverse customer base ranging from young people like the couple Jung Yong-hwa and Seohyun from We Got Married to middle-aged and even elderly people. 10:00~24:00 Located about 30m from Subway 02-729-0939 Line 3, Anguk Station, Exit 6 09:00~17:00 (Last admission at 16:00) Located about 50m from Subway Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 5 02-3700-3900 20 . 21
  12. 12. STAGE B Peaceful Scene Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insa-dong B 12 SSamziegil Seoul Song M/V by Super Junior and Girl’s Generation Ssamzie-gil offers visitors attractive design craft products that combine traditional Korean beauty with a modern sensibility. It served as the background for the music video Seoul Song sung by Super Junior and Girl’s Generation. 10:30~20:30 Located about 200m from Subway Line 3, Anguk Station, Exit 6 02-736-0088 Hallyu Travel Tip! Irresistible Taste of Hallyu Street! If you haven’t tasted Korean food during your stay in Seoul, you will regret it terribly when you return home. Here are nine representative street foods of Seoul that are loved by all tourists. Be sure not to miss out on these tasty foods however busy you are sightseeing. Myeongdong Area Price 2,000~3,000 won Price 2,000 won Potato Twisters Interesting looking potato twisters, crunchy and tasty! 13 Nakwon Arcade TV Variety shows Running Man, We Got Married TV drama series Shut Up Flower Boy Band 30cm Ice-cream Super-large ice-cream, just as you like it. Tongin Market Price 5,000 won Namdaemun Market Price 3,000 won Price 1,000 won Kkultarae An elaborate traditional Korean sweet mode of honey. Price 3,000 won for 5 pieces Nakwon Arcade, is the biggest musical instrument shopping center in Seoul, which has provided the background for numerous TV programs. 09:00~20:00 Located about 190m from Subway 02-743Line 5, Jongno 3(sam)ga Station, Exit 5 4200 14 OB's CABIN TV drama series Lights and Shadows OB's CABIN, Korea’s first beer bar, retains its old atmosphere. At this bar, Kang Ki-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) and Shin Jung-goo (Sung Ji-roo) had a conversation in the drama Lights and Shadows. 11:30~01:00 Located about 20m from of 02Subway Line 1, Jonggak Station, Exit 3 732-1944 Oil Topokki (rice cakes in soy sauce / chili sauce flavors) It’s not too spicy but very savory! Vegetable Hotteok (Korean pancake) A crunchy hotteok is stuffed with well-cooked vegetables and glass noodles! King Dumpling One ‘king dumpling’ will leave you feeling full and satisfied! Gwangjang Market Price 2,000~3,000 won Mayak Gimbap Mayak means drug in Korean. This addictive little gimbap will keep you coming back for more! Price 4,000~10,000 won Bindaettoek (mung-bean pancake) A great combination of warmth, crunchiness, and flavor! Price 10,000 won King sundae It goes well with tasty, gooey Topokki. Guess what it is mode of! 22 . 23
  13. 13. C Energetic Story STAGE. C 01 Mural Village in Ihwa-dong Dongdaemun, Daehangno Have a 24 Hour-date in Dynamic Seoul TV drama series Rooftop Prince The mural village in Ihwa-dong is where Lee Gak (Park Yoo-chun) went on a fairytale date with Park-ha (Han Ji-min) in Rooftop Prince. Visitors can find the many beautiful paintings and sculptures scattered around the village, all of which were created by the ‘Art in the City’ project. Couples’ love stories are always energetic in Hallyu TV drama series based in Seoul. A 24-hourdate in dynamic Seoul is strongly recommended both for couples in a long-term relationship and for couples whose relationship has just started! Let’s create a romantic story in the dynamic city of Seoul. Hyehwa Station StarCity 3 1 09 Samcheonggak 10 OVOCO Gallery 2 Gilsangsa Temple 02 Naksan Park Marronnier Park 09 LIG The Gate Hills 대광고 11 Nouveautes Seoul City Wa 12 11 Hostel Korea 3 2 tion g Sta ldon 5 4 eo Sins 6 1 ll 4 2 n 10 1 tatio yo S ngm 3 Do ro 2 9 Dongdaemun apm Design 13 gdae 14 Plaza mun 1 12 Histo 2 ry 10 11 Cult Ramada LOTTE ure 9 Park Seoul Dongdaemun FITIN 8 7 Stati on 3 Toyoko Inn Dongdaem un History -ro 4 Toegye 6 5 7 n tio Sta ult C See p.29 dan-r e5 Lin o 05 Jangchung-dong Community Service Center 9 8 ure Pa rk 10 Chungmu Dongdaemun Art Hall Fashion Biz Center Morning Glory 06 Sindang Station City Don hung 07 am Stre Seongdong Technical High School Seoul Jungang Market 11 12 6 5 Located about 300m from Subway Line 4, Hyehwa Station, Exit 2 Jung Art Gallery Jungang Shopping Center Dasan-ro Jeil Pyeonghwa Market Seoul Folk Flea Market Naksan Park is the place where the princess had a date the drama in The King 2 Hearts. Eun Shi-Kyung (Jo Jung-suk) and Lee Jae-shin (Lee Yoon-ji) made a wish upon a shooting star at the fortress. In another drama Feast of the Gods, Choi Jae-ha (Joo Sang-wook) carried Go Joonyoung (Sung Yu-ri) on his back on this fortress trail. Nangye-ro Dongpyeonghwa Fashion Town on che gye ong 08 Hostel Korea (Sungin Branch) all ity W Hullyeonwon FashionTown Migliore Park Goodmorning Jangc Soongshin Elementary School Che ul C Dongdaemun Seo Dongho-ro Maxtyle Doota 5 Heunginjimun (Gate) 7 Pyeonghwa Market 04 6 Dongdaemun Stationery Toy Market Seoul Dongmyo Park 4 Line 6 Station 8 daem 6 Dong tion emun g da n Do Line 1 Jong-ro 7 n tatio un S 4 5 1 10 2 3 8 3 Dongmyo Sta ok- lg Yu Changsin Market Dongdaemun Seonggwak Park STAGE B. p18 9 02 Naksan Park TV drama series The King 2 Hearts, Feast of the Gods L Seoul Hyoje Buffet Elementary School Jungbu Market Sung Buk Village 1 ine Chungsin Market Line 2 Dongbang Graduate University 숭인119 Seoul Myung su School 안전센터 숭인근린공원 e Lin Daehang-ro Hyoje Police Box HOTEL ACACIA OVOCO Gallery Seongbuk Apt. Mural Village in Ihwa-dong Heunginmun-ro 200m 10 Seoul Apt. 01 Gwangjang Stream Market Cheonggyecheon 100 Samcheonggak Korea National Open Univ. 4 1 ion Jongno 5(o)ga Stat 5 8 7 6 0 창신역 03 Industrial Bank of Korea Located about 400m from Subway Line 4, Hyehwa Station, Exit 2 Hwanghak-dong Community Service Center 2 1 tion Sindang Sta 4 3 Line 2 Ma Bok-rim Grandma’s Last Son 24 . 25
  14. 14. STAGE C Energetic Story Dongdaemun, Daehangno 03 Marronnier Park 06 TV drama series Protect the Boss, Super Junior K.R.Y's M/V FLY Marronnier Park is situated in Daehangno, a youthful and energetic district in central Seoul. There are lots of concert and performance halls around the park, making it a mecca of culture and art in Seoul. Located about 60m from Subway Line 4, Hyehwa Station, Exit 02-731-0585 2 Ma Bok-rim Grandma’s Last Son (Topokki Store) Koreans’ representative snack,Topokki (spicy rice cake)! This store was the first and last place that Yong-hwa and Seohyun visited in We Got Married. Open 24 hours Located about 150m from Subway Lines 2 and 6, Sindang Station, Exit 8 02-2253-1466 TV Reality Show We Got Married 04 Dongdaemun Fashion Town 07 Jung Art Gallery TV drama series Fashion King TV drama series Gentleman’s Dignity It’s not an exaggeration to say that all kinds of Korean fashions can be found in Dongdaemun Fashion Town! Due to its reputation, the Town was used as a background in the drama Fashion King. Let’s find out about Hallyu fashion in Dongdaemun where a new fashion is born every day! For more details, please