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Interview Questions


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Interview Questions

  1. 1. Personal information 1. What is your name? 2. When were you born? 3. Where are you from? 4. Where do you live? In a flat or a house? / How many people are in your room? 5. What is your native town? / How often do you visit your home town? How many hours / much time does it take you to travel home? 6. What is your origin? 7. How large is your family? / Who are in your family?/ What is about your family?/ Do you have a big family?/ Can you describe your family? 8. Do you have any sisters, brothers? 9. Who is the oldest one? 10. How old is your sister? 11.Are you the only child in the family? 12. Are your parents divorced? 13.Where does your family live? 14.Where does your mother work? /Where do your parents work? / What jobs have your parents got? / What kind of business does your father have? 15.Who supports you in financial questions? / Do you earn your pocket money? 16. Do you know the story of your family name? / Is it interesting to know your family background? / Do you have a family tree? 17.Do you have a car? / Do you have a driving license? / How will you get money for your car? 18. Where do you live in Kherson? 19.Do you rent a flat? 20.Do you live in the dormitory? How many roommates are there in your room? 21.Who is the leader in your room? 22.How many friends have you got? / Do you have friends in foreign countries? 23.How do your friends call you? Do you have a nickname? / How do your friends scold you? 24.What are your actions in case you see your friends / roommates are fighting? 25.Do you have a girlfriend?/ Are you alone? 26.How did you celebrate your last birthday? How many friends did you invite?/ Do you remember your last birthday? Describe it. 27.What time do you usually get up in the morning? / When did you get up today? / When did you do morning exercises? 28.Do you visit church?
  2. 2. 29.Have you ever been abroad? / Have you ever visited Europe? / Do you know something about other nationalities? 30.Have you ever met foreigner?/ Have you ever communicated with a foreigner?/ Have you ever talked to foreigner? Hobbies 1. What do you do in your free time? 2. Do you have a hobby? / Do you have any hobbies? / Do you have hobbies connected with sports?/ What kind of hobby do you have? 3. Do you like fishing? 4. Can you play the guitar? 5. Can you sing? 6. What books do you like to read? What was the last one? What was it about? 7. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema? Sports 1. Do you like sports? What kind of sport do you prefer? / What type of sport do you like? 2. Do you visit any sport sections? 3. Do you like football? Playing or watching? 4. What is your position in the football team? 5. What is your favourite football team? 6. What type of cycling do you like? / How many hours/ How far do you ride? 7. Did you try to find the way from your native city to Kherson by bicycle? Computer literacy 1. Do you like working on the computer? 2. Do you have a PC? / What kind of PC do you have? / Do you have a laptop or standard PC? 3. How many hours a day do you spend at PC? 4. What do you use it for? / What do you use the Internet for? 5. What kind of software are you familiar with? / What kind of software do you use? 6. Do you prepare some presentations for lessons using a computer? 7. Do you use any special programs? / Do you use special programs for correcting photos? / Can you install some programs? 8. Are you an advanced PC user?
  3. 3. 9. When you start your PC and see the blue screen, what will you do? Will you call someone or do it by yourself? / Can you fix it? 10. Did you hear about responsibility for using piracy software? Technical skills 1. Did you have a job before? 2. Have you ever worked with a welding machine? / Do you have experience with welding? 3. Can you drive? / Do you sometimes repair the car? 4. Did you have any working experience in the past or did you enter the academy after school? 5. What instruments can you use? Choosing a career 1. Why did you choose to become a seaman? / Where did you get an idea to become a seaman? / Why did you decide to be a seaman? 2. Do you have seafarers in your family? / Are your friends seamen? 3. Who advised you to become a seaman? / Who pushed you to choose the maritime career? / Was it your dream or did someone press you?/ Was it your own decision?/ Who gave you the idea to change your life and to go to the sea? 4. Why do you go to deck instead of engine room as your father? 5. Do you know that every ship is a dangerous place? Are you afraid of this? 6. What position do you want to reach in ten years, and then, later on? / How do you see your life next 10 years? 7. What was the best story you heard about sea life? 8. Are you ready to work on a big ship having OS certificate? 9. What do you want from life? 10.Is your philosophy to be a winner all the time? 11.What have you already reached in your life? Studying at KSMA 1. When did you graduate from school /college? 2. Why did you decide to enter KSMA? 3. Where did you get information about KSMA? 4. Do you like studying? 5. What is the name of your department at the academy? 6. Why did you choose navigation department?
