Writing a Personal Statement


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This video will help you step through the process of writing a personal statement to apply to a 4-year university or for an academic scholarship.

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Writing a Personal Statement

  1. 1. How to Write a PersonalStatementBeverly TateArkova M. Scott
  2. 2. What is a personalstatement?
  3. 3. The personal statement is your opportunity to sellyourself in the application process. It normallydescribes one special, unique, distinct, and/orimpressive story about you.
  4. 4. Why do you need to write a personal statement?
  5. 5. Often 4-year colleges and graduate schools require apersonal statement from their applicants, along withthe application. 2-year colleges, often, require studentsto write a personal statement for specific scholarships.
  6. 6. What does a personal statement include?
  7. 7. Details of your life (personal family issues, booksread, and/or people or events that have shaped you orinfluenced your goals) that might help the committeebetter understand your or help set you apart fromother applicants.
  8. 8. What is the format for a personal statement?
  9. 9. It is written in an essay format. Normally, they will limitthe number of words you can write.They might ask for 500 to 750 words only.(You have to stick to that number.)
  10. 10. Click the link below to watch a short video about the variouselements that should be included in your personal statement. Wait a few minutes for video to load….
  11. 11. Write out on a separate piece of paper……What personal characteristics(i.e., resilience, integrity, compassion, and/orpersistence) do youpossess that would improve your prospects for successin college?
  12. 12. • First identify the characteristic.• Secondly, select one incident in your past that demonstrates that characteristic.• Third, describe how it (characteristic) proves that you will be successful in college.
  13. 13. Tell a story-provide a concrete experience that is freshand different:• Who was involved?• Where did it take place?• When did it take place?• Why did it take place?• What sensory details can you use?
  14. 14. • Be specific-don’t meander all over the place…• Concentrate on the introduction-Grab the reader’s attention.• Body Paragraphs: Tell the story with a true beginning, middle, and end.• Type and proofread your essay very carefully.
  15. 15. • Sloppiness Avoid spelling, punctuation, formatting, and grammatical errors. Be sure to leave yourself adequate time to edit and revise your essay. You do not want to send your first draft to the admissions committee.• Writing one statement for all schools Learn about each school’s program, including research interests and publications of faculty. Clearly state reasons for pursuing a degree from that school. Be sure to mention faculty members with whom you would like study.• Boring content Have a positive tone, vary length and structure of sentences, and avoid clichés.• Sounding like everyone else Identify your strengths and clearly articulate what sets you apart from other applicants.• Dwelling on crisis If you discuss a personal crisis, it should relate to the purpose of your essay. Mention how it affected your personal goals, perspective, or academic performance.
  16. 16. • Did my opening paragraph capture the reader’s attention?• Is the statement as a whole interesting?• Is it well written?• Is the statement positive and upbeat?• Does it reflect well on me and my qualifications?• Is it an honest and forthright presentation of me?• Does it answer key questions posed in the application?• Was relevant material omitted?• Is there inappropriate or irrelevant material in the statement?• Does the reader gain insight from reading the statement?• Is it free of typos or other errors?• Has the statement distinguished me from other applicants?
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