refer to page 29. The gallery served as the background for the business premises of Jung-rok (Lee Jong-hyuk) and Min-sook (Kim Jung-nan) in Gentleman’s Dignity, whose main characters were four gorgeous gentlemen. At the gallery, visitors will see furniture and items that featured in the drama. Areas between Subway Lines 1 and 4, Dongdaemun Station, Exit 8 and Subway Lines 2, Dongdaemun History Culture Park Station (Weekdays) 10:30~20:30 (Weekends) 10:30~21:00 02-2254Located about 200m from Subway Line 6, Dongmyo Sta2981~2 tion, Exit 5 08 Seoul Folk Flea Market TV Variety show Running Man STAMP The Seoul Folk Flea Market offers Korea’s unique daily necessities and traditional products as well as a glimpse of Korean tradition. Tourists can enjoy the vigorous and dynamic atmosphere of the market, various regional specialties and exciting music performed by a Korean traditional percussion band. The market was also the backdrop for Girl’s Generation’s mission in the Running Man. Visitors can get a stamp at the information desk on the right of the market’s entrance. 10:00~18:30 Located about 100m from Subway Line 1, Sinseoldong Station, Exit 6 02-2232-3367 05 Morning Glory TV Reality show We Got Married The young couple, Yong-hwa and Seohyun, bought their couple rings from this shop and visited it again before their separation. Let's Reminisce Yong-hwa and Seohyun’s most romantic moments. 10:00~21:30 Located about 150m from Subway Lines 2 and 6, Sindang Station, Exit 8 02-2254-4932 26 . 27
  15. 15. TV drama series Feast of the Gods This place was used as the Korean food restaurant ‘Arirang’ in every episode of Feast of the Gods. The restaurant is appreciated by numerous tourists for its charming atmosphere of traditional culture, art, and nature. 12:00~15:00, 18:00~22:00 02-765-3700 Take the free shuttle bus from Subway Line 1, Jonggak Station, Exit 5 or at Subway Line 2, Euljiro 1(il) ga Station, Exit 1 (Samsung Fire Marine Insurance) What's new in Dongdaemun Fashion Town? Where is the cheapest place to find the hottest, trendiest fashion items in Seoul? Dongdaemun, which was the background for the drama Fashion King, is the center of Korean fashion. Let’s find out about the ‘bling bling’ styles of Hallyu celebrities. Seoul City Wall 3 2 1 Do 4 5 n tatio un S em ngda 10 0 150 300m 6 6 9 doota maxtyle n 7 8 Dongdaemun Fashion Town 10:30~ 29:00 This mall features a variety of interior design concepts at every level. Statio Korea Exchange Bank Let’s discover new designers’ fashion ideas at doota! 10 OVOCO Gallery Heunginjimun Gate (Dongdaemun) aemun Dongd Jong-ro SC Bank 11:00~ 29:00 Cheonggyecheon Stream Shin Pyung Hwa Fashion Town Pyeonghwa Market Nampyeonghwa Market TV drama series Protect the Boss Shinhan Bank ro ngd anJan National Medical Center Dongdaemun History Culture Park Hello apm This mall offers visitors the real shopping experience of Dongdaemun. Enjoy international fashion brand shopping at Migliore. Dongdaemun Design Plaza Goodmorning City 10:20~ 29:00 Euljiro CO-OP Residence Dongdaemun Fashion Biz Center His Woori Bank un Culture Park Station 5 da em 6 tio rk Ramodo C 8 7 un History 1 Cultu re Pa 2 rk S Hanyang Middle School Seongdong Global Business High School tatio 3 n Kookmin Bank Lotte FITIN tor y Wangnan Pharmacy Dongdaem ry ult ure 9 Pa LOTTE FITIN Histo Sta 10 n 11 U:US apm Design Gallery 13 14 12 Dongda emu n 11:00~ 23:30 Dasan-ro 11:00~02:00 Subway Line 4, Hansung Univ., Station Exit 6 → Take bus No. 1111, 2112, or 03 and get off at Sungbuk Elementary School bus stop → Turn left at the first crosswalk on the right and walk straight ahead → Pass Seongbuk-dong Catholic Church on the left of ‘SEVEN ELEVEN’ and you will find the cafe on the right. Event Hall Migliore gch u Apm 11 Nouveautes TV drama series 49 days This cafe appeared as the cafe ‘Heaven’ owned by the main character of 49 Days, which tells the story of someone in a coma. The cafe features vintage-style fur- niture and items which create a splendid atmosphere. Doosan Tower Migliore Dongpyeonghwa Fashion Town Jeil Pyeonghwa Market Maxtyle MMC Donghwa Market all ity W ul C (Weekdays) 11:00~17:00, (Saturdays) 11:00~15:00 Walk straight ahead for about 700m from Subway Line 4, Hansung Univ. Station, Exit 5 → Turn right at the three-way intersection in front of Seongbuk Village → OVOCO Gallery is 02-765-3700 located about 150m away Eulji Shopping Center Seo The gallery served as the background for the immature boss, while Cha Ji-heon’s(Ji-sung) house featured in the drama Protect the Boss. The gallery holds diverse exhibitions related to jewelry and culture. CERESTAR Do ng Dongdaemun, Daehangno 09 Samcheonggak Hallyu Travel Tip! dan-ro Energetic Story C chung STAGE C 4 Toyoko Inn Toegye-ro Lotte Fitin is the optimal shopping mall for Hallyu shopping and experience. 11:00~ 24:00 28 . 29
  16. 16. D Fantastic Zone STAGE. D 01 Hongdae Trendy Youth Hotspot Packed with Music and Art Hongdae Noriteo Hongdae, which is packed with clubs, music and art, is far more glamorous at night than during the day. In the beginning, Hongdae attracted public attention as a venue for young artists but it has now become a place where anyone can enjoy the passion and energy of Seoul. Visitors can have fun hanging out in Hongdae amid its unique atmosphere of mural-filled streets, romantic coffee shops, and nightclubs. 10 15 CJ EM 0 Café JASS 150 (Park) TV drama series Gentleman’s Dignity TV drama series Heartstrings STAMP 3 rl Wo dC 2 o k-r bu up on gw n Ma 1 5 ik U niv .S tat U ik ng Ho 8 7 Korea Exchange Bank ion Lee shin (Jung Yong-hwa) had a date at this gallery with Lee Gyu-won(Park Shin-hye). Unlike other galleries, Trickeye Museum is designed to offer visitors the opportunity to take pictures. Visitors can immerse themselves in the vivid artworks. A stamp can be obtained at the information desk inside the gallery. 09:00~21:00 (Last admission at 20:00) 6300 Located about 350m from Subway Line 2, Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 9 02-3144- 9 tio n -ro Donggyo Coffee Bean Korea Development Bank Kyungnam Weddinghall e2 St Sta tion 6 7 Club DGBD Palja 08 5 ong je Hap 8 ng jeo p Ha on 4 ati 3 NH Bank 15 Sangsang Madang XINDIE makchang 09 Rollinghall Hapjeong Market 1 Dongmak-ro 06 Samgeori Pocha Club Evans Cafe d'MAKA Woori Bank 05 Snow Spoon Wausan-ro Line 6 Mecenatpolis 9 10 04 07 2 1 01 03 TWOSOME STUDIO Hongdae Noriteo Hotel The Designers Hongdae Club Mansion 12 Seogyo Market Trickeye Museum BENIKEA Premier Hotel -ro Seogyo Children's Park Kookmin Bank gik up-ro World C Aiya Cafe Shinhan Bank n Ho 11 Seongsan Elementary School YG Entertainment 02 Lin Kookmin Bank Seokyo Elementary School Hongik Univ. Tourist Information Center Hotel Seokyo 13 ng 1 Sta 2 . niv Ho 4 ion Located at the front gate of Hongik Univ. about 700m away from Subway Line 2, Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 9 02 Trickeye Museum 300m at St Hongdae Playground isn’t just a playground. It was the place where Colin (Lee Jong-hyun) played his guitar in Gentleman’s Dignity. In this lively playground, young musicians give street performances and artists run a popular flea market. 4 Hongik Univ. Hongik Elementary School Attached to the College of Education Hongik Univ. Hongik Girls' High School Attached to Hongik Univ. HOLLYS 2 Sangsu Station Sungsan Middle School Club nb 3 Sogang Elementary School Line 6 03 TWOSOME STUDIO Coffee shop run by YG’s producer, Teddy Teddy takes care of everything about the cafe including the designs of the logo, interior, mugs, uniform, the menu, and the background music. The studio consists of cafe (1F~3F) and Teddy’s personal studio (4F). Hallyu enthusiasts will find thrilling items such as mugs signed by YG singers including 2NE1. 08:00~24:00 Located about 550m from Subway Line 2, Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 9 02-325-8860 토정로 30 . 31