  4. 4. 7. How can you explain your low average grade? 8. What about your marks? Why Ship Operation is only 4.5? 9. What is the maximum mark you have in the register? 10.Tell me about your group. Who is the leader of it? What is your position there? 11.What is your favorite subject in the academy? / How many subjects are special here at the academy? 12.Where did you start to learn English? 13.What did you do at the last lesson of English? What was the topic? / What were you talking about at that lesson? 14.How many English lessons do you have a week? And daily? 15.What are your favorite subjects besides English? 16.What was the last topic at Navigation lesson? / Do you like navigation studies? / How to calculate ETA? 17. What do you do with charts at the lessons? / Have you ever done the chart correction? 18.What was the last topic in Math? / What did you do at your last Math lesson? 19.Have you passed flags? At what lesson did you study them? 20.Have you already passed the topic with magnetic error? 21.Why is your lowest mark in Physics? 22.How can you explain your bad mark in IT? 23.Have you passed KSMA workshops? / What was your task during the KSMA workshops? 24.What would you do if someone of your groupmates does not want to attend the lessons? Will you mark him as an attendee? What is your position in this situation? 25.What do you think when one of your schoolmates have arguments? What is your position? How will you deal with them? Seagoing experience 1. Have you ever been aboard a ship? 2. What was your first experience at sea? / Did you have any sea going practice? 3. How long were you there? / How many months did you spend there? / How much time did you spend there? / How long have you been aboard? 4. What type of vessel was it? What was its name? What did the vessel carry? 5. What port was it in? / Was the ship sailing or staying in the port? / What was the trading area of your vessel?
  5. 5. 6. What was your position aboard the vessel? / Was your position AB or OS? 7. What kind of practice did you have? / What kind of job did you do there? / What kind of assistance did you do there? 8. Describe the ship you had the practice on. What is OM 106? 9. Was the training real or theoretical? 10.How many crewmembers were there aboard the vessel? / How many cadets from KSMA did work there? 11.Were you aboard the vessel 24 hours a day? 12.What about food aboard? Was it OK? Were the cadets / crewmembers satisfied? / Who was cooking for you? / What was the room you have your meal in? 13.What type of work did you do there? 14.Did you perform washing and cleaning operations? 15.Did you perform such an ordinary job as chipping? 16.Did you paint the deck? What are the steps of deck painting? What was the prime colour of the metal after scrubbing? 17.What kinds of tools did you use? / What tools did you use for chipping rust? 18.What kind of protective equipment did you use while painting, scrubbing the deck? 19.What types of safety equipment were there on board? 20.What did you do after discharging? 21.Did you clean the holds? 22.Did you visit the bridge? Was the bridge well equipped? What nautical equipment did you see there? Did you see electronic charts there? Did you have no paper charts on board? 23.Did you get any navigation skills? / Did you steer the vessel? /Did you maneuver the vessel? / Did you stay at the wheel during the practice? / Did you have your own position as lookout? 24.Did you stay on the bridge during towing? 25.Did you participate in drills? / How were drills carried out, e.g. “Abandon the ship”? Did anyone jump overboard? What was your personal duty during the alarm? 26.Did you take part in maintaining safety equipment aboard? 27.What devices did you use? 28.Did you work with VHF? 29.Did you work with ARPA? 30.Did Captain show you how to work with it?
  6. 6. 31.Did you participate in mooring operations? / What were your duties during the mooring operations? How many lines did you send from mooring side to coast? / Are you familiar with mooring operations? 32.How many lines did you use during the mooring operation? 33.Did you visit the engine room? / Did you see how it runs? 34.Did you work only on deck or also in the engine room? / Did you assist in some job in engine room? 35.Did you visit a life-boat? / What did you see inside it? / What provision, equipment can you find in a life-saving boat? 36.Where did you keep watch? / Did you keep the gangway watch? 37.Did you assist with the pilot ladder? 38.Did you work with the charts aboard the vessel? 39.What language did Captain use giving orders? 40.Did you perform towing operations? 41.Did you follow the safety rules aboard the vessel? What safety appliances did you use? Geography 1. What channels do you know? / What channel is located between English Kingdom and Europe? / Do you know the channel that connects the Black and Mediterranean Seas? 2. What’s the difference between a channel and a canal? 3. What water bodies are between UK and France? 4. What oceans do you know? 5. What types of clouds do you know? Crewmembers’ duties 1. What are the duties of the officers? What are the 2nd officer’s duties? 2. Who is a pilot onboard? What are his duties? Mooring operations Describe mooring operation. 1. What are types of mooring operations? 2. Do you know the names of mooring lines?
