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Itb central library user education for international students


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Library user education for international students

Published in: Education
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Itb central library user education for international students

  1. 1. Central Library InstituteTechnology of Bandung
  2. 2. Welcome maligayang pagdating ยินดีต้อนรับ welkom
  3. 3. Fill-in Membership Form  Academic Identity: NIM (Student Number), Nama Fakultas/Sekolah (Faculty/School),Tahun Ajaran (AcademicYear)  Member Identity: ◦ Nama Mahasiswa (Name) dan alamat di Bandung (Address in Bandung) ◦ Nama Orang tua (Parent’s Name) dan alamat asal (original Address)  Page 2 ◦ Date: Bandung, 4 August 2010 ◦ Student Signature ◦ Email Address
  4. 4. Membership Form 20512001 FMIPA – Kimia Vivian Dwiyanti Jl. Tubagus Ismail No. 10 Bandung Ir. Suphandani Djanali, M. Eng. Jl. Pondok Benowo Indah Blok D No. 15 Surabaya no. telp. 031-2345678 (di Bandung) (di kota asal) 2012
  5. 5. Membership Form No. HP: 081 2345678 Email: 01 Juli 2013Bandung,
  6. 6. Purposes of Library User Education Introducing the library as a means for learning process in ITB. Introducing the sources of information, types of collection, types of service, and facilities in the library.
  7. 7. AboutThe Library ITB Central Library also known as The Knowledge Center, is the heart of all academic and research activity of the institution. ITB Central Library is committed to fulfill convenient and effective access to high quality library services, collections in a variety of formats, and information resources designed to meet the curriculum, research, professional, intellectual, creative and personal needs of the ITB community. Consist of 4 floors and a basement, with approximated area around 9.000 m2, with number of collections 231.317 titles, in a variety of formats, such as printed books, e-books/e-journals, digital. Our staff consists of Librarians, Administration and Technical Officers
  8. 8. Libraries in ITB Central Library Faculty Library Department Library
  9. 9. Working Hours Monday – Friday : 8 am – 9 pm Saturday : 8 am – 1 pm Collections  Text Books  Reference Books  Magazines and Journals  Audio-visual collections  Electronic material collections  Digital collection (e-journals, e- books)  Local contents (theses and dissertations)  And other collections
  10. 10. Library Building 1st floor Bag storage Attendance gate Circulation desk
  11. 11. Library Building 2nd floor
  12. 12. Main Services Loan and re-new services User guidance Research services (journal/e-journal, theses, etc) Internet services Photocopy Digital Library Services Training and Workshop
  13. 13. Book Loan Process Circulation desk (1st floor) Go to Look for the book on 2nd floor
  14. 14. 20106232 20106232 1.Write down the book number on your library card Manual Process 3. Give your library card and the book to the library staff
  15. 15. Returning a Book 20106232 20106232
  16. 16. Quantity and Frequency of Book Loaning • Textbook collection/ • Weekly collection • 2 weeks • 8 books • TPB Collections • 1 week • 8 books • Public collection • 2 weeks • 4 books
  17. 17. Fines and Penalties Fines for late return: - weekly collection - Rp 1.000,-/book/day Lost of books Replaced with the same title or money at the same price at the current value Lost of library card : students must report to the officer in the Circullation desk  Student must be free from borrowing books  Tanda Bebas Pinjam  Faculty / school library (Special form)  Library card is replaced by the new one (pink)
  18. 18. End of Study at ITB, students are required to submit : Softcopy (CD-ROM): Final Project / thesis / dissertation to department of Study Program  Faculty  Central Library  Hardcopy thesis / dissertation: Central Library Scientific works will be displayed full-text (accordance with the policies of the ITB) in the ITB digital library website.
  19. 19. General Rules Users are not allowed to:  Make noise very loud  Move library materials from the shelf to another shelf  Returning a book that has been reads into the bookshelf by yourself  Scratch, tear or damage the library materials  Smoke, eat and drink  Littering
  20. 20. Web-based Services  All the house keeping activities are automated in the library. Library has developed several web-based information services which are accessible from any computer in and out of the campus.  General information about ITB library  On-line library catalogue  ITB Digital Library  ITB Library e-collection and e-books  ITB Library e-course material
  21. 21. Contacts  ITB Central Library  Jl. Ganesa no. 10 Bandung 40132  Jawa Barat - Indonesia  Tel./Fax: +62-22-2500089   
  22. 22. THANK YOU