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Wikipedia takes angkor ppt & demo - final 20121003


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Presentation about Wikipedia at BlogFestAsia 2012

Published in: Technology
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Wikipedia takes angkor ppt & demo - final 20121003

  1. 1. វ"គីភីឌផ្ិតយកទិដ្ភពតំបន់67ុងអង្រ!Wikipedia Takes Angkor A Wikimedia Commons Workshop 3 Nov 2012, BBU Siem Reap OUM, Vantharith (Khmer Wikipedia) Anirudh Bhati (Indian Wikipedia)
  2. 2. មតិក /Contentsn  Brief  Intro:   q  About  Wikipedia,  the  free  online  encyclopedia   q  About  Wikimedia  Founda;on  (WMF)  and  its  free  knowledge  projects.   q  About  Khmer  Wikipedia  n  Wikipedia  Takes  Angkor  &  Demo   q  About  Wikimedia  Commons   q  About  Licensing:  Copyrights,  the  Public  Domain,  Crea;ve  Commons   q  How  to  sign  up  new  user  account     q  How  to  upload  photos/other  media  files  to  the  Commons   q  How  to  make  edit  Wiki  and  other  basics   q  Next  Step:  Edit-­‐a-­‐thon:  Improving  Siem  Reap/Angkor  Park’s  Temple   ar;cles  on  both  EN  and  KM  Wikipedia.  
  3. 3. វគីភីឌ / Wikipedian  Anyone  can  change  the  pages  in  Wikipedia,  or  even  make   new  ones.  Wikipedia  has  a  standard  format  that  must  apply   for  all  pages  in  the  encyclopedia.  n  As  of  January  2011,  Wikipedia  had  about:   q  17.9  million  ar3cles,  and   q  over  270  languages.    វ"គីភីឌ សព្វចនធិប/0យ2/រ45/លមនុស/:;/ប់គ>/អចចូលរួមB/សC/Dលបន។  “Wikipedia,  the  free  encyclopedia  that  anyone  can  edit.”    
  4. 4. អំពីស]-បនិក Jimmy Walesn  Born:    Jimmy  Donal  Wales,  August  7,  1966  (age  46)    n  Na;onality:  American    n  Other  names:  Jimbo  (online  alias)  n  Occupa;on:  Financial  trader  (former),  currently  Internet  entrepreneur    n  Title:   q  President  of  Wikia,  Inc.  (2004–present),     q  Chairman  of  Wikimedia  Founda;on  (June  2003  –  October  2006),     q  Chairman  Emeritus,  Wikimedia  Founda;on  (October  2006–present)  ,-.-/ើលពិភព3កមួយ8-លមនុស-<=-ប់ៗរូបអចE-ករFG-កHយI-រJនូវចំL-ះដឹងទំងអស់។ T-ះUើយគឺជករX្-ជZ-ចិត្របស់[ើង។!“Imagine  a  world  in  which  every  single  human  being  can  freely  share  in  the  sum  of  all  knowledge.  Thats  our  commitment.”  !
  5. 5. អំពីមូលនិធិវគី/-ឌ (WMF)n  The  Wikimedia  Founda;on,  Inc.  is  a  nonprofit  charitable  organiza;on   dedicated  to  encouraging  the  growth,  development  and  distribu;on  of   free,  mul;lingual  content,  and  to  providing  the  full  content  of  these  wiki-­‐ based  projects  to  the  public  free  of  charge.    n  On  June  20,  2003,  the  Wikimedia  Founda;on  was  founded.  មូលនិធិវគី/ឌ គឺជអង្ករសប-`aរសធម៌មិនរកc--ក់កd-- 8-លមន -X-សកកម្ក្aងករជំរុញឲ-jមនកំLើន ករអភិវឌ-l និងករE-កE-កនូវមតិកចំL-ះដឹងI-រJជពហុភសនន ក៏ដូចជផ្ល់ជូនជសធរណៈនូវមតិកទំងមូលv-គw--ងវគីននរបស់ខ្zនHយឥតគិត|្។! -
  6. 6. WMF: ទស-<នៈវស-<័យ & X-សកកម្!Vision:  n  Imagine  a  world  in  which  every  single  human  being  can  freely   share  in  the  sum  of  all  knowledge.  Thats  our  commitment.    Mission:  n  To  empower  and  engage  people  around  the  world  to  collect   and  develop  educa;onal  content  under  a  free  license  or  in   the  public  domain,  and  to  disseminate  it  effec;vely  and   globally.              h@p://  h@p://    
  7. 7. WMF: គw--ងនន!
  8. 8. WMF: Project Launch Timeline Name                             Launched                                                                                                                   Descrip3on        Wikipedia   2001-­‐01-­‐15   Encyclopedia  containing  more  than  7  million  ar;cles  in  250  languages.  Wik;onary   2002-­‐12-­‐12   Dic;onary  cataloging  meanings,  synonyms,  etymologies  and  transla;ons.  Wikibooks   2003-­‐07-­‐10   Collec;on  of  free  educa;onal  textbooks  and  learning  materials.  Wikiquote   2003-­‐07-­‐10   Collec;on  of  quota;ons  structured  in  numerous  ways.  Wikisource   2003-­‐11-­‐24   Project  to  provide  and  translate  free  source  documents,  such  as  public  domain  texts.  Wikimedia   2004-­‐09-­‐07   Repository  of  images,  sounds,  videos  and  general  media,  containing  more  than  Commons   1,500,000  files.  Wikimedia   ?   Used  to  test  possible  new  Wikimedia  projects  and  new  languages  for  exis;ng  Incubator   projects.  Wikispecies   2004-­‐09-­‐13   Directory  of  species  data  on  animalia,  plantae,  fungi,  bacteria,  archaea,  pro;sta  and   all  other  forms  of  life.  Wikinews   2004-­‐12-­‐03   News  source  containing  original  repor;ng  by  ci;zen  journalists  from  many  countries.  Wikiversity   2006-­‐08-­‐15   Courses,  course  materials,  tests.  Announced  to  go  into  beta  tes;ng,  liile  has  been   officially  decided  on  its  structure.  
