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Wild card

  1. 1. MY STEPS TOWARDS MATURITYKourtney Lynn Doherty Through The Years
  2. 2. This PowerPoint is a collection of pictures that capture particular events in my life. I believe that we mature by learning new things about ourselves, and by acquiring knowledge through experience. The events mentioned inthis PowerPoint have all helped me reach new levels of maturity.
  3. 3. The time period between birth and sixth grade, for me, was not as mucha period of learning insightful things about life, but rather a period of learning the basics of life. THE EARLY YEARS…
  4. 4. NINE MONTHSObviously, every journey has a beginning. This picture represents thebeginning of my journey to maturity.
  5. 5. PRE- SCHOOLThis is a picture of me showingoff my costume for a Halloween party. By this point in my life Ihave learned manners, how totest my parent’s buttons, how toact like a Disney princess, andhow to get my grandparents to spoil me.
  6. 6. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL This is a picture of me playing educational games on thecomputer. By this point in my life I have learned how to read and write, make friends, tie my shoes, compete with others for grades, and run around the playground for hours without becoming tired.
  7. 7. MIDDLE SCHOOLThis is a picture of my first day of sixth grade. Yes, having a bright orange rolling book bag used to be the cool thing to do. By this time in my life I have learned how to adjust to new settings, walk to the bus stop by myself, take responsibility for my actions, act like a young lady, and realize boys don’t have cooties anymore.
  8. 8. High school was the time in my life that I matured the most. Each of the followingevents and activities helped me learn valuable lessons that I will cherish for the restof my life. The next set of pictures is a combination of experiences and people that helped make me into the person I am today. THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS…
  9. 9. GWINNETT STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT) was, by far, the best organization I had the privilege of being a part of in high school. I was chosen as one of three students to represent my school. GSLT taught me a lot about becoming a person other people want to follow and how to apply leadership techniques to every aspectof my life. Being a leader, I learned, is much more than being able to put“President” or “CEO” at the top of your resume, it is about being a genuineperson who is passionate about the work you are doing and compassionatewith who you are doing it with.
  10. 10. LACROSSEBeing on the Varsity Lacrosse teamfor three years taught me a lot about working with others. My team wascomposed of people who had many different personalities andbackgrounds. I learned how to use constructive criticism, how to address conflict, and how to be a part of a team.
  11. 11. CLUBS & ACTIVITIESI was president of just about every club I was apart of, which involved a lot of hard work andeffort. I learned how to be open to new ideas, how important punctuality is, and how to compromise. One of my biggest accomplishments was leading a canned food drive titled “Tackle Hunger”. After many hours of preparation and phone calls, my drive was the most successful canned food drive my school has ever had. I learned that when you work hard to accomplish something, it is so rewarding to see it fall together successfully.
  12. 12. Catholic Heart Work CampEvery summer for the past five years Ihave attended Catholic Heart Work Camp(CHWC), which has been one of the mostrewarding experiences during my highschool career. CHWC is a summer campthat takes place at different locationsacross the United States. Teenagersspend one week during the summerpainting homes, planting gardens, andproviding company for those that are lessfortunate. I have been touched by all of theresidents that I have been able to help.
  13. 13. CATHOLIC HEART WORK CAMP (CONTINUED) This past summer for CHWC I went to Billings, Montana. My group’sresident was named Nellie and she changed our lives forever. We had to paint the fence around her barn, paint her shed, clean her yard, andorganize the inside of her house. She was more grateful than any resident I had ever helped before. At the end of the week, CHWC invited theresidents to attend our nightly program to thank their work groups for their service. The following is a video of Nellie’s message to us. CHWC RESIDENT NIGHT
  14. 14. GRADUATIONThis is a picture from my high school graduation. I considered myself tobe very successful in high school. I accomplished everything that I setmy mind to, and I also learned a lotthrough my experiences. By the end of senior year, I was mature andready to handle the responsibilities of college.
  15. 15. "Dont waste your life in doubts and fears: spend yourself on the workbefore you, well assured that the right performance of this hours duties will be the best preparation for the hours or ages that follow it." -Ralph Waldo EmersonCOLLEGE…