  17. 17. STAGE D 04 Snow Spoon Club nb The center of night life in Hongdae A trip to Cafe d’MAKA will make you prettier than ever! The cafe offers customers an excellent make-up service by a professional makeup artist. (Weekdays) 11:00~02:00, (Weekends) 11:00~ 03:00 Located about 640m from Subway Line 2, 02-333-0451 Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 9 05 Beauty theme cafe, make-up experience This is the cafe where Mu-gyul (Jang Geunsuk) and Mu-gyul’s mother(Lee Ah-hyun) chose their ice cream. What flavor of ice cream did they choose at this cafe? Hongdae 08 Cafe d'MAKA TV drama series Mary Stayed Out All Night Fantastic Zone 11:00~02:00 Located about 600m from Subway 02-332Linea 2 and 6, Hapjeong Station, Exit 3 5579 Club nb is a popular party venue for young passionate people as well as a showcase for famous singers. If you want a ‘crazy’ night out in Hongdae, go to Club nb! 19:00~05:30 Located about 350m from Subway Line 6, Sangsu Station, Exit 2 02-326-1716 09 Rolling hall leads Hongdae’s passionate club culture, staging performances by nationally and internationally recogRollinghall nized musicians and small indie bands. Concert and Experience an exciting performance in party venue Hongdae! Opening hours depend on the performance. Located about 100m from Subway Line 6, 02-325-6071 Sangsu Station, Exit 1 06 Samgeori Pocha 10 Café Jass Popular bar run by YG’s CEO, Yang Hyun-suk TV Reality show We Got Married This retro style bar features classy interior and exterior decorations. The bar is well known as the place where YG’s singers go for a wrap-up party after their performances. Yong-hwa and Seohyun had a romantic conversation over a sweet potato latte in the comfortable atmosphere of the café’s cozy wooden interior decorated with cute items. (Weekdays) 08:00~23:30, (Weekends) Located about 300m from 10:30~23:00 Subway Line 2, Hongik Univ. Station, Exit 2 02-6083-5477 19:00~06:00 02-334-3301 Located about 300m from Subway Line 6, Sangsu Station, Exit 2 07 Paljamakchang 11 AIYA Cafe Restaurant run by Haha from the Running Man TV drama series Rooftop Prince The entertainer Haha, who is an energetic character in the show Running Man and Infinite Challenge, runs this restaurant specializing in grilled pork and beef entrails. Graffiti and star-signed frames cover the wall, adding to its joyful atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you may get a dish grilled by Haha himself! AIYA cafe is situated in a tasteful little alley in Hongdae. The cafe is filled with lovely interior piece creating a cozy atmosphere. Located about 10:00~00:00 (Weekends 12:00~23:00) 400m from Subway Lines 2 and 6, Hapjeong Station, Exit 3 02-333-9521 17:00~05:00 02-325-8081 Located about 500m from Subway Line 6, Sangsu Station, Exit 1 32 . 33
  18. 18. STAGE D Fantastic Zone Hongdae D 12 Mecenatpolis Hallyu Travel Tip! Expect the new K-POP, Indie Music! The residence of various celebrities including Big Bang, Infinite, BEAST, and A Pink Mecenatpolis is a residential and commercial complex consisting of a shopping mall, cinema, and art center. Various Hallyu stars actually live in the complex. If you are only accustomed to the music of K-Pop idols, why don’t you experience the indie music that is fast becoming a popular new genre of K-Pop. A great number of energetic music bands are giving concerts to meet their fans at small music clubs and concert halls in Hongdae. Why don’t you make your own idol today? 09:00~17:00 Subway Lines 2 and 6, Hap02-6357-0108 jeong Station, Exits 9 and 10 13 YG Entertainment What is indie music? A management agency responsible for Big Bang, Psy, 2NE1, etc. Indie music (or independent music), unlike commercial pop music, is produced with independent capital to create an individual style of music. Korea’s indie band culture began with the band Crying Nut in the late 1990s. In the 2000’s, the boundaries between the indies and the majors became blurred, and various attempts have been made for to promote indie music. Many indie bands such as Guckkasten, Kiha The Faces, and Galaxy Express are chang now, leading the Hallyu wave of indie music. The explosive histories of Big Bang and Psy were born at this building. Are you afraid to go there alone? Don’t worry! You’re sure to meet numerous domestic and foreign fans and tourists who hope to see Hallyu stars. Located about 500m from Subway Lines 2 and 6, Hapjeong Station, Exit 8 02-3142-1104 14 CJ EM New emerging Hallyu attraction The CJ EM Center is packed with all kinds of contents related to media, culture, and entertainment. Let’s attend the exciting ‘M! Countdown’ and enjoy visiting the special exhibition hall of Hallyu on the first floor of the building. 02-371-5501 Located about 750m from Subway Line 6, DMC (Digital Media City) Station, Exit 9 15 Ticket lounge, XINDIE! The information center for live performances in Hongdae areas STAMP Tourists won’t fail to notice a spaceship-like building in Hongdae. It’s the ticket lounge XINDIE. A great number of people come here for information about performances in Hongdae including indie music gigs. This ticket lounge, which becomes brighter at night, will help you to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of Hongdae. A stamp will be provided inside the XINDIE building. 11:00~23:00 Located about 500m from Subway Line 6, Sangsu Station, Exit 1 070-8742-7662 Ticket reservations and information XINDIE provides a free reservation service for concerts, as well as the locations of live clubs. Live gigs and cultural information XINDIE offers information on clubs, gig dates, and cultural information including festivals and exhibitions. Musician information XINDIE provides information on indie musicians and newly-released indie albums. 34 . 35