  9. 9. WMF: វគីភីឌ & គw--ងជបងប្€ន!•  Wikipedia is hosted by the WMF, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects including:
  10. 10. WMF: គw--ង•-<-ងៗដ‚-ƒៀត!n  Beside the main projects mentioned earlier, WMF also run other projects: q  Wikimania q  Wikimedia Incubator q  MediaWikin  Other MWF’s activities/programs include: q  Outreach q  Strategic planning q  Usability Initiative etc…
  11. 11. WMF: Local Chapters(dark blue) are existing chapters. (dark turquoise) indicates a chapter has been boardapproved but not yet founded. (green) indicates a chapter is in the planning stages. (lightblue) indicates a chapter in discussion. Current as of 6 September 2010.
  12. 12. វគីភីឌភស…្-រ /Khmer Wikipedian  Established on 15 Jan 2005 (4 years after the English project started in 2001)n  Stats (23 Apr 2011/ Nov 2012): q  Registered members: 5,806/ 9,472 q  Articles: 2,527 / 3,380 q  Images: 652 / 983 q  Admin (sysop) team: 11n  Milestones: q  Reached 200 articles on 20 Feb 2005 q  Reached 500 articles on 13 Dec 2007 q  Reached 1,000 articles on 3 Mar 2008 q  Reached 2,000 articles on 25 Nov 2008 q  Reached 3,000 articles in mid 2011
  13. 13. KMWP: គw--ងជបងប្€នដ‚-ƒៀត!Besides Khmer Wikipedia, there are also other 3 sisterprojects including:n  Khmer Wiktionaryn  Khmer Wikibooksn  Khmer Wikisource
  14. 14. KMWP: ស្ិតិ / Stats
  15. 15. KMWP: Stats (as of Jun 2011) Wikipedia Page Views Per Country - Trends Wikipedia Page Views Per Country – Breakdown Page Views Per Wikipedia Language
  16. 16. KMWP: Stats (as of Nov 2012) SquidReportPageViewsPerCountryBreakdown.htm SquidReportPageViewsPerLanguageBreakdown.htm
  17. 17. Present: Opportunities & Challengesn  Op: q  Existence of Khmer Unicode font q  Access to ICT, Internet and other online/social media by Cambodians q  Volunteer-friendly Cambodian youths q  Many resources we can compile, digitize and share on Khmer Wikipedia and its other sister projects.n  Challenges: q  Small team of Khmer Wikipedia, mainly online q  Lack of interpersonal communication among the team, esp. no offline contact q  Lack of networking, team structure, human resource & proper planning q  Lack of how-to guide, instructions and tutorial.
  18. 18. Future: Way Forward & Future Plansn  To-­‐do  List   q  Reviewing  exis;ng  pages:   n  About  Khmer  Wikipedia   n  FAQ  page  etc…   q  Renewing  logos  of  our  Khmer  Wiki  Projects   q  Recrui;ng  new  members  of  Lead  Team.   q  Semng  a  blog   q  Compiling  instruc;ons  &  links  on  ‘how  to  install  Khmer  Unicode  font’   both  on  PC  and  Mac.   q  Making  video  tutorial  &  wriien  manuals.  n  Requested  Ar;cles  n  Social  Media  n  Forming  Teams  by:  Project,  Area  of  Exper;se/Interest  
  19. 19. KMWP on Social Median  Fan Page on FB:  Twitter: @KhmerWikipedian  Blog: http://KhmerWikipedia.wordpress.comn  Email: Khmer.Wikipedia@gmail.comn  Mailing-list: Wikimedia-KH
  20. 20. Wikipedia Takes Angkor
  21. 21. List of Temples in Angkor Park n  Article: Angkor on ENWP n  Template: Template:Angkorian_sites
  22. 22. ប"ង$%តគណន*ថ,* /Creating New Account
  23. 23. ប"ង$%តគណន*ថ,* /Creating New Account
  24. 24. ប"ង$%តគណន*ថ,* /Creating New Account
  25. 25. ប"ង$%តគណន*ថ,* /Creating New Account
  26. 26. ប"ង$%តគណន*ថ,* /Creating New Account
  27. 27. ទំព័រអ្ក‡-ើc-ស់ /User Page
  28. 28. HOW TO UPLOAD?
  29. 29. Licensing?n  Copyrightsn  Copyleftn  Creative Commonsn  Public Domain
  30. 30. Creative Commons about CC:
  31. 31. Whichlicense?Youdecide!¿que-los-diferencia/
  32. 32. DEMO, Q&A សូមអរគុណ! THANK YOU! Contact UsOUM, Vantharith (Khmer Wikipedia) Anirudh Bhati (Indian Wikipedia)