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    3D printing
    3D printing
    3D printing
    3D printing
  • And 3D printing makes it type easy!
  • Over 2000 jewels!
  • Hello!
    I teach a Contemporary Art History course at a public high school in Manhattan, and I will be showing your artwork to my students in the next week or so. We're about to begin studying the work in the Out of Hand exhibition, and I'm very excited that we get to cover your work. Before I introduce my students to your work though, I just wanted to ask a few questions:
    --Is there anything you feel like viewers need to know before they approach your work for the first time?
    --Are there any texts or media that have largely influenced your creative process?
    --Women all over the world deal with the issues you bring up in your work, what has been the most challenging thing about creating your work in relation to this population of people?
    Thank you kindly for taking the time to read, consider, and respond!
    Be well,
    -Nick Kozak
  •   Describe the color of the form? Is it warm or cold?
      Describe the shape.
      Describe the lines.
      Describe the edges of the surface.
  • Reflective stone….freaking amazing.
  • Reflective stone….freaking amazing.
  • Reflective stone….freaking amazing.
  • Reflective stone….freaking amazing.
  • Open next year!!
  • MAD Out of Hand-Intro to Unit

    1. 1. "A once-shuttered warehouse is now a state-of-the art lab where new workers are mastering __________, which has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything,” Do Now: Write this sentence in your note book and fill in the blank
    2. 2. 3D PRINTING (additive manufacturing)
    3. 3. Vocab: 3D Printing  A process for making a physical three dimensional model from a three dimensional digital model.  This is accomplished through printing several thin layers on top of one another until the object gains height.
    4. 4. Vocab: 3D Printing
    5. 5. Endless Pulse Low Chair, 2010 Recycled plastics, pigment Digitally modeled, 3D printed
    6. 6. Endless Pulse Low Chair, 2010 Recycled plastics, pigment Digitally modeled, 3D printed
    7. 7. Shapeways Video: What are the impacts of the popularity of this field?  Furniture companies: If you can print out a chair at home….you no longer need to go to the store.  This could impact manufacturing jobs /  Monopolized retail: this could take over many other businesses  Computer engineering: encourage / revolutionize new software development (what’s the next stage of development going to look like?  Could redeem ‘MERICA ‘s image. USA USA USA!  But…we’re still waiting for this technology to be
    8. 8. Fractal.MGX Table, 2008-2009 Epoxy resin Digitally modeled, 3D printed
    9. 9. Vocab: Fractal  A mathematical construct that explains certain types of repeating patterns.  The structure of a fractal will maintain the same proportions as it gets larger or smaller.
    10. 10. Doudou Necklace 2009 Saphires, diamonds, white gold Digitally modeled, hand built
    11. 11. Doudou Necklace 2009 Saphires, diamonds, white gold Digitally modeled, hand built
    12. 12. “I spend about 300 days a year designing all sorts of products….a bottle, a couch, a pair o glasses… they are all quite similar. A good designer needs to be able to respond to different kinds of problems.
    13. 13. Vocab: Digital Modeling  A digital process for designing objects using software such as Design 123 (free), Google Sketch Up (free), or AutoCAD ($170)  A digital model can then be used to generate a physical model through additive methods (3D printing) or subtractive methods (CNC milling)
    14. 14. Digital Modeling by William Vaughan
    15. 15. quote “The project really came about in 2008 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We went through the operations and conversations with radiologists and surgeons but nobody ever talked about what this thing inside me looked like, what form it had, what size it was…. …I was just making all these decisions and it felt like this ominous invisible monster that I really wanted to grasp…I wanted to see what was inside me.”
    16. 16. Extractions 8, casted Bronze 15”x 13” x 8”
    17. 17. 3D rendering from MRI data (numerous scans) 3D printed with plastic OBC Extractions 1 2012
    18. 18. OBC Extractions 1 2012 Cast Bronze
    19. 19. “Part of it was not trying to fetishize 3D printing, but we wanted this solid material. We wanted this to We chose to use bronze, a very old technique.” -Farman
    20. 20. Mission OBJECT BREAST CANCER (OBC) is based on the conviction that artistic interventions can have important social and psychological effects. OBC believes that tumor visualization can serve as a powerful, direct and innovative way of confronting the aftermath of a disease that affects almost 300,000 women in the US every year. OBC intends its amulets to be empowering, to facilitate dialogue and bring attention to the importance of medical imaging and early detection. Aside from the OBC jewels, the project also includes sculptural and installation work.