  19. 19. E Romantic Drama STAGE. 01 KBS Broadcasting Station E Yongsan, Yeouido Just like a Couple from a Romantic Drama Attending a Hallyu TV program as a spectator Let’s go to Yeouido to visit a broadcasting station where Hallyu stars frequently come and go! At KBS there are many interesting contents in which tourists can participate, and various TV programs are open to the public including Music Bank, You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook, Gag Concert. If you have been moved by the romantic episodes of various K-dramas, you will surely have noticed many of Seoul’s beautiful backgrounds in those scenes. Today let’s visit some of the romantic places featured in Hallyu dramas including Hangang Park, where drama characters have confessed their undying love and memorable places visited by cute couples in We Got Married. People fall in love every day in Seoul with Hallyu Romance. 02 Yeou iseo- 03 ion uS ar uin 5 The Catholic Univ. of Korea Yeouido St. Mary's Hospital Sta tion 6 Line 1 Station 4 3 2 1 Grand Hyatt Seoul ion Chung-Ang Univ. Medical Center (Yongsan Hospital) Hyeon Line 9 -ro Dongjak Sunset Cafe 9 8 7 1 on Seoul National Cementery Stati 2 Dongjak gjak Chung-Ang Univ. Don chung Station 6 5 4 Yeouido Dongjak Station 3 11 1 sap yeo Line ng 6 Sta 4 tion Line 6 Tartine 3 Nok 10 Heukseok Elementary School o 12 B ONE n-r t Sta 3 2 Hannam Elementary School Hamilton Hotel 2 1 tion Itaewon Sta 3 4 Re;code Shop 14 aero am-d Hann ok 4 2 wo se uk Dongjakd He Hangang (River) 1 04 Seoul Color Park 3 Samsung Museum of Art Leeum 13 Itae 09 aegyo 15 Banpo Rainbow Fountain Anthony Kim (Kim Myung-min) and Sung Min-ah (Oh Jieun), characters in The King of Dramas, had an argument in the restaurant of this hotel. Around 60 to 80 dramas every year are filmed here. The restaurant was registered in the Guinness Book of Korean Records 2011 as the location that has appeared in the greatest number of drama scenes. (Lunch) 12:00~14:00, (Dinner) 18:00~21:30 Located about 400m from Subway Line 9, National Assembly Station, Exit 1 02-6670-7270 Dongjak 1 2 Yongsan, Itaewon Hyosa-gil in Heukseok-dong 6호선 Yeou po-ro Daebang 2 3 1 2 4 Sae 3 tga ng Station eS ffic -guO Station Ye o ro eong-ro Noksapy 4 3 버 63 City Yongsan, Itaewon Yeouido ul S 2 e5 -ro deung 개 고 ong TV drama series The King of Dramas, The Greatest Love 1 티 Yeongdeungpo Park Dongjak Node 5 6 4 tation 03 Lexington Hotel Yeouido Girls' High School eul- Yeong -ro Hangangjin Nod tion ng e9 3 Sta po ung 1 gde 2 4 Sta 1 ido Lin gil ou on Sin 2 Ye MBC n tio ati Yeo tion n Yeo gin-ro uid 11:00~22:00 Subway Line 2, Dangsan Station, Exit 4 → Walk straight ahead for about 100m from Yeonyukgyo (Bridge) → Take an elevator to descend → Walk for about 400m from the Marine Sports Center 02-3780-8400 3 4 3 4 uid 3 5 06 ta oS o Ye uid Times Square 6 MBC Drama Theme Park Kyun 1 ou 07 08 2 o lgy Se Yeongdeungpo Market 5 6 ro ae i-d ou Ye 2 1 IFC Mall Yeo ion The lovely couple Khuntoria (Nichkhun and Victoria) had a romantic wedding at this Marina Club, which is beloved by many couples due to its excellent restaurant service. Members of Running Man accomplished their mission with actors of the drama The Heirs at the club. Lin Conrad Seoul n Hallym University Medical Center (HUMC), Market Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital (HSHH) Stat 2 4 Mullae tio 1 eungpo 3 7 Sta 4 05 3 ly 5 KBS Broadcasting Station Yeouido Park Yeongd TV Variety shows We Got Married, Running Man Seoul Color Park 2 mb eungpo sse Yeongd lA Line 5 02 Seoul Marina Club Yacht 300m 1 na tat tio ion Na Yeongdeungpo Police Station 150 04 ro Lexington Hotel 01 o-ro 1 New Seoul St. Mary's Hospital Gukho e-daero -gu Offic e Statio n 6 3 2 5 4 uise 1 7 eungpo Yeongd 6 Yeo 3 2 0 Hangang (River) Seoul Marina Club Yacht tat 4 5 69 ngs 8 an Sta tion 10 9 Da igyo an ngs Da 13 12 11 3 Sta t 2 1 ion Yeouido KBS main hall About 200m from Subway Line 9, National Assembly Station, Exit 4 / Annex building: Subway Line 9, Saetgang Station, 02-781-1000 Exit 2 Lao Embassy TV drama series City Hunter Lee Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho) goes back to the park to remember Na-na (Park Min-young) in the drama City Hunter. Let’s enjoy the splendid scenery and stylish sculptures of Seoul Color Park. Located under the south end of Mapodaegyo Bridge, about 250m from Subway Line 5, Yeouinaru Station, Exit 2 Itaewon Land Seoul Central Mosque 36 . 37
  20. 20. STAGE E 05 Conrad Seoul TV drama series I Miss You If you were moved by the story of the couple Oh Soo (Zo In-sung) and Oh Young (Song Hye-kyo), who were searching for the meaning of love in That Winter, the Wind Blows, then you will want to visit Conrad Seoul, whose beautiful spiral staircase appeared in the drama. Yongsan, Yeouido 09 Hyosa-gil in Heukseok-dong TV drama series That Winter, the Wind Blows Romantic Drama Hyosa-gil and its streetlamps appeared as the main background for some of the most memorable scenes involving Jung-woo (Park Yoo-chun) and Soo-yeon (Yoon Eun-hye) in the drama I Miss You. Many tourists come to see the streetlamps and to admire the view of Seoul city from the top of Hyosa-gil. Located about 280m from Subway Line 9, Heukseok Station, Exit 4 Open 24 hours (*Opening hours differ for each facility) Located about 500m from Subway Line 5, Yeouido Station, Exit 3 02-6137-7000 06 IFC Mall The premier shopping center It’s advisable to check the time and place of an event before visiting! Events with Hallyu stars are held regularly at the mall. 10:00~22:00 (Open year around) Located about 400m from Subway Lines 5 and 9, Yeo02-6137-5017 www. uido Station, Exit 3 07 Times Square 10 Dongjak Sunset Cafe TV drama series Midas TV Variety show Infinite Challenge TV drama series I Miss You Times Square’s luxurious interior is worth filming for both drama and TV show. Visitors can enjoy various activities including cinema, cuisine and shopping in one venue. 10:30~22:00 Located about 200m from Subway Line 02-2638-2000 www. 1, Yeongdeungpo Station, Exit 3 This is the cafe where the scene in which Hyung-joon (Yoo Seung-ho) and Soo-yeon (Yoon Eun-hye) gaze at Jung-woo (Park Yoo-chun) with a sad look was filmed. 10:00~02:00 Located about 100m from Subway 02-3481-6555 Lines 4 and 9, Dongjak Station, Exit 2 08 MBC Drama Theme Park 11 Tartine Theme park filled with drama contents TV Variety show Running Man At this theme park you can see the sets of interesting Hallyu dramas including Dae Jang Geum, The Moon Embracing the Sun, Yi San, and The 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince. The park offers various experience programs including opportunities to wear the costumes used in various dramas. Tartine serves deliciously attractive tasty tarts. This cafe featured in the representative Hallyu variety show Running Man when Yoo Jae-suk was carrying out his mission. 10:30~20:00 (Closed Sundays) 02-566-2644 350m from Subway Line 2, Mullae Station, Exit 5 Located about 10:00~22:30 Located about 150m from Subway 02-3785-3400 Line 6, Itaewon Station, Exit 1 38 . 39
