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  • We are going to use TweetDeck during our visit. It’s going to be an app installed on the iphones. But what is it and why we are using it?
  • TweetDeck advertises itself as It is a software that makes Twitter easier to use and I will show why in a while. Not only twitter, as you can add more accounts to it, like your facebook account or myspace etc. When using the TweetDeck the links you are sharing with your followers shrink automatically, you can add columns with search terms or groups, all from one window.
  • This is how the interface looks like. Depending on the choices you will make when adding an account, you create columns with the streamline, or the tweets that mention you, or a list (like the 3rd column) etc. What I like in this is that it’s really easy just by looking at it, to see what’s happening.
  • The yellow square: compose a message The person: add an account or multiple twitter accounts like what we are going to do because you will have one iPhone per two people. the Plus symbol: Sort out the information into columns, again we are going to use that because we will track what’s happening in all the three galleries we will be visiting.
  • By clicking on the arrow you get this extra column. If you want to add an account you click here. You can see that I have two accounts connected here and I can track both my accounts the same time or tweet from both the accounts or select which I want to use at a time.
  • If you want to search for a term or a person or a list you click on the arrow and type the term in this box. A new column is added next to that, like a preview, if you want to keep the column on your main interface, then you click on add the column and it is added as the last column on your right. You have to scroll or on the iPhones to swap over the columns to see them.
  • A great thing about tweetdeck is that it allows you to post pictures or video right from the application, while with Twitter you can’t do that. On twitter you have to post the picture in advance and just share a link on twitter. This is great, by clicking on the add media you can take a picture and share it or you cab share a picture you’ve already taken earlier and you saved it on the iphone or your hard disc. Also, if you have multiple accounts added to TweetDeck you have to make sure that the one you want to use and tweet is the one with the yellow colour. You can use more than one the same time!
  • Tweet Deck

    1. 1. What is TweetDeck?
    2. 2. <ul><li>“ ....your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now across the real-time web”. </li></ul><ul><li>TweekDeck is a software that makes Twitter easier to use (web and desktop application) </li></ul><ul><li>It lets you easily track any search terms, group your followers, shorten URLs and more--all from one centralised window. </li></ul>What is TweetDeck?
    3. 3. Interface with columns
    4. 4. Basic characteristics
    5. 5. Add more than one account
    6. 6. Sort search terms or lists into columns
    7. 7. Compose message and add pictures/video to it Compose message and tweet from multiple accounts Compose message and tweet from multiple accounts