    21. 21. Proposal for a Public Tumor 2012 Exhibited at the CUNY Graduate Center
    22. 22. The pink ribbon has been an incredibly successful piece of marketing for breast cancer research. For cancer survivor Leonor Caraballo, it's supremely annoying. She always hated the color pink. She wanted to come up with a symbol that she didn’t find infantilizing. Caraballo is a new media artist who collaborates with her husband, Abou Farman, under the name caraballo-farman. The couple started making bronze models of real tumors, created from MRI scans, that you can wear around your neck or put on your desk.
    23. 23. Which is a more effective symbol for breast cancer awareness? Which symbolizes the struggle of this condition? Which raises the issue and creates a conversation? Which will motivate the viewer involved in finding a cure for breast cancer?
    24. 24. “and I wanted to make a jewel out of something horrific….it allows for conversation around breast cancer. It’s more active than a little pink teddy bear.”
    25. 25. Hi Nick Sorry for the tardy reply. Here are some quick answers. Viewers should know that the work is not as literal as it appears at first. Our influences range from anthropology to cinema, but in terms of actual process, what's needed is motivation, and that comes from artist friends, people we know who are also trying to do and say something. In this work, the reaction has been binary: some people balk and others, and a few, usually those who have been affected by the disease, jump right in. Society is not used to confronting something like a tumor, especially personal ones, actual ones rather than abstract ideas about it. Most of the culture is set up to hide it from us. So looking at it straight is not easy, understandably so. Thanks, OBC
    26. 26. Go check out their facebook page!
    27. 27. Italian designer Lucas Maassen wired his brain to an EEG- measuring device and relaxed as he contemplated the word "comfort." Then he and Belgian Unfold principal Dries Verbruggen translated that brainwave file into instructions for Computer Numerical Control milling machines that carved a block of foam into a biomorphic 3-D couch.
    28. 28. BRAIN WAVE SOFA 2010
    29. 29. Vocab: CNC  “Computer Numerical Control” or CNC for short is a process where a user can program a machine to cut through a material by giving it coordinates through a computer.  Usually, artists use Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs to generate a 3D digital model, which can be translated to a CNC Laser Cutter.
    30. 30. D/STRUCT 2011
    31. 31. http://www.d- This project questions the possibility of owning a product when the product is virtual. Music and movies are detached from their physical carriers and can be borrowed or bought from shops and digital libraries. This restructuring is now beginning to manifest in the world of physical products, as well, due to 3D scanning and 3D printing.
    32. 32. Reaction to this sculpture?
    33. 33. Imaginary Iceberg 2009
    34. 34. Imaginary Iceberg 2009 Plaster, CNC milled“I love the environment. I love the world around us.”
    35. 35. Vietnam Memorial Washington DC 1982
    36. 36. Vietnam Memorial Washington DC 1982
    37. 37. Wave Fields Various Locations Various dates
    38. 38. Wave Fields Storm King Art Center 2010 DA BUMPS
    39. 39. Imaginary Iceberg 2009 Plaster, CNC milled“I love the environment. I love the world around us.”
    40. 40. Liquid Glacial “Smoke” Coffee Table 2012
    41. 41. Liquid Glacial “Smoke” Coffee Table 2012 Polished plexiglass Digitally modeled, CNC milled
    42. 42. Digital model of… Liquid Glacial “Smoke” Coffee Table “The world is not a rectangle”
    43. 43. Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi, UAE
    44. 44. Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi, UAE
    45. 45. Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi, UAE
    46. 46. WHAT IS IT???
    47. 47. 520 West 28th street New York City, USA
    48. 48. 520 West 28th street New York City, USA
    49. 49. “In architecture, you really have to go at it full time. You can’t afford to dip in and out. And when women do succeed at it, the press spends far too much time talking about how we dress, what shoes we’re wearing, who we’re seeing. That’s pretty sad for women, especially when it’s written by other women who should really know better. “
    50. 50. Liquid Glacial “Smoke” Coffee Table 2012
    51. 51. And next time….?