  21. 21. STAGE E Romantic Drama Yongsan, Yeouido E 12 B ONE TV Reality Show We Got Married At this club, the couple Lee Jang-woo and Ham Eun-jung had an exciting night out in We Got Married. The club doubles up as a lounge bar during weekdays, but at weekends it is transformed into a fancy dΩance club. (Weekdays) 19:00~03:00, (Weekends) 19:00~05:00 Subway Line 6, Itaewon Station, Exit 1 02-749-6164 Hallyu Travel Tip! How to Attend Hallyu Stars' Hottest Live Performances! TV isn’t the only way to see your favorite Hallyu stars. Today, you can meet them in a more active way. This page is specially designed for fans who want to see Hallyu stars live. The following are representative Korean music broadcasting programs that have been opened to the public through a simple procedure. 13 Re;Code Shop TV Reality show We Got Married Let’s create our own clothes with our very own personal values and designs. The couple Jeong Jin-woon and Ko Joon-hee spent a day at Re;Code Shop making their own clothes. (Weekdays) 11:00~21:00, (Weekends) 11:00~22: Located about 500m from Subway Line 6, 00 02-797-0710 Hangangjin Station, Exit 3 1. MBC Music Core 2. KBS2 Music Bank Saturdays 16:00~17:00 Live After applying online at the home page, the winners will be allotted seats by lottery. Fridays 18:30~19:30 Live After applying online at the home page, the winners will be allotted seats by lottery. 14 Itaewon Land TV drama series Big and Secret Garden At this Jjimjilbang(Korean Spa), tourists can relieve their travel fatigue. Seo Yoon-jae (Gong Yoo) Gil Da-ran (Lee Minjung) from Big, and Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin) Gil Ra-im (Ha Ji-won) from Sceret Garden, enjoyed pleasant relaxation here. Open 24 hours Located about 300m from Subway Line 6, Itaewon Station, Exit 3 02-749-4122~33 15 Banpo Rainbow Fountain TV drama series Boys over Flowers, Iris Let’s enjoy the fantastic spectacle of a moonlight rainbow fountain that stages at night on Banpodaegyo (Bridge). This place is also popular among couples as a great place for a marriage proposal. The fountain show takes place three times a day during weekdays and seven times a day at weekends for 15 minutes each time in spring, summer, and autumn. 3. SBS The Music Trend 4. Mnet M! Countdown Sundays 15:40~16:40 Live After applying online at the home page, the winners will be allotted seats by lottery. Thursdays 18:00~19:30 Live Spectators are given seats on a first come first served basis without invitation tickets. Located about 710m from Subway Line 3, Express Bus Terminal Station, Exit 8-1 40 . 41
  22. 22. F Glamorous Place STAGE. 01 Gangnam Tourist Information Center F Gangnam Expect a Surprise Encounter with Hallyu Celebrities Information center for Hallyu experience programs and tourism STAMP If you are not sure where to go among the diverse attractions in Gangnam, why don’t you start with the tourist information center! The center offers visitors various customized services - medical and tourism reservation services - and programs such as wearing costumes used in various dramas of Hallyu stars and taking a photo in a Hallyu star experience zone. A stamp will be provided at the information desk of the center. In 2012 Gangnam became one of the world’s hottest places and came under the spotlight all over the world. Thanks to Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’, Gangnam now attracts crowds of tourists and leads a trend in Seoul. It also is a meeting ground for trendsetting Hallyu stars. The entertainment agencies of many Hallyu stars, such as SM of Super Junior and DSP of KARA, are situated in Gangnam along with their regular beauty shops and restaurants. Gangnam Tourist Information Center 01 03 ro ng- o guje Garosugil Ap Jamwon Hangang Park ro on- Singu Elementary School NAMOOACTORS Eonju-ro 16 10 Corso Como Coffee Cojjee Pierrot Strike Onl Ahnsei Hospital 19 Ra Beauty Core MANGO SIX Sinsa Nanoori Hospital SM Entertainment 03 ero 14 FNC Entertainment JYP Entertainment 20 CUBE Studio Shinhan Bank BH Dosan-daero 22 21 g-d a 3 안세병원 Cheongdam Middle School Tree J Company g-ro 18 Woori Bank CLUB Ellui CLUB ANSWER Hotel Prima SPA-the-el Beauty shop frequented by celebrities The beauty shop offers diverse spa programs including facial and body massages and diet programs. If you’re curious about Hallyu stars’ beauty secrets, why don’t you pop into the shop for a few beauty tips? 10:00~21:00 Located about 330m from 02Subway Line 3, Apgujeong Station, Exit 4 549-3949 Hotel Riviera seon Buonasera CGV 4 2 Sam ng Line 17 Volkswagen Bunda Dosan Park 10 9 tion g Sta don Hak 2 1 Located about 240m from Subway Line 3, Apgujeong Station, Exit 3 02-3446-0541~2 15 13 Boy+ Mee hospital 5 Everysing Cine De Chef is a luxury cinema with a classy atmosphere where audiences can also enjoy a meal at the restaurant. The cinema appeared when the main villain Kim Bong-gu (Yoon Jemoon) heard about Jae-ha (Lee Seung-gi) and Hang-ah (Ha Ji-won) in the drama. G+ Star Zone The Galleria Luxury Hall EAST Stati on 10, 11 6 Apgujeong Rodeo Street Cofioca, Addicted Young Dong Hotel gdo n 12 Shingu Middle School Galleria Luxury Hall WEST 7 odeo KONA BEANS Cecil Arthall 09 08 Hansa Toy Anbok Middle School 1 Apgu jeong R 07 02 Cine de Chef TV drama series The King 2 Hearts Gangnam Eulji Medical Center -ro ong-ro Apguje Coffeesmith 3 NAMOOACTORS ero n-da Dosa NANOORI HOSPITAL n hyeo 4 Apgujeong Rodeo Cheongdam tion Sta 2 3 sa Sin Line Volkswagen CGV Non 5 Face-Line Plastic Surgery Museum ‘Bagstage’ 05 8 6 7 Space*C Maison Hermes Dosan Park 04 Black' Smith Shinhan Bank Sindong Elementary School Dosan Park Mee hospital Modern Bapsang SUAVISS 06 02 Cine de Chef SPA-the-el Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil The Riverside Hotel 3 CGV Cola Mercato Simone Handbag Nature Exploration Area 0 150 300m Apgujeong 1-dong Catholic Church Apgujeong Rodeo Street Cheongdam-dong Yeo n w Jam 02-3788-0872 2 Hyundai Department Store 4 Hangang (River) Space*C 5 Subway Line 3, Apgujeong Station, Exit 6 1 6 Apgujeong Station Sinsa 10:00~20:00 Cheongdam Police Box 2 Woori Bank Cheongdam Neighborhood Park 42 . 43
  23. 23. STAGE F Glamorous Place Gangnam 04 Cola Mercato 08 Celebrities’ regular restaurant The members of Girl’s Generation have visited this lovely cute toy cafe filled with realistic animal toys! Why don’t you create a memorable moment on your Hallyu trip with a special toy from HANSA TOY? Hansa Toy This pasta restaurant is also well-known as a regular eating place of Jang Keun-suk and Park Shin-hye. COLA Mercato is much loved by numerous Hallyu stars and tourists for its tasty cuisine and classy interior. Toy cafe whose advertising models are the members of Girl’s Generation 10:30~22:30 Located about 480m from Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 6 02-544-0049 11:00~00:00 Located about 650m from Subway Line 3, Sinsa Station, Exit 8 02-543-6321 05 Modern Bapsang Restaurant run by Psy’s mother The restaurant serves attractively presented Korean food without strong seasoning to suit everyone’s taste, and the tables are always packed with customers. 11:30~15:00, 17:00~22:00 Located about 550m from Subway Line 3, Sinsa Station, Exit 02-546-6732 8 09 G+Star Zone Cultural space for Hallyu Exhbition STAMP G+Star Zone, located inside the Apgujeong Rodeo Station, offers various Hallyu contents at a photo zone, video stage, and hand printing zone, etc. There is also a small coffee shop where visitors can relax. Visitors can get a stamp at the counter. Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exits 1, 2, 7 (basement level) 06 Black' Smith Restaurant run by Song Seung-heon BLACK’SMITH is a well-known restaurant run by Song Seung-heon. Many Japanese and Chinese tourists visit the restaurant to sample its tasty food and maybe catch a glimpse of its famous owner. 