  7. 7. 3. If during a mooring operation Captain says “3+2”/ ‘2+2’, what does it mean? Can you draw it? Types of vessels 1. How many types of ships do you know? / What is a dredger? 2. What types of vessels have the superstructure on the bow? 3. What is the present situation and how can we see the further development of hovercraft technologies? / Do we have future in our country for hovercraft? 4. What is your favourite type of ship to work on? 5. Aboard what vessel do you want to become a captain? Ship parts What is a galley? / What’s the name of the cooking area?/ 1. What parts of ship do you know? 2. What is the brain of the vessel? 3. What is the purpose of laundry? 4. What is a sea anchor used for? Safety onboard What does safety mean? 1. What do you know about safety on board? 2. What are measures of safety on board? 3. What safety equipment do you know? 4. What are safety measures onboard while using a grinding machine? How does the automatic release work? Emergency situations General alarm 1. What should be done when you hear General alarm? 2. How to activate an alarm? 3. Imagine, you are passing by an opened hold and you see a crewmember lying on the bottom of the hold. What are your actions?
  8. 8. Fire-fighting 1. What are your actions in case of fire aboard the vessel? / What are your duties in case of fire according to the muster list? 2. What are your steps in case of the fire in the garbage bin? Shall we inform OOW? 3. What types of fire extinguishers do you know? 4. What is a powder extinguisher used for? 5. What is the most important rule before activating a CO2 extinguisher? 6. What fire extinguisher do you use in case of electrical fire? 7. If you are informed there’s fire in the galley, what would you do? 8. What actions should be done in case you feel or see the smoke? 9. What should fire-fighters wear? / Should you have a torch? / Did you wear firefighting suit? 10.What kind of check-up do you have to do before using BA?/ What kind of test do you have to carry?/ How practically to check whether the cylinder is full before you use it?/ How to check whether a whistle works until the cylinder is full? 11.What is EEBD? What is important to check before using EEBD?/ What type of check-up should be done before using EEBD? Who gives orders in case of lack of oxygen in EEBD? Man overboard What are your actions in case of ‘Man overboard’? 1. If you see a person overboard, what should you do? How to inform the crew (practically)? Abandon the ship 1. What should you do in case you hear the signal ‘Abandon ship’? Life-saving appliances 1. What life-rafts do you know? 2. What should be there in a life-raft? 3. What equipment can we find in a rescue boat? 4. What food ration should be in a life boat?
  9. 9. 5. What safety equipment do you know? 6. Why do we need life-rings? Bridge equipment 1. What equipment is on the bridge? / What navigation equipment do you know? 2. What is the name of the device that sends a signal in case of distress? 3. What is SART? Where is it located? What is the working area of SART? Does SART use a satellite? 4. At which equipment can you receive a distress signal? 5. What is ECDIS? Have you ever worked with it? 6. What is AIS? What information can you find using AIS? What is the purpose of AIS? 7. What radio equipment do you know? 8. What is NAVTEX?/ What we need NAVTEX for? / Can some other information be taken from NAVTEX? 9. How does GPS work? 10.Do you know what equipment should be exhibited in daytime? 11.What are Admiralty charts? Helm orders 1. Whose order should you follow first in case when a pilot and a master give you different orders simultaneously? 2. Easy to ten. What does it mean? 3. What do “Steady”, “Port helm” mean? Marine pollution 1. What should be done in case of oil leakage on deck? 2. What are the rules of preventing oil leakage to the sea? 3. What special sea areas do you know for garbage disposal? 4. What should we do with sewage water? 5. What is MARPOL? / Annex V? 6. What garbage can be discharged overboard? / What kind of garbage may be thrown overboard?
  10. 10. 7. Can you throw metal, paper in the middle of the ocean? 8. Where can I throw plastic overboard? 9. What is used for pollution prevention while berthing? COLREG 1. What do you know about COLREG? What is it? 2. What COLREG rules do you know? 3. Do you know Rules of the Road? Navigation lights, signals, flags What types of navigation lights do you know? / What navigation lights do you know? / What lights can be aboard the vessel? Where are they? 1. What are the lights of vessels restricted by? 2. Do you know what light should be exhibited in case of the ship underway? 3. What lights are exhibited if the ship is engaged in towing? 4. Navigational lights in case of running aground? 5. What is OSKAR? DELTA? CHARLIE? ALPHA? ZULU? HOTEL? CHARLIE + NOVEMBER? 6. Do you know flags? / Do you know international flags? If you are loading dangerous cargo, what flag should be exhibited? / What flag should be established if the vessel has the dangerous cargo onboard? 7. When should the BRAVO flag be established? / VICTOR? ALFA? INDIA? ECHO? ZULU? 8. What distress signals do you know? / What and how many kinds of distress signals do you know? 9. What is MAYDAY? PAN-PAN? 10.What type of message must Captain send in case of distress? Security levels How many ISPS security levels do you know? 1. Do you know ISPS Code? Levels of security? 2. What should be done in case of Security level 2? 3. What code/rules should you follow standing at the gangway? 4. Do you know ISPS rules of keeping gangway watch? 5. What do you do in case of ship trespassing (a man with a gun)? 6. What’s the purpose of piracy?