5 Pointz - The Graffiti "Mecca" in Long Island City, Queens


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A rough guide to the graffiti/street art at 5Pointz, curated by Meres One (Jonathan Cohen)

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  • http://untappedcities.com/2013/03/13/a-tour-of-5pointz-aerosol-art-center/
  • http://5ptz.com/speaking-with-esteban-del-valle/
  • http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/207490/graffiti-mecca-5-pointz-to-be-demolished-replaced-with-condos/
  • 5 Pointz - The Graffiti "Mecca" in Long Island City, Queens

    1. 1. DO NOW: Write a short paragraph: What should a museum for street art look like?  Where would it be located? (borough, neighborhood)  What kind of space would it be? (indoor/outdoor) and Why?
    2. 2. OG Art Historians! CHAMPIONS OF EARTH AT 5 POINTZ! 2011!
    3. 3. The Institute of Higher Burnin’
    4. 4. History of it all
    5. 5. “Graffiti Mecca”
    6. 6. 5Pointz gallery curator, Meres, plans to convert the five-story, blocklong industrial complex at Jackson Avenue and Davis Street into a graffiti museum. He is currently seeking a 501(c)3 certification for 5Pointz to confer tax-exempt status and allow tax-deductible donations. In addition, he plans to open a school for aspiring aerosol artists, complete with a formalized curriculum that imparts lessons in teamwork, art history, and entrepreneurship in addition to technique AKA Jonathan Cohen
    7. 7. The Towers
    8. 8. The Towers Also…there’s a $400,000,000 Price tag attached to these two buildings… David Wolkoff is the owner of the property And after getting backing by local government, He axquired a permit to demolish this massive building to build these towers.
    9. 9. The Towers will include… >>The creation of 1,000 union jobs (200 of them permanent) in connection with the razing and rebuilding of the 5Pointz site. >>The increase of "art space" within the buildings from 2,000 to 12,000 square feet. >>An inclusion of 10,000 square feet of external panels around the complex that will be devoted to aerosol art. Johnathan Cohen, the curator and founder of 5Pointz sometimes referred to as Meres One, has allegedly been invited to both paint and curate the panels. >>32,000 square feet of public space that will include a park.
    10. 10. Gentrification
    11. 11. So what is inside this building, anyway?
    12. 12. So what is inside this building, anyway?
    13. 13. Bonnie Natko digital photograph Sweatshop Workers 5Pointz 2008
    14. 14. Does the struggle of graffiti artists to get their artwork seen reflect the struggle of 5Pointz in any way?
    15. 15. Owen Dippie (OD) Notorious BIG 2010
    16. 16. Owen Dippie (OD) in 2010
    17. 17. Semor, Onur, Wes21, & Kkade Fressen & Gefressen Werden aerosol @5pointz 2013
    18. 18. Semor, Onur, Wes21, & Kkade Eat and Be Eaten aerosol @5pointz 2013
    19. 19. Semor, Onur, Wes21, & Kkade Posing with Meres (second to left), 5Pointz founder and curator http://vimeo.com/48067824
    20. 20. James Cochran Pointilism aerosol on wall 2013
    21. 21. James Cochran
    22. 22. Esteban de Valle Beauty and the Beast 2012
    23. 23. Esteban del Valle
    24. 24. Esteban del Valle
    25. 25. Esteban del Valle Del Valle works for a non-profit company called Groundswell, where he works with teens to make murals around public spaces in New York City.
    26. 26. Esteban del Valle I love graffiti and I love street art. But what I especially love about street art is that it inspires people to take to the streets to do more than just their names.
    27. 27. Pipe Dreams Charmed Disarmed 2013
    28. 28. Monsieur Plume
    29. 29. Monsieur Plume
    30. 30. 5Pointz gives artists a space to show that graffiti can be more than just this …. Banksy I hate this font stencil on wall in London 2012
    31. 31. Bushwick Five Points?? Near the Jefferson stop on the L Train
    32. 32. BRING YER ID NEXT CLASS (for computer usage)