10 Cofioca A regular cafe for Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, and KARA You can find out about Hallyu stars’ favorite drinks at this cafe. The walls of the cafe are covered in autographs, posters, and photos of Hallyu idols. 10:00~22:30 Located about 400m from Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 6 02-515-3032 11:30~22:00 Located about 40m from 02Subway Line 3, Sinsa Station, Exit 8 3444-8211 07 KONA BEANS 11 Everysing Cafe run by mothers of Leeteuk, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun, members of Super Junior K-Pop karaoke and sales of star goods KONA BEANS is a high-class coffee shop that uses only the best Kona coffee beans. As it is run by three mothers of members of Super Junior, the cafe is filled with signs of Leeteuk, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun. 07:00~23:00 Located about 640m from Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 6 02-5430070 Visitors can sing their favorite K-Pop songs at karaoke and do their shopping for Hallyu goods at Everysing. SM holds regular auditions at Everysing. Why don’t you try to become Hallyu star? 10:00~22:00 Located about 400m from Subway 02Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 6 6404-9850 44 . 45
  24. 24. STAGE F Glamorous Place Gangnam 11 Addicted 16 Hallyu idol stars’ regular shop Coffee Cojjee This multi-brand shop with a classy interior mainly sells famous designer clothes. You can find the stylish clothes that make Hallyu stars look so fabulous at the shop. This isn’t just any coffee shop, so you may not want to throw away the receipt containing the name of its owner, Kim Jae-joong. Cafe run by JYJ Kim Jae-joong 10:00~22:00 Located about 560m from Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong 02-518-0126 Rodeo Station, Exit 3 (Weekdays) 11:00~21:00, (Weekends) 11:00~20:00 Located about 750m from Subway Bundang Line Apgujeong Rodeo Station 02-547-7332 Exit 5 12 Boy+ 17 Shooting location of Infinite’s M/V Buona Sera Boy+ is a multi-brand shop where the next-generation Hallyu star, Infinite filmed their music video. This glamorous fashion boutique is also well-known as a regular shop of Girl’s Generation. This restaurant appeared as the top-class restaurant ‘La Sfera’ in the drama Pasta. Why don't you say ‘hello!’ to the chef after your meal. TV drama series Pasta (Lunch) 12:00~15:00, (Dinner) 18:00~ Located about 780m from Sub23:00 way Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Sta02-543-6668 tion, Exit 5 Located about 330m from Subway Bundang Line, 02-548-5379 Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 5 18 14 10 CORSO COMO Psy’s M/V Gentleman This store was the cool background for Psy’s music video Gentleman. This multi-concept store consists of spaces for fashion, design, books, and music as well as cafes and restaurants. MANGO SIX TV drama series Gentleman’s Dignity Open 24 hours 02-3443-7266 Located about 900m from Subway Line 3, Apgujeong Station, Exit 3 11:00~20:00 02-3018-1010 www. Located about 250m from Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 3 15 Pierrot Strike bowling alleys visited regularly by Hallyu stars Let’s take a break from the fatigue of travel at Pierrot Strike! Many Hallyu stars visit this fancy clubstyle bowling alley. Will we get to bowl with a Hallyu star tonight? 18:00~03:00 Located about 300m from Subway 02Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 4 6007-8889 MANGO SIX was used as the cafe run by Lee Jung-rok (Lee Jong-hyuk), in the drama Gentleman’s Dignity. The romantic scene when Seo Yi-soo(Kim Ha-neul) kissed Kim Do-jin(Jang Dong-gun) over the window was also filmed here. 19 Ra Beauty Core TV drama series Rooftop Prince This place appeared as a beauty salon in the drama Rooftop Prince when Lee Gak (Park You-chun) had his hair cut with his three right-hand men, violating the ancient tradition of keeping one’s hair uncut. As a famous celebrity haunt, you may see a Hallyu star in the next seat! 10:00~19:00 Located about 650m from Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 4 02-544-4131 46 . 47
  25. 25. Spot your favorite Hallyu Celebrities! 20 CUBE Studio A management agency for 4Minute, BEAST, G.NA, etc. STAMP CUBE Studio is designed as a space where Hallyu stars and their fans can chill out and relax. The studio consists of a cafe selling drinks and star goods and Hallyu stars’ rehearsal rooms. A stamp will be provided at the cafe counter on the first floor of CUBE Studio. Located about 1km from Subway Bundang Line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 3 Gangnam is filled with the management agencies of Hallyu stars such as EXO, Psy, TVXQ, 2PM, and KARA as well as the next generation of stars, so the area is full of Hallyu fans hoping to see celebrities in person and cheer them up.Gangnam, the birthplace of a new world star! 02-3445-1035 SM Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee 2 5 4 6 5 Cheongdam High School tion o Sta 6 7 2 JYP Entertainment Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, 21 Club ANSWER Space*C Hot nights, glamorous parties, passionate youth can all be found at Club ANSWER, which Hallyu stars visit regularly for a groovy night! Enjoy your night at the club with Hallyu stars! 22:00~06:00 (Open Fridays and Saturdays only) Located about 1.1km from Subway Bundang Line, 02-514-4311 Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 3 n- Volkswagen Nanoori Hospital NAMOOACTORS 6 5 4 8 7 4 11 10 3 Station gdam 4 Cheon 5 6 ro HakdongGangnam-gu Office n tatio eS Offic -gu 1 nam Gang 2 BH 10 n o 8 Stati ong 2 Hakd 3 9 Gangnam-gu Office Seolleung-ro Annex The Joeun Hospital 9 12 National Agricultural Cooperative Federation on Stati DSP Media Nonhyeon 2-dong Community Service Center Ji Sung, Shin Se-kyung, Han Hye-jin 3 u Of NAMOOACTORS 7 Cheongdam Neighborhood Park nam-g Hallyu star showcases or parties are often held at Club Ellui, which is always packed with a joyful crowd. Dancing with your dreamy Hallyu star isn’t a dream anymore. Woori Bank Gang Hallyu stars’ party venue BEAST, 4Minute, G.NA Vievis Namuh Hospital Anbok Middle School 22 Club Ellui Hotel Prima Hotel Riviera CUBE Studio Tree J Gangnam Eulji Medical Center BH ero CGV Dosa Shinhan Bank Dosan-da daero CUBE Studio Onl Dosan Park Hallyu stars’ party venue FTISLAND, CNBLUE 4 JYP 3 FNC FNC Entertainment SM Entertainment 3 Rode g-ro jeon Apgu 1 jeong Gangnam Hallyu Travel Tip! Apgu Glamorous Place F Apgujeong Station STAGE F 1 22:00~06:00(Open only Fridays and Saturdays) Located about 1.2km from Subway Bundang Line, 02-1577-9669 Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 3 Lee Byung-hun, Go Soo, Han Hyo-joo Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel Tree j DSP Jang Keun-suk KARA, RAINBOW Seon tion 48 . 49 g-ro seon 1 g Sta a-ro o euns neun yeon-r Nonh 2 Bong 4 Sam 3 jeong
  26. 26. STAGE. G Entertaining World 01 G Jamsil, Ttukseom Experience Dynamic and Exciting Hallyu The music video for 2012’s worldwide megahit Gangnam Style was filmed at the Zoo and the Amusement Park of Seoul Children’s Grand Park. The WAPOP Show is a regular Hallyu performance held in the Dom Art Hall inside the park. Seoul Children’s Grand Park This section introduces various well-known attractions for tourists who want to experience them in person. Let’s enjoy dynamic and exciting Hallyu by visiting the places where Psy performed his ‘horse-riding dance’, where the couple from We Got Married rode a rollercoaster, and where members of Running Man held their own Olympic Games. Zoo 9:00~17:00, Amusement Park (Weekdays) 02-45010:00~19:00, (Weekends)10:00~21:00 9311 Subway Line 7, Children’s Grand Park Station, Exit 1 Psy’s M/V Gangnam Style 02 Riverview 8th Avenue 2 05 1 Lotte World Olympic-ro 3 tion ho Sta 8 C heon Line 7 What was Seoul like in the days of the ancient Baekje kingdom? The museum displays relics dating back to the Baekje Kingdom that have been unearthed in Seoul. The members of Running Man held the ‘Running Olympic Games’ with idol stars at the museum. (Weekdays)9:00~21:00, (Weekends/National Holidays)9:00~19:00 Located about bae650m from Subway Line 8, Mongchontoseong Station, Exit 1 02-2152-5800 on Stati Offic e Seoul Olympic on Parktel 03 tos Wir Bangi Middle School 2 yes eon g-d aero Seokchon Lake Oge NH Bank um- Saemaeul Traditional Market ro 04 Bangsan High School Jaksal is a well-known chicken brand restaurant founded by an ex-member of SS501, singer and actor Kim Hyunjoong, who is loved by fans all over Asia, and his friends. Chicken restau16:00~1:30 About 200m away from rant run by Subway Line 8 Seokchon Station Exit 7 Kim Hyun02-415-5413~4 joong 05 Lotte World TV Reality show We Got Married Lotte World is a fantastic theme park for all the couples in the world where the couple, Yonghwa and Seohyun, enjoyed a date. Romantic adventure awaits for you! 09:30~22:00 Subway Line 2, 8 Jamsil Station Exit 4 02-411-2000 Jamsil Girls' High School Magic Island 1 3 4 5 n 6 tio Sta 7 Jaksal Chicken 2 n cho 8 ok 04 Se Jam Sil Tourist Hotel 3 4 Jaksal Chicken Gan o Cheo n gdon g-gu 4 2 Seoul Baekje on ch 3 2 Soma Museum Museum Mo 10 tion il Sta 1 11 ams J 1 3 ati St ng eo 1 5 ng 9 8 8 Olympic Park ic-r gdam -daeg 5 Oly mp 4 3 Jamsil Retarding Basin Park 3 2 g-ro seon Sam Korea Cultural House Chungshin Girls' High School 4 5 8 7 Sincheon Station tion Sta 1 2 y wa ss pre Ex aru 2 1 6 ill ms Line 2 o 3 n ex Statio Compl 4 3 5 8 Jamsil High School aer Hyundai S 4 Department Store 8 tion g Sta eon ams 6 7 7 6 n 9 Seoul Choi's Hospital Asan Medical Center Pungsung Middle School Bangi Middle School Jamsin High School Olympic Stadium pad way ic high g Son 7 6 5 Seoul English Village 1 gyo dae Jamsil Hangang Park Olymp COEX yo Ja 4 eolg silch Jam sil- Jamsil Heliport Sports Pungnap Dokkaebi Market 4 Jam 08 Hangang Cruise Ship Quay atio on Seongja Elementary School 2 1 o St Located about 02-476-0722 03 Seoul Baekje Museum TV Variety show Running Man 10 Sinc heon gyo rk S Gran d Pa 7 Line Park 4 Dongseoul Mail Center Dong Seoul Terminal 5 Gwangnaru Bicycle Park onh -ro seom 3 Hangang (River) Aquarium 02 Che aru Ttuk ro on tati Guui S Ttukseom Hangang Park 06 COEX gyo Riverview 8th Avenue gn yo 1 san- Jayang High School 07 InterContinental Seoul COEX ngjin tion an gyo 2 Acha NH Bank 3 Sta Gw -dae 2 Ttukseom Hangang Park Bongeunsa (Temple) aru 2 dong Line 09 2 ngn Line Yeon g Konkuk Univ. (Seoul Campus) on Gwa 2 Gwa 2 3 4 Stati tion Sta 1 3 eon gby ay 1 Girls’ High School Attached to College of Education Gwangnam High School Dongguk University Gan 4 ressw 1 5 Guui Baseball Stadium Park 4 n Exp niv. 5 Gwangjin Police Station 3 (Winter)11:00~21:00, (Summer)10:00~22:00 1km from Subway Line 5, Cheonho Station, Exit 2 Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary 4 Lotte Dept. Store Yeongdonggyo Traditional Market byeo uk U erine Lo ye 6 Hangang (River) oda gb 2 kuk Univ . Sta Geondae Prime Hospital Meokjagolmok 1 Che onh Seoul Children's Grand Park This place was used as the house of Lee Jin-pyo (Kim Sang-joon) in the drama City Hunter. Riverview 8th Avenue, experiences beneath Gwangjingyo(Bridge) offers visitors uique experiences. 600 1,200m W Seoul Walkerhill Ga n -ro Konk 3 4 3 Universal Arts Center tion Seongdong District Tax Office Gang Child ren's gnaru 01 n Gwan 2 0 Achasan Ecological Park 2 tio 5 4 Sta Sejong Univ. 5 1 san 6 ha Ac tatio n TV drama series City Hunter, Iris 1 Seoul Hospital Main Building 50 . 51
  27. 27. G STAGE G 06 COEX Aquarium Entertaining World Non-Verbal Performance TV Variety show Running Man TV drama series One Fine Day Jamsil, Ttukseom The aquarium provided the backdrop both for a joyful mission place in the show Running Man and a romantic scene in the drama One Fine Day. 10:00~20:00(Last admission at 19:00) way Line 2, Samseong Station, Exits 5, 6 6002-6200 Hallyu Travel Tip! Sub02- There are some non-verbal performances for tourists who want to enjoy Hallyu perfectly without any language barrier. Non-verbal performances are offered for everyone from children to foreign tourists. Let’s have a great time with Hallyu performances featuring well-written storylines and delightful body gestures. 07 InterContinental Seoul COEX TV drama series Midas, Psy’s M/V Gentleman The hotel provided the background for Psy’s enjoyable music video Gentleman. The hotel has also appeared in many other Hallyu TV programs. 02-555-5656 Open 24 hours (*Opening hours are different for each facility) Subway Line 2 seong Station Exit 5 WAPOP WAPOP, Hallyu Movie Show! Check the show schedule on the home page before visiting. Sachoom This cool dance performance is recommended as a representative Korean non-verbal performance. DRUMCAT Let’s enjoy a modern classy percussion performance comprising five themes! JUMP JUMP is a performance that mixes comedy with Korean traditional martial arts, Taewondo and Taekkyon. THE PAINTERS: HEROS This new concept of art performance harmonizes joyful dance, comedy and drawing. NANTA NANTA, Korea’s first non-verbal comedy show, incorporates Korean traditional samulnori (percussion quartet) rhythms. BIBAP A musical show in which two master chefs present international cuisine to each other! Let’s savor their extraordinary culinary contest! FANTA STICK Let’s discover a new concept of Gukak (Korean classical music) featuring a wide range of genres from pop music to rock and roll. MISO Miso, or Beautiful Smile, is a series of musical performances offering a memorable experience filled with dynamic spirit and energy. 08 Jamsil Heliport TV Variety show Running Man Why not take a helicopter trip to enjoy dynamic views of Seoul. This will give you a clear bird's eye view of the city. Subway Line 2, Sports Complex Station, Exits 6, 7 → Pass between the right side of the main stadium and the left side of 1899-2679 the hockey stadium → Arrival at the Heliport (Consultation hours 09:00~18:00) Service hours depend on the flight schedule. 09 Ttukseom Hangang Park Psy’s M/V Gangnam Style TV drama series Iris, Secret Garden Ttukseom Hangang Park can be seen in the Gangnam Style music video when Psy is doing Yoga with some pretty girls. The park offers visitors various sports activities including an outdoor swimming pool, climbing-wall, water-skiing, etc. Subway Line 7 Ttukseom Park Station Exit 2 → 3 02-3780-0521 52 . 53
  28. 28. Entertainment Information Useful Phone Numbers ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES/ URL AGENCIES BLOSSOM ENTERTAINMENT Song Joong-ki, Cha Tae-hyun, Song Jong-ho, Lim Ju-hwan C-JES ENTERTAINMENT JYJ, Lee Jung-jae, Song Ji-hyo, Seol Gyeong-gu CORE CONTENTS MEDIA Ha Seok-jin, T-ARA, DAVICHI CUBE ENTERTAINMENT 4MINUTE, BEAST, G.NA CULTURE DEPOT Jun Ji-hyun, Park Min-young FANTAGIO Ha Jung-woo, Jung Kyoung-ho, Joo Jin-mo, Kim Sung-kyun FNC ENTERTAINMENT CNBLUE, FTISLAND, AOA, Lee Dong-gun iHQ Kim Woo-bin, Jang Hyuk, Danny Ahn, Baek Sung-hyun, Kim Hyun-woo IOK COMPANY Zo In-sung, Ko Hyun-jung JF ENTERTAINMENT Park Jae-jung, Park Han-byul JYP ENTERTAINMENT 2PM, 2AM, MISS A, WONDER GIRLS KEYEAST Bae Yong-joon, Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Hyun-joong, Ju Ji-hoon LOEN ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT SOOP MGB ENTERTAINMENT IU, Kim Suk-hoon, Jo Han-sun Gong Yoo, Kong Hyo-jin, Kim Min-hee, Ryoo Seung-bum, Su Ae, Jeon Do-yeon Yoon Sang-hyun, Chang Shin-young, Seo Young-hee MM ENTERTAINMENT NAMOOACTORS NEOS ENTERTAINMENT Kim Myung-min, Choi Tae-joon Ji Sung, Kim Kang-woo, Moon Geun-young, Kim Ju-hyuck, Shin Saekyeong, Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Yoon-ji Jeong Yumi, Yoon Se-A PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT After School, Son Dam-bi POLARIS ENTERTAINMENT Kim Bum-soo, Oh Yoon-ah SM ENTERTAINMENT SUPER JUNIOR, GIRL'S GENERATION, SHINEE, f(x), EXO STAR EMPIRE ZE:A, JEWELRY, NINE MUSES STAR K ENTERTAINMENT STARHAUS ENTERTAINMENT THE HOUSE COMPANY Yoon Eun-hye THE JUN ENTERTAINMENT Lee Yuri YG ENTERTAINMENT BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY Informatizon on Seoul Dasan Call Center / 120 Tourist information KTO tt Call Center / 1330 Phone interpretation service Interpretation servic e BBB (Before Babel Brigade) / 1588-5644 Emergency medical service Emergency Medical Information Center / 119 Lost articles Lost and Found Center at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency / 2299-1282 Tourist complaint report Dasan Call Center / 120+9 Tourist Complaint Center at Korea Tourism Organization / 1330 ARTISTS [How to Use] Search iTourSeoul at app stores and android markets and download the app.Or scan the QR code on the right for immediate download. [Smartphone Rental Service] Smartphone with the pre-installed iTourSeoul is available for rental for international visitors. Reservation at least three days before arrival is required. Rental fee 3,000 per day Domestic call 11 per second Unlimited Wi-Fi data 5,000 a day 02-1588-0608(when calling from Korea), KT Olleh Roaming Centers at Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, Korea City Air Terminal +82-2-2190-0901(when calling from overseas) Tourist Information Centers Phone Incheon Int’l Airport 032-743-3270, 3272 Samilgyo (Bridge) 032-743-2600, 2602 Seoul Station(full information service) Myeongdong Tourist Information Center 02-778-0333 Seoul Meeting Square 02-579-0290 Jung Il-woo, Jae Hee Gangnam Tourist Information Center 02-3445-0111 Citizens’ Hall 02-739-7755 Lee Min-ho, Park Sol-mi Korea Tourism Organization 02-729-9496~9 Sinchon Station(Gyeongui Line) 02-363-7833 Gyeongbokgung Palace 02-738-9171 Yeongdeungpo Station (full information service) 02-2639-3320 Gwanghwamun 02-735-8688 Yongsan Station (full information service) 02-3780-5555 Namdaemun Market 02-752-1913 Itaewon 02-794-5579 Naminsa 02-737-7885 Itaewon Station 02-3785-0942 Dongdaemun 02-2236-9135 Jamsil 02-2143-7007 Mapo Tourist Information Center 02-334-7878 Jaedong Elementary School 02-2148-4160 Myeongdong 02-774-3238 Jeongdok Public Library 02-2148-4161 Myeongdong (Seoul Global Culture and Tourist Center) 02-3789-7961~3 Cheonggye Plaza 02-2290-7126 Bukinsa 02-734-0222 Hongik Univ. 02-323-2240 Transportation cards available in Seoul T-money ㆍ isit Seoul Homepage Seoul city government-run official Seoul tour information portal, the Visit V Seoul website offers information about major tourist attractions and accommodations in Seoul, as well as recommended themed tours. You can make reservations for walking tours, performances, and even movies. Use your smartphone for convenient access to the website ( at anytime, anywhere. ㆍTourSeoul App An application for accessing Seoul tour information made i for easy and convenient use during your stay in Seoul, it provides real-time information about nearby tourist attractions and public transportation all based on the current location of the user. The app supports Korean, English, Japanese, and both simplified and traditional Chinese. Tourist information center Tourist Information How to use Easy and Convenient Seoul Tour Information Where to buy Transportation card that can be used on buses and Subway stations in Seoul, subway in Seoul and the metropolitan area; you convenience stores with should touch the card to the card reader both when T-money signs you board and alight to receive the transfer discount. Fare 2,500 for a regular card and charge amount of 1,000 and up Seoul Citypass Plus The card combines T-money and a discount service for designated performances, exhibitions, tourist attractions and restaurants. You get a 5% discount when you use Seoul City Tour Bus using this card. GS25 convenience stores, tourist information centers, train stations 3,000 for the purchase of the card, Mobile phone strap type: 5,000 Refillable up to 500,000 M-PASS Public transportation card exclusively for international visitors, M-Pass can be rented and used to take up to 20 city bus and subway rides in Seoul and metro area. Like T-money, you can refill cash and use the card to pay for your purchases at convenient stores and taxis that accept T-money card. Incheon International Airport Tourist Information Center, Seoul Global Culture Tourism Center (Myeongdong), Gangnam Tourist Information Center 1 Day Pass : 10,000, 2 Day Pass : 18,000, 3 Day Pass : 25,500, 5 Day Pass : 42,500, 7 Day Pass : 59,500, Not including the 5,000 rental fee. (Upon returning, 4,500 is refunded after a 500 deduction.) Tourist information center Phone 02-720-0872 02-3149-3333 Look for the red vests in Seoul ㆍf you need help while touring Gwanghwamun, Myeongdong, Namdaemun Market, Sinchon, Itaewon, Samcheong-dong, I symbol. Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil, Hongdae, Dongdaemun, Insa-dong or Buchon, you should look for red shirts with the These people are so called ‘mobile tourist information centers’. They are fluent in foreign languages including English, Japanese and Chinese, and provide tourist information of Seoul from introduction about Seoul, from the introduction of tourist attractions to direction guides. Gwanghwamun·Namdaemun Market·Samcheong-dong 09:30-18:30, Myeongdong 09:30-19:30, Sinchon·Insa-dong·Itaewon·Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil 10:00-19:00, Dongdaemun·Hongdae 12:00-20:00, Bukchon 09:30-18:30 (Summer season) 09:00-18:00 (Winter season) ※ For more detailed information, visit the official Seoul-city tour information website,, or check the mobile app iTourSeoul. ※Information in this guide book is current as of January 2014. 54 . 55